Lost and Found

Yesterday my husband built a crib for the new baby. Kali has been anticipating this moment. It was a huge deal for her to help her daddy build the crib for her baby brother. She’s nesting in a way a pregnant woman nests for months before the big arrival. She was filled with such joy. She had to decorate it. She needed it to be “perfect!” And she would say over and over, “I’m so excited for my baby brother!” She’s four years old and I am aware how age means nothing when love is concern.

I stood watching the two of them build, re-adjusting to a life that’s coming. In the middle of the night, when she got up three times, I remembered the many nights of sleep deprivation. And then I saw my children grown, one who turns 23 years old tomorrow. The range of ages is from 30 down to 1 years old. How does this happen? It appears and morphs as God’s plan. I said from very young that I would have a house full of kids. It was a desire, a dream to be a mom. And my purpose here is to mother as many as possible and not just in my home. When I had six children living under the same roof there were extras who would move in…teenagers going to college, friends of friends, and so on. The house was never without children. They somehow found me and I was joyous to show up for them.

The building of the crib was monumental for Kali Rose. I saw in her the same emotions I’ve had with all my kiddos. I am witnessing a soul who just wants to be a mother to others. She wants to give love, share the love and be the love. She finds the ones who need it and makes them smile. Her daddy did such an amazing job putting it together while she declared when it was done, “I did such a great job building my baby brother’s bed.” We laughed. She told me, as they were working diligently, that I could only watch from the door. I was not to come in and help. She was the helper. And, I believe she will be an amazing helper to the world as she’s showing up, being available, and loving to the full of her capacity. She is like her mom, collecting the lost and found, making sure they recognize their worth.

Isn’t that what we are here to do? ~m.a.p.

Brotherly Love


If there is ever a doubt in my heart about how I’ve raised my kids I think the Universe allows me to witness firsthand the fruits of my labor.  Motherhood has never been easy.  Parenthood is one of those professions that have no real manual (at least I never got a copy). Each child is different and  guidance is specially designed to that soul.  We are melted and molded together in a kaleidoscope called family.

My eldest son was leaving yesterday back to NYC after spending 10 days here.  Even though he got to spend almost every evening with his brother who is 2 years younger, he still wanted to stop by his work one more time and say goodbye on the way to the airport.  It was pouring down rain.  He got out to see him at the hotel where he works.  His brother followed him back to the car to kiss me and say hello.  They stood in the rain once again, two brothers embracing and saying their “I love you’s.”


When I see that sibling love and respect it melts my heart.  They speak every day.  The older brother has always been the fatherly role to his brother. To witness their adulthood still close as little boys…well….it is heartwarming. With pride in my heart I take a tiny bit of credit for their closeness, always making sure they solved the rivalry and fights teenagers go through growing up.  I did what I could in spite of so many difficult factors and environmental stressors.  They are each others’ best friends.  The older they get the closer they become.

Once again I collect this moment as a beautiful one adding it to the many magical ones of motherhood.  Watching them stand close to each other and support their decisions, well what more can a mother ask for in this union?   They are pure love and light!

If you want to know (or have confirmations) of your parenting skills watch your children interact with one another or with others.  Manners, respect, love, and empathy are born from childhood.  Give yourself a huge pat on the back.  You got this.  You taught them well…and the rest has been the grace of God.