Life is Short

Life is too short to worry about the things that have little importance. At the end of your journey you will ask yourself, “Why didn’t I play more, why didn’t I love deeper, why did I work so damn hard to make a living when I could have been making a life?” You will ask yourself questions that bring a bit of sadness…because life is to be lived in such a way that there are no regrets. This is a magnificent visual. This is the AWEsomeness of it all. Let your heart take you to the places of joy. If it means jumping off a dock then do it. If it means coloring your hair blue…do it. If it means getting a tattoo at middle age, well you earned it. Life is the sum of your experiences so make them count for your highest form of love, joy and gratitude. For so many living within rules and regulations keeps them full of anger and resentment. Desires and dreams are kept with regrets. Nope! Don’t let them. Get out there and do those things that bring you joy. Have a blessed day and go do something that your spirit will thank you for with all its essence.

Remember Bliss and Love

In the core of the heart there is freedom. There’s no room for fear, second guessing, anxiety, doubts, and uncertainty. We are made in divine light that holds clarity through love and acceptance. And in this love we are embraced to believe in the power of awareness. We are made of love, to love, and be loved. Nothing else can live within the conscious beat of existence. Let’s give that love our undivided attention and release all the programming we have been forced to believe: control is a state of mind. 

We forget to play because of responsibilities. We forget to be in the moment because of other issues. We forget that in order to reach the highest vibration of love we must let go of paradigms and enjoy the process of living. Every minute counts. 

I love children because they resonate love. They live in the core of Divine energy. There is so much to learn from their ability to live in the moment. Let’s move through that awareness of loving ourselves and others for who they are and what they are. Go out there and get some crazy hair, laugh, sing and dance in the rain, be in love with you and all that your heart wants. Go blow bubbles and make mud pies. Talk with strangers and allow the magic of this world dictate the moment. 

Freedom is love. You are the substance of light and love…always. Bring more childlike moments into your life and raise the happy hormone levels. 

My heart extends out to you. We are all in this together. Have a beautiful week, my friends. Do something new to honor your existence even in the smallest of ways and be present with bliss. Mucho love!

Contagious Laughter

Contagious laughter
sucks the air out of the room

as I’m only wearing

the smile you gave me

while your hands guide
me to grin even wider.
A whisper,

a look,

a tug of hair,
you removing my bangs
from covering my eyes,
a gentle kiss on my neck,
your beard brushing my face,

I melt over the slightest touch.
Questions find answers.
Answers get filed away
for some unrelated moment
to retrieve as future reference.

But, here
as two bodies become one,
my mind moves towards
a place of uncertainty…

Moments begin with “Ohh’s.”

Followed by “aha’s!”

Concluded with “OMG Yesss!”

I am goner.

Good morning, my love….

Happiness is like a cat

“Happiness is like a cat, if you try to coax it or call it, it will avoid you; it will never come. But if you pay no attention to it and go about your business, you’ll find it rubbing against your legs and jumping into your lap.” -William Bennett

Months ago, before winter arrived to the mountains, I went to Goodwill to drop off a car full of donations.  I parked and wandered into the store just to peek on the goodies.  I go in there like a kid in a candy store exploring all the treasures. I passed by this beautiful scarf.  I went back to it several times and finally wrapped it around my neck.  Oh, I could totally see myself in that scarf, some black boots, a long skirt, the perfect sweater, striding into Starbucks during winter on my weekly journey into Asheville.  I stood in line admiring my new $2 fine.  I kept rubbing it and wondered if it was one of those itchy materials that look better on the display than around a neck.  I didn’t care, it was too pretty and the colors matched with so many outfits. As I started to look at it closely I realized that the scarf was the same one I donated a month before because it IS super itchy.  Hey, at least I am consistent with my taste.

I didn’t buy it but placed it back on the rack for the next person. I laughed all the way home about my craziness.  I know my family and friends say I am absent-minded but this was beyond that…it was more like an Alzheimer’s moment.  Such ridiculousness always brings me back to the joy of life.  If you can’t find happiness in those moments that it rubs against you then you are missing out on life’s most incredible gift.  Have a happy and joyous day, everyone.