The Fall

I fell in love

so unexpectedly

like water falls from sky.


How do I forget your smell

carved into the curve of my neck,

the taste of you

tattooed on my skin,

your eyes watching me give you

all of me,

splendidly and deliciously

into exhaustion?


I fell into you

like a diver jumps into depth,

surprisingly and magically

into an unknown

searching for treasures that lie

profoundly hidden in the ocean floor.


I fell,

scrapped knees, bruised heart, lost in memories

until that one moment

sometime, somewhere, somehow

you fall into me again.

The Life in You

lovers in a cafe

When the waiter comes
to our table
does he witness a woman
immersed in love
or a couple enthralled
in the hallucinations
of lust and desire?
Under the sunlight,
sunglasses hiding my truth,
I wish you could see what
I see in you
as I smile and laugh at
all the goofiness
that brings me joy.
The life in you transports
sonnets, music, and art
right to my inner core.
I wish I could reflect your spirit,
gathering the kindness,
gentleness, and humility
but I think you wouldn’t
believe what you see.
I sit under open sky,
on a quaint terrace,
eating my salad
giggling like a school girl
waiting to finish
so I can steal one more kiss
to last me many moments
until I see you again.


I woke this morning
to the sound of
your breathing,
murmurs echoing
through the curvature
of my neck
draping it with heat.
I reached my right hand
pawing your beard,
whiskers sanding the softness
of me to the slightest touch
while a smile escaped you
with a “good morning!”
I stared at the gentle soul
dressed in a man
I am passed the “falling” part
and have
moved into the befallen
lost in La-la Land
without a returned ticket.
I will wait for you to catch up
to these emotions
as I think of the nights,
the days and moments
embraced in simplicity
of ecstasy.
I am crazy about you
as you have manifested
everything I’ve ever dreamt
in a partner.

Thank you, darling!



Touch me


inside my chest

and grab a tight hold

of my all.

Cut through

the façade of illusions

that this can erupt

our hearts

into pieces

if we were to dive

without a parachute.


Love is indestructible,




It will always expand

each particle

of our being

waiting to be endorsed

as a mutual contract

for two spirits

to finally surrender

into a mystical union.


Take me.

Make me.

Wake me.

You will never break me.

I am complete

because you have entered

into my life

for a moment,

a lifetime,

in a small memory

of something that is intangible,

but so pleasantly sweet…

beyond my imagination.

My Wish For You


My wish for you is to fall in love. Fall in love with yourself, darling, in a way that allows the illuminating light of love to shine onto others through the highest frequency. Fall madly in love with yourself in the way you fall in love with nature. Let the world be your lover. Be in love with the infinite universe. Radiate the presence of forgiveness, kindness, understanding, and compassion that’s always inside of you. I wish you to fall so profoundly that nothing will hurt you ever again when it pertains to a relationship: any type of love, not just a lover but a child, a parent, and a friend. You have learned that pain and disappointments are just experiences to teach you about the different facets of your soul. No one can give you what you do not already have in you for loving. You ARE your greatest love. Look in the mirror and watch the lover in you reflecting….
And with that love go out and change the world by your example. Be the lightworker, the dream maker, the wizard and fairy Godmother. Keep planting love even when all you see is hate. Cause, darling, love is the essence of all divinity in the cosmos. Love IS the reason we exist. You, me, us, and them…we get to decide how the world evolves.

Have a blessed day! Mucho love to you!

In Loving You


I don’t know how to love another way.

This is how I love and I wish you allowed for it

to embrace you like a warm spring

engulfing all of you in comfort.

I don’t understand how to think about love in your terms.

This is me inhaling and exhaling all that I am

in truth…

responding to the greatness of you…

to the parts you don’t see.


Sometime ago I was reminded, by an ex lover,

that I loved him unlike anyone else.

He didn’t show me love but took it desperately

clawing his way into my heart.

It was full of anger and ravishing turmoil

forcing us to constantly swirl like tornadoes

colliding while destroying everything outside of our souls.

I knew that he didn’t love me.

He just loved the way that I loved him.

And, it was okay, because I loved for both of us.

He said he had never been loved so fiercely

in hope of finding his soul.

And still, now, he says he searches for the missing parts

of love that I handed to him and then took back when I left.


In the process of separation

I realized that love is a perspective of sorts.

I cannot make you love me.

I am only responsible for my love and how freely I provide it

without expectations.


But you…

I don’t remember when I fell,

completely and hopelessly, in love with you.

I don’t recall the exact moment of bonding,

or expanding my heart wider to receive you.

I think it just appeared one day

and my soul knew it was time to let go.

I recognized the discomfort of attaching

to anyone so deeply,

that I wanted to run the other direction.

You took me, pulled me, disarmed me

and asked to give it a chance

so here I am asking of you to release the old.


Now in letting go of me without hesitations

I see you fighting,

conflicting, twirling in your own doubts

of self-worth and past loves

for what you have received so easily:

the complete essence of me

with no strings attached or demands.


You are finally seeing true love and it feels

unnerving, foreign, and at the same time,

so freaking yummy

that it commands more space,

more truth,

and more life in this timeline.

Magical Beginnings

Two lovers enter into an intimate conversation early on in their relationship:

He asks, “Are you afraid of falling in love?”

She answers, “Not with you.”

