We Get to Choose Our Focus

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Something happens among strangers who aren’t trying to impress or move through egotism. There’s a mystical connection and awareness through a touch, a word, small conversation or a glance. Life simply exists without the expectation of fulfilling the other. Strangers dive into the rarest form of freedom and many times without filtering truth. At least this happens with me a lot and I dance in the union of such moments.

Not long ago I went to Goodwill to drop off stuff and decided to go in to get my daughter something for her computer. As I was kneeling in the electronic area I heard the most beautiful melodic male voice singing along to the store’s music. He was right behind me. Without getting up or turning around I said to him, behind me, “You have one of the loveliest voices I’ve ever heard!” I got up and looked at a gentleman in his late 60’s or early 70’s.

He kindly said, “Wow, thank you! When I was younger I sang all the time. I have had cancer three times and with it and the chemo my voice has disappeared.” He shared a glimpse to his story.

At that very moment I got closer to him, looked into the depth of his brown eyes and said, “You are a gift to still be standing here and singing with such hope. You are a miracle. How very awesome to walk near death but continue this journey of faith and humanity!”

The man smiled, began to tear up as I could witness he was having an Aha Moment. I could see his humanness and ego take a backseat. I could see in seconds through the glances that his wheels were turning reacting to memories, the journey, and events.

“I can’t tell you what your words have meant to me right now,” He began to speak as he composed his spirit. “I have rarely been grateful for anything, less this horrible disease until you just said this. Thank you!”

I smiled, touching his hand in mine, “Keep on singing! You touch others with that magical voice. You touched me.”

He hugged me and dropped the items from his hands on the shelf and left the store gathering his tears through his fingers. I felt horrible for a second but knew the message didn’t come from me. This message of gratitude was something the Divine needed to share with this man through sacredness. As I sat in my car I began to shed tears for my own gratitude. I, too, walk here in a journey of faith and hope.

This stranger’s spirit touched the core of me. I needed his song to move me just as much as he needed to hear words of encouragement. What a mystical union for us both! I am forever touched by strangers, their kindness, wisdom, laughter, smiles, and stories. We are all connected holding the earth up with love, stories, and hope.

With all the storms, fires, anger, sorrow, loss, and uncertainties we truly need to come together to remind each other of the simple things. We need to remember what is important. We need acknowledgment and honoring. I am appreciative for these Angels who come into my life daily to remind me of love and what’s important on this journey. We get to decide what we focus on every single day. Let’s make it magical!

I love you,


Our lives are Google Earth

google earth

I am now figuring things out. Like, it’s taken me 48 years to learn things I swear I knew in my 20’s. I thought I knew enough math to get through life. I realized I don’t and I am so glad to have calculators and computers to compensate. I thought I knew how to heal my broken heart, but I don’t. It always catches me by surprise when I am shocked by the intensity and disappointment each time it happens. I thought I knew what it was to let things go completely…but obviously it’s still work in progress. I am learning slowly. I thought I had a great sense of direction. I really don’t. That was truly the biggest lie I told myself. I don’t know many things I believed I should have known by now. And, I am sure in 10 years I will look back and recognized I still don’t know much.

One thing that has occurred to me is that my life is like Google Earth. When I begin to focus on one thing it can be unbearable. The minute I zoom out…all the way out and I see the big picture I realize how doable this business of living really is. It’s charming. It’s magical. It’s happening every second. So what if I suck at math, or measurements. Who cares if I get lost in my own backyard and, even a compass, can’t get me squared away. I like those adventures. I find that the one thing I’ve truly learned is how I perceive things.

There are moments, in my exquisitely dorky human form, that I tend to over-focus on a situation. I burn my brain cells trying to find an answer for what shouldn’t be entertained at that moment. Then I push my little imaginary Google magnifying glass and zoom out. That gesture in zooming out is enough for me to see all the other magnificent things happening in my life. It’s then that I recognize that I can get through this particular moment. I can overcome this challenge. I can work through the issues within the scope of my knowledge.

The other day, at my cousin’s house, we watched a super intense movie called No Escape. Kept me on the edge of my seat. Every time Owen Wilson had to accomplish something that was overwhelming he said, “Ten steps. Ten more steps.” That’s definitely doable to anyone. So now, when I come to that place of “Oh my gawd, I am exhausted…I don’t want to go on.” I recite to myself, “Okay, Millie, 10 more steps.” Who can’t afford to walk 10 steps. Like come on…it’s satisfyingly easy!

When we zoom out of the chaos, when we allow ourselves to view the giant picture from elsewhere, we can take more than 10 steps. We are able to shift consciousness and accomplish anything in front of us. We remove blinders and accept what is good, disregarding what can’t be changed right now. So if you can’t leave a job, a relationship, or you have money issues, or whatever it is that’s tormented your soul, you zoom out of that. You have a home, you have health, you have this and that…and you witness the change in your acceptance.

Life is wonderful. We get to decide how we live it. Feel blessed. You DO NOT have to figure things out right now, unless it’s a life or death situation. The rest can surely wait. You got this. We got this. Together we can accomplish much!