Succession of a Dream



in the height of night

I found a dream

that suited

my desires

and I dove into it,

grabbing onto

the moving images,

partaking in the drama,

trying to blend into the scenes,

becoming the heroine

creating subliminal messages

and archetypes,

until the next dream

pushed me out of the picture

and sent me out

into the morning light


Into a Dream


You reached into a dream,

licking me back to

the place I would know was real

where I could determine

if I wanted to wake

or continue the unconsciousness.

I laid there

in between the realms

trying to gather

the sensation

of lips on mine,

fingers knotted in my hair,

legs pressed into pretzels,

and the weight of you

entering the place of oblivion.

Never opening my eyes,

I let my fingertips guide you

while you left crumbs

tracing the path




into the unknown….



Your hands guide me
Into the world
Between dark and light
Where I stand alone
Pressed against another
Time falling into yearning,
Desires, gaps of intimate
Dreams created in novels
And you witness
My come and go,
Rise and fall….

Your eyes search
For a confirmation
That a line isn’t crossed
Where we won’t meet
With imbalance,
Rejection, judgment
And pain.
I am gone while you
Pull and push your way
Through this fantasy world.
I don’t think I will ever
Be the same
Because you brought
Play into my ground.