Two Worlds

Hello darlings. Yesterday a dear spiritual friend called me while I was alone in my car going to get soil for my veggie garden. I went into Lowe’s and came out in less than 10 minutes. I am still not ready to emerge with the world. I keep getting inklings of so much that’s happening and until my gut doesn’t feel sick I will remain put. It is not fear but precaution.

As she and I spoke I realized that I am not alone with these feelings. We spoke about the timelines splitting. We can see things happening now. There is a massive and drastic contrast in people and their choices. And I feel it will get larger.

Our lives feel rather wobbly. It all seems surreal. About three years ago I was in meditation and I visited with an older version of me. This “me” was living in the mountains nearby but the world was different. I didn’t interact with this aspect of myself but I sat listening to her share what happened during “the great pandemic that changed humanity.” She said a lot of what’s happening now but also added how the political arena would cause a split in the ascension process and the world would see a giant separation in reality. I didn’t make much of that experience. I remember coming back from that astral visit and shaking my head believing I must be going insane… what pandemic? No such thing is gonna happen here.

I know…by now you have been sensing a lot of your own spiritual experiences. These times are not for sissies. I don’t argue with others who don’t think or believe like me. I won’t even interject what I feel. Everyone is navigating through their own shift. Everyone is sure they know what they know. It’s beautiful because it is true. They are in their knowing.

But, here is what I suggest for myself and others…to stay in your knowing. What doesn’t feel right is your own internal GPS guiding you. You ready to get out in the world? I am so proud of you and happy you feel it’s time. You don’t feel like it is time to merge into the world just yet? Stay put if that makes you feel safe.

We do not have to follow anyone. We have the ability to create and tap into our own realities. Mine might be so different from yours that you shake your head in judgment and think I am out of my mind (and I might just be). Speaking with my friend we realized that we have both received similar messages from our guides and it was good to confirm it. For me. For her.

I love you and I hope and pray you follow your knowing. You do not have to explain how you feel or have to experience guilt for not doing what others expect you to do. The world is changing quickly. There is so much that’s coming: good and hard. How we lived was not how we will return to live. Stay in your truth. Live in your knowing. Practice what you know to be your reality. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else. By all means, if this doesn’t resonate with you please keep scrolling. If it does resonate I would love for you to share your experiences.

Amplification of Consciousness

Amplification of Consciousness

For the last few weeks my heart flutters more than usual. I am well aware of the DNA upgrades. I feel it in many parts of my human body. I mostly feel it in the awareness of my consciousness: in the way I see and hear; in the way I feel and taste; in the way I process life; and in the way the messages are coming in.

It’s in this place of expansion that I jump timelines and can alter state of dimensions. I am not under any kind of influences, drugs or alcohol. It’s all a natural state of awareness that has been pushing through me. Some days are easier than others.

I’m not alone in this state. I know many who are feeling the claws of expansion. Mass consciousness is expanding rapidly. Many are taking their lives because it’s all too much. Others are dealing with their dark nights of the soul and shadow work. Some are feeling their bodies release toxicity through illnesses. In other words, we are generating and upgrading from the old into the new.

About time, right?!

Now what does all this mean for humanity? What do we need to prepare for? How will we move through all of this with sanity? I don’t really know, except I feel me breathing through it all with full acceptance of this moment.

I cannot tell you what you need to do. But what works for me is just BEing present, having zero expectations, and being love. Love seems to heal it all. It vibrates at the highest of frequencies so I choose that. I practice it on me and then move outward into the world.

Darlings, we have been hearing of spiritual change and “the event” forever. It’s in every religion and belief system. It’s been happening from day one of our existence. We know that something is coming or happening. We are well aware that it is bigger than us. Allow yourself to just be. Be in the “holy” knowing that we are in the golden era of love. The Christ consciousness is part of each one of us. It’s not our there. It’s not separate. It’s all connected and it joins each one of us in the grid. All of what has appeared before us are lessons for our human collective graduation.

Long stretches of road always allow me to tap into the grids and what’s happening in our world. So this was from traveling this weekend….

I love you. I’m here. Reach out. It’s time to be with your tribe. We can lean on one another. Be well!


A few days prior to our trip I woke up at 3am dreaming I was in the Amazon jungle…

I was walking through a thick tropical forest. I ended up sitting on a giant boulder and a small woman appeared. She was old but still had thick black hair. She could’ve been young. There was no age to her. She had beautiful black eyes. The lines on her face told their own story. She came close to me, almost gliding through the air. It wasn’t as if she was walking. She told me she was a Curandera (Healer). Immediately I became defensive by telling her that I would not be doing Ayahuasca or any funny plant medicine. I explained that I already have intense visions. She laughed in a sarcastic manner. She knew I would tell her that. I also told her that I would not be returning to my past experiences in order to move forward and, in Spanish, she told me that I didn’t have to. She acknowledged that I have done that healing already. My challenge now was to move forward into the future with the acceptance of my gifts. They have been entrusted by my own soul before getting here in this incarnation. She said I was to help others and, by not utilizing my power, I was avoiding living in my true-authentic purpose. It was my contract. It was my life mission and it started with my family, lovers, and children…but that they were just classroom lessons preparing me for what was to come.

WTF!  Even in the dream I felt the sting of some judgment and resistance.

