Good morning, good evening, good day, my darlings!

Nothing magical ever happens in your comfort zone. Nothing interesting, daring or adventurous comes to you without you really seeking the joy out of it. Go above and beyond the invisible boundaries in your head. Go past the point of uncertainty in your heart. You will be amazed at all the wonderful possibilities that are waiting for you on the other side of the unknown. Risk love. Risk joy. Risk failing. Risk fear. Risk rejection. Risk hatred. Risk succeeding. Risk believing. AND most of all risk not knowing how it will all turn out.

Where are my poets, storytellers, musicians, artists and co-creators today? What are you doing? Get started! We have a lot of work to do!!!! We have been given an opportunity to show the world how we harness and reactivate changes in our world. We are being provided with some major delicious emotions to create and teach about love and forgiveness. Utilize your gifts by risking it all. Let’s use the words, music, visual arts, and other endless creations to uplift each other. This is no time to sit on your ass and complain. Get out there and use the yummy parts that were given to you as loving gifts!

If you are in pain, full of anger, despair and sorrow, don’t bottle that crap up. Go out and do something with it. Create, send love, utilize this time to make amends with those close to you. Instead of wallowing in what will happen and can happen from a place of utter fear and anger, do something kind for another. Today, go buy a meal for a veteran. Go take socks and sweaters to the homeless shelter (it’s getting cold and they need it). Pay the toll for a stranger. Help an elderly person cross the road. Go to an assisted living facility and take flowers to an elderly person. Buy something sweet for a child in need. Show the world your humanity by your examples and risk vulnerability, being exposed for true heroism and love. Be brave, my sweethearts! Hiding behind social media spewing one hate post after another doesn’t change anything. Risk love. Risk your heart. Hate can never ever drown compassion…ever! LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN: HATE CANNOT BE DROWN BY LOVE AND COMPASSION! It might look like it but it cannot when we raise our vibrational fields to pure love.

Give to the world kindness, empathy, and your authentic humanness that’s been ingrained in you since birth by divinity. I am on a quest to shift consciousness with one kind word at a time. Please join me!  I love you. I love you. I love you regardless of who you are because we are here together. I might not agree with you but I know that you deserve love. And, that to me, is why I must continue to risk love.