Several people, including close friends, have commented on a bizarre feeling that’s been inhabiting them for weeks. It’s been intensified during March. The comments are all similar in nature: “I feel anxious for no reason. I am restless. I feel stuck. I feel uncertain. My body hurts. I’m numb. I am out of sorts….” I have heard the same message over and over for some time. I get asked how and why this is happening? The short version of my answer is “I don’t know.” The long version is that there is some form of cosmic activation happening in a conscious and metaphysical plane. The energy is swirling and I wish I wasn’t so sensitive to it. I feel it at night when I am coming out of my skin. Our little girl hasn’t been sleeping well for weeks. I get a sense that her little body isn’t aware of what’s happening since she’s truly wide open. We are all wide open, except some of us get hit with stomach issues, headaches, lethargic motions, sadness, insomnia, blah-ness and other ailments that seem to feel like doom. Just like you, I am surfing the waves when they arrive. Other times I am returning to breath and the moment. I keep reminding myself that I get to decide how I feel.

My darlings, you aren’t alone in your struggle. This is an odd and incredible exciting time. Things are moving in a faster pace and it seems we can’t get all that we are used to doing in a 24 hour time lot. It’s okay. Cut yourself some slack. There is such anger and hatred and complete inhumane energy moving through these accelerated times. There is anger everywhere and the cords of discomfort are being felt throughout the waves of consciousness. DO NOT think for one second that your thoughts aren’t attached to mine and the world. Do not believe for one moment that your emotions are not attached to this timeline everywhere. It’s all so very stagnate and yucky. It feels as if compassion and kindness have left our humanness. For now….only for a bit. I promise this isn’t going to last forever. Nothing ever does. I also promise you that when you accept your position as a warrior of light and love you will no longer be concerned with all the issues in the media…because you create your own reality.

I have to believe you and I, and everyone, can shift back to this moment and breathe in love. Your job is to align yourself back to Divine-love consciousness. Your purpose is to join the collective consciousness of greatness in compassion. We are here in human form, but our souls are endless. Let’s get back to our own spiritual spaces and ground our truth into the earth. The mind, body and spirit are being pulled and pushed with such horrific thoughts because that’s how we are controlled by the world. Fear is slavery. Let’s send love notes to the universe, regardless of our religious and political beliefs. God doesn’t care who you vote for, who you sleep with, and who you pray through….the Divine cares that we treat each other with dignity, integrity, love, compassion and hope. The moment we return to love…I am certain that we can fix just about anything. Until then…let’s just surf the waves of yuckiness and muckiness while trying to find moments of joy in our day. Go sit outside and take in nature. Make time to do nothing but be with your spiritual guidance. I haven’t got any other answer but to love one another. Apologize and forgive those who aren’t in your same belief systems or in your authentic alignments. Forgive and return to what matters….

We are giving birth to a new time. It’s exciting and fantastic. We are required to shift our perception from old programming. Let’s Mother the world with kindness.

Sending love to all. We are the force and the change we have been waiting for. We are here now. No more putting off and allowing others to dictate what we came here to accomplish. Love! ~m.a.p.

Energy We Carry

Four years ago I had a near-death experience. My soul left my body for a short time in the hospital. It went to a place of complete bliss and love. It went to Source. The days and weeks that followed my return were filled with magic. Time stopped in a way that the logical mind couldn’t explain…24 hours seemed like weeks. I was here but I wasn’t. Every morning, for months, I wrestled with my soul to not go off elsewhere. I had to pull my essence to stay in my physical body. I would wake trying to find grounding. It was intense and lovely. It allowed me to witnessed the world in a deeper conscious level. I doubt I will ever be able to describe the thoughts or experiences fully. There are no adjective or words that can do justice.

I couldn’t be around too many people. I couldn’t deal with all the energy that surrounds us. I was constantly trying to honor the softness of me. I was fragile. Oh my gosh…I was fragile and strong and so many things all at once. I felt the earth beating and expanding. I could hear colors without seeing them. Because of this ultra openness and sensitivity, I asked folks who visited me to please be responsible for how they showed up. I began to see the human struggle of ego and spirit in everyone. It was daunting and heartbreaking. So I opted to stay in solitude for as long as I could.