So I asked her how to do that? She said I would find the answers when I got there. So I asked where “there” was. She laughed again and never answered but her eyes told me otherwise. Even though she was small in stature, her spirit was gigantic.

Now, it’s when it gets wickedly interesting. The rain started falling on me…but she wasn’t getting wet. She had a bubble/veil or something. I heard the thunder in the background and I woke. I woke to the rain outside the opened windows of our bedroom. I was completely disoriented touching the bed to find my husband. I woke smelling the forest in the room. The sound was still traveling in waking moments. I got up to use the bathroom and it lingered. She lingered in the hallway and then it all left.

Obviously it was an astral travel and not a dream. But, now…three weeks later I feel her nearby. I felt her in Cusco. I have felt her at night waiting for a decision…one I cannot make at this time. “Cannot” is unacceptable. Let me rephrase that: I won’t make at this moment since there are a few things aligning the path that take priority. Quitting my job isn’t in the cards at this time. I struggle with this everyday. I want to make money utilizing my creativity and passion for sharing stories. I want to write and get paid for it. I met a shaman in Peru the day before we left who said almost word by word what the Curandera said to me.

I truly had no expectations when I went to Peru. I wanted a vacation. I found much more. One specific miracle happened the day I climbed Machu Picchu.  I lost my hearing three years ago on this month in my right ear. While hiking I felt a pop and sound exploding in it. Since we’ve returned I can hear about 40%. I am blessed for this. It’s messed up my equilibrium for a bit but I am adjusting and completely grateful. That was just one of the gifts I attained in our trip. There have been others but that’s for another time.

Who knows what will happen to me in the next few weeks, months or years. But I feel the expansion at night when I am quiet. I feel my soul begging to trust it for whatever is coming…which I do. The cosmic energy this month is less intense than the last months. I urge you to sit with it. Let it mother you and love you so you can move through it with positive energy. It’s not harsh. It’s truly sweet.  I share this, as I share all my muses, so you don’t feel alone in your journey.

We got this! We are connected. Mucho love to you…..

The All of Oneness


If there is no battle then

there is nothing to rupture

the current or process of movement.

That’s who God is…

the evolution of passage

and we fight it

with our egos,


and arrogance.

He is the depth of essence in everything:

He is nothing because it can’t be seen,

yet He is everything

in the center of the universe.

Because He wants nothing

He achieves all,

where there is no ego,

no greed,

and no impossibilities of trying.

He is the shallow hollowness

and the great depth within.

He is divinity,


magnificence of wonder,

and the light that shines from the heart

when love walks into life

holding hope and faith effortlessly.

He is emptiness and fullness

without a needed explanation,

and He is all we strive to become —

He is all we are when

we finally surrender.

He is the everything

in the here and there…

the I AM of our humanness

and the ALL of Oneness.

The Guests

Lately, when talking with friends and family, I keep hearing the words “displaced, misplaced, misalignment, and disconnected.” It seems to be a universal theme among the tribe. But again, it could be just like when you buy a car and then realize everyone has it. You hadn’t noticed it before and now that you have it you are aware of its existence.

I noticed a giant shift towards the end of 2011. I have never bought into the 2012 cosmic changes with or without the Mayan calendar. I don’t believe the world will end on 12/21/12 at 11:11PM. I want to believe that these massive shifts in emotions are due to a necessary alignment of our spiritual connections. And, yes, lately there is a huge sense of displacement. At first it was just settling into the slowness of our business, the holidays, and prelude of winter. But now it seems to be something esoteric. I don’t know if there is a theory for it all. I have to admit that I don’t know what it is. I do know that others are feeling it as well. Some just don’t know what to name it. And, I hate to even put a label on the feelings. I can only speak for myself. These holidays just seem so different. I have to work extremely hard to feel grounded.

It’s always easy to talk about changes, whether or not they are profound shifts in our lives when we can see them. However, when those changes can’t be seen but felt with anxiety, I believe it is allowing fear to take over. We all want and crave for better things. Recently, I feel like I am waiting for a bus to arrive to take me elsewhere. I have no clue what the destination or route I am to take. It’s just a feeling of anticipation. No matter how many times I go hiking, walking, or remove myself from this unknown impatience it seems to come looking for me. Meditation, contemplation and prayer help for a little while. Keeping busy seems to stop the feeling but I need grounding and avoiding the feeling seems to put me in a worst twist. I am learning to be present with the carousel of emotions.

Fear is like that. I read somewhere that fear = false evidence appearing real. If that’s so then the anticipation is a form of an unknown psychosis of my creation. I don’t really know what I fear because I am not anxious about anything in particular. Whatever it is I need to just invite it in and honor it. I’ve come to the conclusion to just sit with the displacement when it arises. Like Rumi’s poem:

The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

~ Rumi ~

I will sit with each incline, letting me momentarily feel its awareness. That’s all I can do when I can’t find anything else. Being grateful and allowing each visit from the emotions teaches me something. Perhaps in that space I can finally see that I have a lesson and not feel displaced. The beauty in our lives is that thoughts live in our perception. When we are conscious and mindful we can receive those feelings as guests: feed them, entertain them for a bit and then send them off on their merry way. Meantime, I have to remind myself that I am fine and that this, too, shall pass! Tomorrow is a new day.