I want you to read that meme over and over. I remember four years ago when I died in the ER and was returned to this world. I recognized that the moment I woke I was different. As days turned into months and months into years, I had to remove anyone (and anything) that disturbed my sensitivity. I could not be responsible for making the world happy, especially people who sucked the life out of me trying to find happiness. They are responsible for their own journey.

Not everyone will approve.

Not everyone will agree.

People judge from the place of their own perspective and experiences. It’s not for you to try and mold them. Let them judge. Just don’t allow them to break you.

So I stopped…I made it a point of truly disengaging from those whose addictions and toxic energy were hurting me.

I woke to find me. And every day afterwards I’ve had to continue setting boundaries. Some are easy. Others feel like I’m the worst human on earth.

And that’s part of this human thingy. I keep standing in my knowing.

Rise, darling. Keep standing for your truth, awareness, love and your life. Keep rising to all that is to come when you live through your authenticity, when you move through love.

Whether they approve or not…rise and acknowledge YOU!!!

I love YOU! ~m.a.p.

The Very Thought of You


            A look inward brings me back to you,
to us on this bed
that tells our stories in colored sheets
you never notice
except when I strip them
each Monday as you leave.


            And I see you now in my mind
while I smile,
not pretentious but reminiscing,
some isolated nostalgia
of past escapades when we did not know of each other —
even now throughout so many years
there are secrets that sleep here with me,
without you,

with us in dreams.


            The very thought of you chills me,
heats me,
redefines me,

but I cannot let go
because I will be fractured beyond repair
if I stop thinking of the man
you ought to be,
not the man you think you are.


            Here and there tells the story
and the very thought of me
with you
erases it all
disregarding who I ought to be as well

until you can find the way

to scoop me up and make us whole again.


Love Is All

Moments are the connections to life’s journey. They are the process of all there is in some magical dance between synchronicity and love. Each second connects into another. Our own connection pulls and tugs to intertwine with each other. By being aware of each moment we can join, partake, and openly participate in this creation of life. That’s all there is: the taking of good and bad and surrendering to it all. We co-create the stories. We allow it to come and go, passing through the process of time and space. Afterwards, when the stories are too much, the drama is too stale, and the tragic of not being at peace is maddening, we blame the universal forces for our participation in this co-creation. We detach and close off from the universal element of love.

That’s all love is. It lets go of boundaries, walls, and inhibitions. At times, the dance involves fear and panic for allowing another co-creator to take our desires even though we gave them the power to do so. The truth is that true love is effortless. Not, that it doesn’t require work, but it’s just a rhythmic dance of ease and grace. It devours intimacy by accepting and not holding back any of our insecurities. Love doesn’t push. It opens and breathes peace and trust. It is raw and compassionate and all that is of God. Love is accepting of another without judgment of your own self. It brings you into a place of complete surrender. It allows light into the darkest of places.

We complicate love with our agendas and traumatic experiences of lack. We aren’t good enough. We are not worth enough. We are this and we are that. Those beliefs are implemented into our own hearts. But truth be known, love doesn’t care. Every other emotion lives in our head. Love is the only one that lives in our heart…in Spirit. We come into the world with this one and only sentiment. The rest of them are acquired through life’s lessons. But love is about relating to another, not losing yourself into that other person. It’s a union of mind, body and spirit in a way that contributes to all that the universe has created. Love is about being Divine. With or without another to partake in the journey, the moments of true peace are those when the heart is open and the light of God shines through.

May you always find this staring at the reflection in the mirror, or in the eyes of a child, the unconditional appreciation of an animal, and the relationships gathered through this lifetime.

Wave of Emotions

The tides arrive
without warning and all that’s left
is the solitary moment
of letting go,
surrendering to the infinite.
Where will this take me,
how will I grip,
how will I survive?
“No” is a complete sentence
that signals boundaries,
endings and affirmation.
“Yes” is the fire that sparks it
when no other words can sustain it.
Nothing lasts forever
as forever is a legend
living on a fairy tale page.
Infinity is tied in knots
available for hanging on
these moments.
I am here.
You are there.
For now this is all that matters
as we clasp on to the rafters
floating through the turmoil
waiting on the gentle ebb
to guide us back home.