A Date

I would like to make a date

to kiss you,

to inhale your smile,

and swallow your laughter.

I want an invitation

to travel from your head

down to your feet

in some utter delight

using you as

the vehicle

to come and go.


I wish for a rendezvous

to whisper

in the darkness

and the light

in those moments

when I stare into your eyes

as they flutter to my knowing.


I want a date to give

and take

and be again

in the euphoria

of our union

because true love stories

never end.

Cradled by the Mysterious

infinite wisdom

In silence

and contemplation

I feel the universe nestling me

back into a womb state

where I am completely safe,

warm and secure.

Euphoria is reached

surrendering to the unknown

in ecstasy and in enstasy

together with the mysterious.

The union of body and spirit

is not a fairy tale.

It’s not beyond belief,

or a fictitious phenomenon.

It exists.  It is attainable

within the self.

I am cradled by God,

as love wraps beyond me

merging with light

and recognizing a return home

to spiritual embodiment

of all creation.

To all that I am.

To all that we are.