Prayers for Clearing Fires

Three years ago the mountains around us burned. We didn’t know if we had to leave our home. Weeks of that intensity took a hold of us. The unknown was weighing right above us a few miles down the road. So now, watching the devastation in California and Australia I am again reminded of the frailty in life. The winds can shift in a single moment and life is forever changed.

Take nothing for granted.

I went into prayer last night so deeply that I left my body on my bed. Hours upon hours of flying over these places pouring sand and water all over the land.

I returned at 1:11am to the sound of our little boy crying. I smiled at the time. When I returned to our bed I was still in a state of jet lag. This happens often.

Let’s continue putting out fires. Let’s continue being compassionate. Let’s be humans with empathy and love.

Sending healing out today. Shifting consciousness is my goal…for me and others to recognize the innate and miracle power that lies within us. We are fire and water and wind and everything else.

I love you.

Still vacationing like a child

I am still on a wonderful vacation in California. I have written in my journal throughout this amazing journey. This is a snippet of an entry. Will share more when I am in front of my own computer. Like all great travels this one has allowed me to go within and then move outward. It has been delightful!

“I am a little girl playing on the seashore. I move from here to there diverting from pebble to rock to stones and gravel. The great ocean of truth lies in front embracing all of me undiscovered by the child in my past. It is magnificent. I am nothing yet I am everything in this vastness of force and beauty. These waters serve as gateways to my spirit. The memories run through me over and over crashing against my chest with the same intensity as the waves. As an individual I am one but here standing in spirit’s arms we are the ocean. You, me and them are now one….”

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. Much love and light.



California Dreams

I am sitting in front of my fireplace this morning.  It is a chilly 30 degrees outside.  I am cold and realizing this is going to be a freaking ridiculous winter.  The greatest part of this insane season is that in a few days I am taking a road trip with two of my closest friends.  We are leaving the mountains of Western North Carolina and heading to California to travel the Pacific Coast all the way to Portland.  This is a celebration for my best friend and business partner, Bobbie’s 40th birthday.  It is also the first time since we bought this business that we will both be gone together for so many days.  My teenage children will be here with neighbors so mama can truly play.  As the day gets closer I feel that giddiness that enters my blood stream when I am about to take a trip.  I just can’t wait!

Traveling is a sport.  I am not a good athlete but I consider myself an enthusiastic adventurist without an agenda to my travels.  We are embarking without a map, tourist guide, and a timeline.  We only have the final destination point.  There is something wonderful in having no perspective to an arrival, or expectation to the excursion.  I love to travel.  I was made for it.  As much as I love my place in the mountains I also fantasize about seeing the world.  This trip is something of a monumental turning point for the three of us.  We have entered and exited many issues in the past few months with personal obstacles.  We have purged, healed, released and traveled down many roads inside of ourselves.  The adventure is welcomed with open minds and extended hearts.  I am traveling with like-minded people: no planning or agendas.  The only thing we know is that we arrive in San Diego and we are renting a car.  The rest is up to serendipity.  Ahhh…to think of the surprises along the way!  Bring them on!!!!

I will not have access to a computer but I’ve purchased a new journal where I hope to be inspired to document this expedition.  I feel like a little girl waiting at the entrance to Disney World minutes before the gates open.  I am sure the night before we leave I won’t sleep as I think about all the possibilities that will transpire on this journey.  I live for amazing surprises.  They are right up there with laughter.  The Pacific Coast has always been a magnet with its gorgeous coast lines and mountains.  Witnessing such beauty will be mind-boggling.  I know how excited I can get.  Adjectives will be constantly flying out of my mouth describing all the moments and how I feel.  My dear friends will have to just deal with the little girl in me and might have to tell me to chill out every so often!

Have a wonderful two weeks, dear friends.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving!  Stay warm and cozy wherever you are.  I will be back to share.  I may be able to read your writings and daily blogs from my phone.  It is always wonderful to be inspired by y’all.  Much love and light…Millie.