Trust vs. Hope

For several years now I have shifted my language. I used to say “I hope” and now I say “I trust.”

To me there is a difference in the way I use the words. When I use hope it feels like a desire and expectation. It doesn’t feel like it is very reliable.

Trust is confident. It is faithful. Trust is believing that things will manifest. It is knowing that things happen in divine timing.

Hope does not feel that way. It feels like it lacks something. I don’t know but try it out for yourself.

I share things with trust rather than hope. Sometimes “hope” is the only thing another person can understand. We relate to what we’ve been programmed to hear.

I trust that things happen. I have faith in them. When I pray or meditate I go into the practice with trust, not hope. Hoping for something feels powerless. Trusting in something feels very empowering.

Trusting you have a deliciously magical day.
I love you.


Find Joy in the Midst of Chaos

Hello, darlings. How are you all doing? It’s some intense times. I’ve had to truly allow the “feels” to come and go. I feel all sorts of emotions at different times of the day depending on what I’m engaging and entertaining.

I ask that you be diligent in your mindfulness and presence. Reach out to others during the stress.

What I do know is that these times are about connection, especially with your immediate family. It’s about returning to simpler times. And we will have plenty of it coming up as we may get quarantined.

Love one another!

Get your house projects done if you can. Finish writing your book. Create that piece of art work you’ve put off. Get your Christmas greeting cards filled out. Purge your closets. Figure out how to make toilet paper out of recycle stuff. Do whatever you need to do to stay mindful and present with your thoughts.

But for the love all that is good please find humor. Laugh. Dance. Do your yummilicious shifting. No more judging others. No more hate.

Anxiety will rise. Fear can visit often. It’s all okay. You truly aren’t alone. There is shi(f)t of unknowns right now.

I am grateful for each one of you. I love you.


When someone begs you to help them find HOPE you will try to move the dark world around them to show them light. You will shift and shake their perception so they may see the endless and limitless greatness in them. You will find a mirror and show them their reflection reminding them that there is magic in them. The universe resides in every cell of their being.

That, darlings, is the miracle of hope. It can’t be felt, but it can be seen in the stars and the trust in something much larger than the self.

We just need to remind one another every so often that darkness can always be lit by a small flame. And THAT flame is you.

The Weeper

The weeping willow tree has gone into shock,

losing its leaves,

dropping into the water the discards

of an endless fight with the earth’s emotional tyranny.

It’s sad. It’s dying. It’s empty.

I watch from my terrace

unable to fix it.

I’ve been there but without the cushion of water

to catch my fall

from the betrayal and shock.

My leaves don’t fall,

they stand firm against me,

wet with memories and frailty.

I cannot shed my outer shell

to rebuild new growth. I am not made that way.

I watch leaves dive slowly into the pond

as frogs jump onto the eviction of shade.

I know that the tearing of lifelessness can seem painful.

It tries to hang on each branch for as long as possible

and then it lets go of life

pouring into the vastness of loss.

Beauty resurfaces in the tiny presence of hope

that springs into the green of each shade of leaves.

I can witness the miracle.

I can justify its birth.

I can only wish to be that new rise of faith

that nature recycles with each organism.


State of Grace

I stared outside the window

witnessing sky art

created by the heavens.

I reach inside,

searching for the warmth

of my soul

sending a “thank you”

to the Universe

for the splendid,



gift of living

in grace.

In the silence,

through the walls

of love and serenity,

I find Divinity

whispering within

the echoes

of a chilling winter morning,



“You are greatly welcome…!”

Today is the beginning


Today is the beginning of change.

Regardless of where you stand under the political umbrella or convictions, we can all agree that change is coming. For the past few months we have witnessed friends and family battle their beliefs with hate and nastiness. Social media, the news, and other forms of communication have used this election as a means to cause fear and hatred across the world. I have been shocked and appalled at the many who have chosen to discard a friend because of his or her political choices.

But, isn’t this country made from diversities? Aren’t we here as a melting pot of cultures, beliefs, ethnicity, and differences? Isn’t it in our adversities that we resort to greatness? This country is not black or white. It isn’t left or right wing. It isn’t made up of one choice or religion or group. It’s made up of gray areas such as me, a Hispanic woman, or my children who come from Europe and have all shades of skin colors. Or, some of which are gay and others who suffer from mental illnesses. I believe we, as a whole, complete this nation. Until this election I had never, ever, witnessed such tremendous division in our country. And, today, I wonder what makes America great?