He asks, “Why’s that?”

She answers with a smile, “Cause I know you will catch me when I fall.”


There is something tender in allowing yourself to fall in love.  There is also something magical in knowing that the other person will not hurt you.  Love is not a power struggle, an ego booster, or a platform for ownership.  It is about letting go and allowing Spirit to perform its pursuit for the betterment of your heart’s desires.

This weekend I had the privilege to be among many friends.  Some of them have entered into new relationships.  They beam with energy, excitement, romance, and that mystical union of two people getting to know each other.   In both relationships I witnessed something that had never been there before…appreciation and admiration.  There is kindness, generosity and mutual respect.  Like a Tango dance, one needs the pull and pushing, the give and take, the seduction and the closeness all mixed into a rhythmic dance of divinity.  The hopeless romantic in me smiles with admiration at that harmonious partnership.

How many times have we passed on the idea of love or getting to know someone just to regret it later on?  How many times have we allowed ego to dictate our heart’s desires to then realize that the person was actually “The One?”  The past is a wilderness forest.  Many of us choose to stay there because of fear of the unknown.  We are afraid to move past the forest into the open spaces and allow the heart to guide us.  In that paralyzing fear of holding on to past events, we lose the chance to meet a counterpart of our divinity to be loved.  I find that it is in the most unpredictable moments, when you are finally free of the past, that the future gifts you with the magical beginnings of new love.

I always find the “falling in love” part easy.  It’s the staying in that place of vulnerability that is challenging.  Every day, as I meet more people entering into loving relationships, I believe I am attracting that energy into my own love life.  I refuse to settle for someone who cannot meet me half way in my heart’s yearnings.  I won’t compromise my self-love for anyone in the future.  It’s taken me too many years to repair and rebuild self-worth and love.   It has taken me a lifetime to realize that simplicity, kindness, intelligence, openness, and laughter are prerequisites for my soul mate.

That special “someone” will see me as a hippie chick, a deep romantic, and/or a trusting spirit.  However it is that I come across to him, I know that the falling in love part is the best drug in the world when shared with someone who has my best intention at heart. When it is easy, soft, appreciated and graceful there is no other place I would rather be.  The alternative of having him pass by is not an option any longer.  Ultimately, I know he will be there to catch me when I fall.

Go Seek Love

through love

Last night I had a remarkable dream. I dreamed that I was LOVE. I had no body. I was free like the wind without being able to hold on to anything. But, I was LOVE. I had no judgment, intolerance, bigotry, or negativity. I was just LOVE. Every person who came in my proximity felt me, sensed me, but couldn’t explain their openness and divinity that allowed light to penetrate without a single rejection, opinion or heartache. It was just love. Because I was like the wind, they couldn’t hold me. Because I was vastness, they couldn’t contain me. Because I was invisible, they couldn’t judge. I was able to mold into their souls and radiate truth of self-worth, authentic power, and appreciation for humanity. It was mystical. I fit inside every spirit and still had unlimited abundance of love to give. I was endless. I was the energy of the cosmos. And, in a moment of truth…while giving to those who forgot their love, I lost myself and became my human form again. I returned to my body while holding on to a homeless man begging on the corner of a busy street. He and I wept allowing the simple truth of our humanness.

We are forever connected through LOVE. We are divine beings who have forgotten our worth and how much we are affected by each other. In our consciousness we know that love is the origin that seeds us all together, planting hope for our future. But, we have forgotten how to portray this to ourselves.  We have become stagnate in thinking that loving ourselves too much is selfish.  It’s not.  It’s imperative.  How can we love another if we don’t value ourselves to the most ultimate level?  How can we give if we don’t own it?  

Go seek love inside.  Go seek love in yourself and truly see the beauty that you are.  I love you. I love you. I love you with all that is truth, magical, faithful, and instrumental to your existence. Know your worth! You are powerful. We are connected through this lifeline of goodness. Remember! Don’t run away from it. Embrace it…and return to LOVE! Most people close up because they’ve been hurt.  The hurt comes from expectations.  But, when you truly love another you have no expectations.  You accept their greatness and those things that do not resonate in you.  We learn from these challenges.  The thought that you are alone is an erroneous perspective. It’s an illusion. Breathe and feel your heart expand and connect to all there is. You are the ALL!  Together we are ONENESS!

Deduction of Thoughts

Tell me,
what was it that you heard:
my heart beat thumping
slowly to the sounds
of the room,
mimicking the a/c;
my breath catching up
with a mutual silence
of exhaustion
from a lover’s marathon;
my hands gently stroking
the hairs on your back
bringing forward some
childlike memory
you might had never

known existed?
What did you hear
in the solitude next to you?
Did you hear the depth

of me moving deeper

in gratitude?
Did you find me clicking
a memory button filing
the moment forever?
Tell me what you heard
so I can share what I felt
as our bodies became

suspended but pressed

into the cold mattress.
I heard the rain harder

in my chest; the earth penetrating

against my spirit,

weighing and settling

to this newness.

I’m becoming spring
inside these spaces
intertwining thoughts with

the in and out of you.
Did you hear me digging
through the rumble of
thoughts, and a mountain
of could’ve been’s
while you transported
yourself to Neverland?

I am water spread on a bed

while you are the container

that houses me in places

I never knew existed.