Breathe silence,

exhale peace.

Breathe love,

exhale joy.

Enter the center

of the universe

allowing the “I”

in “I am”

to solidify,


and move beyond.




fly through the cosmos

searching for divinity

in the only


it exists…

inside of




Cosmic Corners

I sit staring outside on this gorgeous cool mountain evening realizing this is just a tiny corner of the cosmos. Even while the fires continue to burn all around the area I feel at ease knowing I am home.  This is my universe at this moment..full bellied…content…relaxed…watching a movie with Kali and Matt. My youngest daughter left to her own space but spent a wonderful time with us.This is the universe of all there needs to be in calmness and gratitude at this moment in time. I have my eldest son arriving from New York this week. I have another who will be here in the holidays. I feel gratitude rise and fall with each breath of awareness. The only thing missing in this perfect time is the presence from the rest of my kiddos who are scattered throughout their own cosmos and edges of different worlds and lives. And…to hear from them at any given time makes me realize that no matter what corner of the world they live in we are united by the thread of love. May you all have a wonderful evening in your own piece of cosmic universe.



I searched all night

through the length and width

of the Universe

for answers to questions

I already know.


I found you

deeply situated,

snug tightly in silence,

right inside the heart

waiting for me to be mindful,

quieting  the ego….


I smiled

in honor of your presence,

in full gratitude,

through the lovely sunrise,

the cool morning dew,

and the laughter of a child.

Dance of Life

There’s a vastness,


waiting to be discovered,

uncovered through lack of substance,

control or restrictions.


It is in this space

that one’s bulk reaches

the core

of who and what we are

while not feeling the need

to fill it constantly

with factors of superficiality.


I used to wait

for a miracle of another

to create a fullness

that was never meant to be an external

or internal source of dimension.

And, in this spaciousness

the universe lies completely

sheltered by spirit,

engulfed by expansion of cosmic energy.


I am alone but not of loneliness.

I am empty but not of vacancy.

I am light but not over-exposed.

The range of all is infinite

so we can all meet at any time

through the everything of life.


Let go of the illusion,

diminish the fear,

and travel through the light of love and joy.

A touch from you opens the portal.

A word ignites our immortality.

A look exchanges the energy to all humanity.

We are here together. We are always connected.

Be mindful that you,

me, and them are the spheres of divinity

in this dance of life

and every single moment matters.