Moving through Spiritual Wisdom

There is a massive amount of energy being experienced by many right now. We are leaving the old and merging into a newness that has only been in dreams. We are manifesting quicker, setting deep intentions, watching them unfold. It’s incredible all the things I have witnessed in the past week, with clients and alone.

The time is now. Put it out there. Follow your dreams and desires. No more time wasted on waiting. You get to shift the obstacles and move into your knowing… your spiritual wisdom.

I love you…Millie


It has taken me

a lifetime

to understand

the nothingness…

the silence that comes

from the depth

of earth,

of you,

of me

because the vastness

in its emptiness

somehow stood frightened

of the awareness.

In this hollowness

created of infinite

divine wisdom

I comprehend

who I am,

what I am,


the finality

that I am not….


Peeling out of 2014

peeling out

Last night, close to midnight, the office doorbell rang. I had been sleeping for a couple of hours and the noise immediately felt like glass breaking all over me. I actually woke feeling the pressure of something falling on my body. Matt was up and answered the door and instantly I felt a surge of negative energy consume the room just down the hall. He came and asked if I would check the man in. I answered, “Nooooo. No way!” And when he told the guy that it was too late and we were closed the man blew cigarette smoke into the room and left pissed off. From the bed I heard the loud muffler of his truck and then the peeling out the drive way onto the main road. I knew my decision was correct! I felt horrible for a long time. It took lots of meditation, prayer and sacred visualization to remove the dark stagnant vibration left from just that moment. The heavy presence of darkness, sadness, and oppression lingered with intensity. I felt sick just from a few seconds of interaction, and it wasn’t even with me. But, we are always protected. These events confirm the depth of awareness and allowance in listening to Divine guidance.   I begin to witness how this magical place has been evolving.  We are no longer a motel on a country road.  We are heading to the goal that we’ve intended since buying this place: to be a retreat only place of peace, healing and rest.

Through sleepless hours ahead I began to think of 2014. Some years have that same negative stagnation. Some are just awesome years. This year for me has been about death, birth, transformation, loss, awareness, grief, awakening, letting go, and a lot more that I had thought was addressed years ago. I am ready, with giddiness, to welcome 2015. I am peeling out of this year, hopefully while not leaving anger and darkness behind me, but with an awareness that everything has appeared for growth. I am peeling out with rebirth and acceptance for the beautiful challenges and events that are behind us.

Yes…I am ready. Yessssss! Absolutely freaking….YES! Please join me in that excitement for a great upcoming year….

Plan to be Surprised


Accept me into you

as a random act

of the universe

picking us

to meet again,

magnetically connecting

this time around.

Let me in

and plan to be surprised

by what is and isn’t explained

because it goes beyond this place,

this dimension,

that expects answers

when there aren’t any.

This is the mystery of souls gathering

returning to their homes,

without avoidance, rejection,

or judgment.

Don’t question the excitement,

the giddiness via serendipity,

and embrace the miracle.

Take me to that place

you came and went

without hesitation

through the mysticism

of finding me,

once more,

in love with you.

The Underside of Joy

It just takes one day,

a courageous moment –

if you will –

of allowing your soul

to open up

and descend,

releasing all plans,

conceived notions,

while letting go

the expectations

of finding a safety net

to catch the endless fall

into an unknown abyss.

As you open your eyes

the awareness of ground

brings the clear realization

that you’ve never left

your space or time

because surrendering

bears that freedom

that pushes and is constantly saved

by faith in divinity

and the miracle of accepting

that which you cannot see,

all that is joy.

Immediately you will leave ground,

flying eternally

through worlds full of secrets,


unexplained peace and beauty,

never seen by your imagination.

It is then that your soul

finally meets the real you

embodied in the mystery

of Spirit…

It is then

that you become the authentic

YOU who was created

for this life full of

love and compassion.

“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.” – Buddha