My husband (then fiancé) was afraid I would take my life. I had changed. I returned into my body that day with a vulnerability that had never been in me. It passed with every month. I needed to become human again. But those first few months after that winter day were the most mystical moments of my spiritual life. I saw the world through clear lenses removing all ego. And it was exquisite. It was also frightening to be in this world feeling the hate and brokenness. I was overwhelmed with every single extra noise and energy that visited.

I brought back gifts from there. THERE…a place that has so many labels and names. A place that is beyond this galaxy. I share this because we walk around not acknowledging our energy in the presence of others. It’s imperative you always take responsibility of how you show up, especially when in the presence of someone who is ill, or dying. They feel you before you are even there. They are opened to so much as they have one foot here and the other in that other world. Be kind. Be gentle with your soul and respect other people’s spaces.

It takes full awareness to recognize energy. Let’s work on raising it together so we can make massive changes in our world. ~m.a.p.

Threads of Humanity


Sometimes there is no need

for introductions



when the soul awakens

via stolen glances,

silent conversations,

cautious smiles,


the knowing without understanding

that things are just what they are.

This cloud is the eclipse of spirits

gathering in confirmation

that energy

exists between us,

guided by a string theory of connection


no matter how it is avoided

it will always bring us closer

so the sun can shine

with our inner light

together again

in divinity as one….

You are the greatest Alchemist


Spiritual practice, movement of energy, shifting vibration, prayer, meditation, walking, and journaling are all a few examples of manifesting with intent.  That which we think does become.  In most cases, if we look at past events, we can see that the doing was not the complete outcome of our desires.  Intention was pushing the wishes all along.  The action came after the thought.  Of course, we can have the most magical intentions in the world, but if we don’t put them to work, they will also not take us very far.

Often times we experience what we don’t want.  We live out our fears.  We place thoughts, doubts, anxieties, negativity and create those events.  Shifting awareness and thoughts create a different outcome.  We really are what we think!  It sounds like some over-used cliché but it is the truth.  Holding space for your words, be it through morning prayers, journaling, or just sitting alone is a way to alter the vibration of your thoughts.  Being present as often as possible creates a magnetic ripple of delicious effects.

I have been to places with a negative person who is constantly in the “woe is me” state of being. It seems that no matter how much I try to bring lightness and joy into the conversation that person can turn anything into darkness.  I have gone to eat at this restaurant a hundred times before and have always been treated with friendliness and southern hospitality.  Now I sit with this person and immediately the service is horrible.  The waitress forgets us, brings out the wrong food, and the food tastes horrible.  What changed?  It is the same thing I always eat.  Energy shifted!  I didn’t honor my food before it arrived because I was in a whirlwind of negative emotions.  I was holding this person’s dreadful negativity in the car, entering the restaurant, and sitting with at the table.  Intention is force, spirit, intensity, and projection.  I stopped being me and took on this person’s emotions.  My head began to hurt, my body felt attacked, therefore my food ended the cycle of these vibrations.  I call these folks emotional vampires.  They create chaos everywhere they go.

There’s an old saying that if you want success surround yourself with successful people.  Why is that?  Because the energy they bring to you is contagious.  You begin to feel successful.  Your thoughts change from “I can’t” to “I am successful.”  The simple intent of being in that energy pushes forth the desires, wishes and manifestations.  Any intention, loaded with love and kindness (especially for yourself) will manifest beautiful results. “When intent is rooted in pure love, your dreams will grow and manifest faster than you could ever imagine.”~ Dawn Gluskin.

Ask any successful individual what they believe.  They will tell you that they would not settle for anything less.  They “knew” that success was in them; that “knowing” will transform and align you with universal wisdom.  I have also noticed that successful people, who have reached their potential with integrity, are happy individuals.  They have allowed the lessons to guide them.  They have not quit at the first barricade of failure.  They have hurdled right over the wall with certainty and humor.  Happiness, joy, and laughter will always change your mood.  I love people who can laugh at themselves.  I admire their tenacity and sense of worth and their complete gratitude for everything.  Their intention is to live their truth and this is what carries them through their manifestation.   I have also noticed that they live out a mantra.  They repeat these words on a daily basis.  They know the power of thoughts!

