The Life in You

lovers in a cafe

When the waiter comes
to our table
does he witness a woman
immersed in love
or a couple enthralled
in the hallucinations
of lust and desire?
Under the sunlight,
sunglasses hiding my truth,
I wish you could see what
I see in you
as I smile and laugh at
all the goofiness
that brings me joy.
The life in you transports
sonnets, music, and art
right to my inner core.
I wish I could reflect your spirit,
gathering the kindness,
gentleness, and humility
but I think you wouldn’t
believe what you see.
I sit under open sky,
on a quaint terrace,
eating my salad
giggling like a school girl
waiting to finish
so I can steal one more kiss
to last me many moments
until I see you again.


Somewhere between

curves and the straight path

a rock stood

waiting for my arrival

to find seat and contemplate

on the journey left behind,

and the quest lying ahead.

And in this rest stop

restoration began

as it suddenly occurred to me

that the blaze of roar

coming from the earth

was the graceful evanescence of fear.

With each breath

my substance,


and my being

reconditioned to a universal consciousness

of truth and divinity.

I was half way home. I was almost there

where God had designed the pilgrimage

while cutting through the mountains

to the here and now

of this place I now

get to call home.

Meridian of Love

I wake kissing your words
With desire
Hoping to always
Remain here
While licking your heartfelt
Love each morning
We are together.
I run fingers through
The meridian lines of
energy intercepting,
Provoking and enticing You
To gather me up,
Fold me and put me
Into that place of heaven
Only you know how to do.

Depth of Space

 embrace (1)

The bed felt deserted

through the cast away

of darkness

as I stretched

both directions,

arms flapping to find you

swimming in another ocean of space,

wrapped in blankets

away from my warm side.

I inched back towards you

finding the heat

embracing you

in the solitude

created by distance.

I want that…

I snuggled tightly,

forcing my hips to find

the curvature of your back,

my hands kneading your thighs.

I need this…

no wall of pillows between us,

barriers separating

sleep and dreams.

Let me go into yours…

let me dive into your land,

the fantasies

and desires.


I see you…

there in that corner

of conscious existence

and you pull me

                                                  knotting your fingers into….

Waking Dreams


Not long ago
I met you
way out in a field
in flowers of faith,
and belief.

They were colored
in shades of grace,
love and hope.

We sat on a giant
next to a waterfall
and your hand
grabbed mine
to touch
the very essence
of us.

Looking into your eyes
I witnessed all the beauty
you see
in what inside
I neglect
to see of myself.

We left the forest
of wishes
and memories
to the place
of waking dreams
without you
but a handful of
perceptions left
from my travels…

I am lovely because of you.