Lessons from the Earth

earth day

At this very moment I sit in my little home office staring at the morning coming through the trees and what was left from last night’s spring showers. The smell of earth rises to the second floor. It is one of those scents I love most from nature. It smells like the decomposition of release. The earth has no problem releasing. It has absolutely zero tolerance for resistance. Gaia teaches the value of allowing, evolving and releasing.

I have understood the power of avoidance and resistance. I no longer resist emotions. Resistance has always been a pivotal lesson in my life. “That which you resists, persists,” is a perfect way to remember to let go. Clarity and openness arrives from the nature of allowing life to flow. It is extremely difficult to wrestle and battle with resistance from a human perspective driven by ego. The ego is always creating illusions, sneaking in the doubts, uncertainty, fear and anxieties. As I allow the Divine Spirit to expand and guide me through love everything around me is taken into a beautiful accountability of love. Fear disappears once there is no control or resistance.

I keep going back to this life lesson: to love unconditionally without wanting anything around me to change. I am the change. The older I get the more I expand on forgiveness and compassion all through the vessel that is love. It’s in the allowance of everything around us to show up and move that we grow. We resist the things that are easy while substituting with difficulties,challenges and pain. Ego creates these elaborate scenarios and through resistance of strength in ourselves we attract the destructive behaviors that we don’t want but feel familiar to our stories. It is never easy to go through the separation of old patterns. But, does nature do any of this? Does Earth second-guess herself? Does it have to be this complicated when everything else around us lives in harmony?

If we take notes from nature all of these issues are irrelevant. The trees don’t ask the soil for permission to grow or die. The clouds don’t care that the earth is going through floods. It releases. It lets go of all it needs to in order to evolve. Each leaf falls when it’s ready. The earth blooms at its perfect timing without feeling overwhelmed or traumatized. A thousand pieces of elements live together and no one criticizes or judges another. We are the only form of existence that does that. Everything in nature is rhythmically operational with each other. It’s beautiful. It exists together because it does. There is no Ego dictating nonsense or prejudices. There is nothing but allowance and releasing. Timing is seen through changes of the seasons. No permission needed or granted. It is what it is.

So today, on Earth Day, allow nature to show you the many lessons of you. Grab a hold of soil. Dig deep within the earth. Release the old and make room for new. Have a blessed day! I love love love you and so does this beautiful planet you inhabit.