Success is in each one of us.  We create it with our desires. The secret to traveling the road to all your desires is intention: the intent to do good, be good, share the good and be grateful for having it.  The simple act of voicing your intentions, writing them down, sharing them with spirit, is the foundation of the outcome.  We are the co-creators of our lives.  Be aware of thoughts, words, and the power of your beliefs.  Each thought is connected to another through the greatness of your spirit.  You are a master shifter.  Use that power wisely!


“With or without our knowledge, we are all alchemists.” ~ Eric Micha’el Leventhal

Everyday Awareness


My daughter and I went into Asheville yesterday morning.  We stopped at Starbucks and coming out of the car I got caught in the branches of a tree I didn’t even see.  Imagine missing a huge tree!  I felt the leaves caress me, the twigs holding me back, as I pulled away.  It was as if the branches were hands holding me from going inside the store.  A nice man with long braids said, “I see the tree won’t let you go.”  I answered, “It came out of nowhere and just embraced me.”  He smiled showing me a mouth full of gold teeth.  His demeanor was very reggae-casual-whatever in style and I was drawn to him.  He held the door open for us to go in.  I kept looking back and seeing a calming spirit smiling back at me.  He just winked and said, “Now don’t you go fighting these trees here in Asheville.  They are pretty frisky to beautiful women.”  I, in my long tie-dye-hippie-green skirt, short-crop-gray hair standing up, and colorful sandals couldn’t help but laugh.  He was seeing my spirit as mine was seeing his.  If we go by superficial looks there was nothing attractive about me but my smile.

I am absolutely absentminded.  A tree has to grab a hold of me in order for me to see that I am under it.   Whenever my mind is swirling in different directions I am oblivious to everything other than Spirit.  At that very moment of impact I was seeing the energy move quickly around me.  I had very little indication that there were any folks around me other than my daughter.  Consequently, my daughter laughed hysterically.  She knows how I see nothing physical when I am in this sacred space of Divinity.  It was hard to sit long enough inside Starbucks drinking a cup of tea.  When I am not feeling well, battling sinus issues, I can’t guard myself from whatever the environment is experiencing with energy and vibrations.  Sounds crazy, huh?  Next time you are in a public place close your eyes and feel with all your other senses.  It is very different than depending on just your sight, perception, and external awareness.

Duality and non-duality co-exist in us forming a balance in our lives.  At the very moment I was in Starbucks I could feel the negativity of mass consciousness.  It isn’t always like this in Starbucks.  It comes in clusters.  Energy does tend to do this.  I felt the “vibes” from folks who are superficially living in a state of paralysis, minus the nice man with braids who was long gone before I started sipping my cup. Love is the greatest of all frequencies.  Its vibration and energy expands with omnipotence power.  When we aren’t in that beautiful alignment all we can feel is stagnant energy, negativity and a dense matter that I personally can’t be around.   Even in my oblivious state of physical awareness I was witnessing that “feeling” that wanted me out of there.  You can call it intuition, gut feeling, discernment, innate knowledge or anything else.  We all have it.  If we allowed it to guide us life would be easier.

Once I was in the car I was fine.  My awareness was back on the road.  I was able to converse with my daughter.  We laughed.  The moment had passed when I felt an intrusion into my spiritual body.  I am always grateful for the times I can discern and understand that it’s not just me. We are all connected.  Be mindful of the energy you bring into public places.  Kindness and an open heart go a long way.  Being present (which is very hard for me at times) is being mindful of everything around me.  The energy around us is always interconnected, I promise you!  You never know how your body will receive what others are carrying around with them.  If you are lucky enough a tree branch might stop you from moving forward.  Divinity has a great sense of humor.

“The Universe contains three things that cannot be destroyed; Being, Awareness and LOVE” – Deepak Chopra