It’s the compassion we share. It’s the humility we exude. It’s in helping others, here and outside the country. It’s in forgiving. It’s in the lessons we learn from others who aren’t like ourselves. It’s in altruism, empathy, and kindness that we make this country one of the greatest in the world. It’s in the people who fill every square inch of our boundary lines in a map that make the United States of America a union.

For eight years I heard, read, and witnessed a million comments about our President. Some I took rather personally, others I learned from. But, what I found was that in spite of the hatred and opinions, we had a pretty successful course of events. No one is perfect and neither was his administration. He truly endured a legacy of anger and discord. Anyone who goes into that office has to have thick skin. And here we are again. In another four years we will be right back here arguing and fighting our beliefs.

Here is what I know to be true: We are a nation united by its citizens from all parts of the earth. This new President was elected by this country. There is no doubt that division has been seen loud and clear. I hadn’t a clue, in my oblivious hippie state of being, that we had been so suppressed by anger, bigotry and hatred in this nation. News to me! However, it’s out there now. The lack of understanding and accepting is astronomical and perhaps daunting. It’s disturbing to experience all this fear and anger that is being passed on to the younger generations.

Trump is a powerful lesson for us all. Whether you voted for him or not, he is going to be a clear starting point for this nation to start healing from years of keeping quiet over prejudices and bigotry. Religious groups have spoken and I feel it is time to take notice that the division is being magnified throughout the world. We must stand together in spite of what we believe. Together we stand, divided we fall.

I only hope that those protesting can do it in a quiet and sensible manner. That those who are mourning for this change can heal from the disappointments. That others who are yelling and rubbing their victories can also learn from diversities. I ask that we join together in sending this new leader healthy and compassionate vibes because he will need it. We are being instructed to stand together in something powerful of a historic phenomenon. It won’t be easy and those who think that victory has concluded will see many incredible changes that will make them question their choices and faith. Today is the beginning.

It starts here with us…with the black, white and gray. We make this country a privilege to live in. We are learning from each other how we act and react. Let’s do it civilized and with optimism. Those who are heartbroken, I feel for you. I understand. I also believe that in this space and time there is work to be done in many facets of our evolution. In our spirituality and beliefs we hold the key to this great change. What an opportunity to utilize all that we know as healers, lightworkers, and spiritual trail-blazers! No other time in history could we have been given such a tremendous challenge to show how love and forgiveness can transform the world. Our hope, our desires, and our hearts can turn challenges into miracles.

God bless America and all its beautiful souls! I love you.

The Very Thought of You


            A look inward brings me back to you,
to us on this bed
that tells our stories in colored sheets
you never notice
except when I strip them
each Monday as you leave.


            And I see you now in my mind
while I smile,
not pretentious but reminiscing,
some isolated nostalgia
of past escapades when we did not know of each other —
even now throughout so many years
there are secrets that sleep here with me,
without you,

with us in dreams.


            The very thought of you chills me,
heats me,
redefines me,

but I cannot let go
because I will be fractured beyond repair
if I stop thinking of the man
you ought to be,
not the man you think you are.


            Here and there tells the story
and the very thought of me
with you
erases it all
disregarding who I ought to be as well

until you can find the way

to scoop me up and make us whole again.



Empty yourself

and allow the universe

to fill you

with all the love


bountiful and limitless.

Let the mysteries

captivate every nook,



inside of your spirit

so that all else

that’s negative

gets pushed outward.

Some things just don’t belong


we create acceptable accommodations

instead of

extracting them


substituting their presence

with compassion,


hope and faith.

I have no answers.

I have no wise words.


I do have

a new neon vacancy sign

for only goodness to reside

until I can come up

with the best possible solution

for forgiving myself…

and letting go.

Ocean of One

Last night

I found you in a dream



melancholy and hopeless

by the rocky shoreline.

I asked what was happening.

You answered,

“I’m waiting for the waves

to come get me.”

I stood staring at the wave-less


knowing that the ocean

doesn’t grab.

You have to be one with it.

“Darling, life doesn’t work that way.

You have to become

the water, waves, sand,

the sun, the moon, and the breath

that holds it together.”

I reached my hand down to you.

You grabbed it. You held me.

Together we melted

into the water….

and we