View from Craggy Pinnacle Blue Ridge Mtns.

Flawless green humps seen in distance

under the loud silence

surfing the earth

as God sits and watches

the serenity of the land.

Ripple-less melody under the fog

escape in the horizon

washing and clearing

the echo of nature.

This magnitude of knowing

peace and faith

allows for release.

How can one stand above the world

without feeling the omnipotence

wonder of existence?

The vastness,

the vacancy,

the void-ness,

reaches inside of spirit

and awakes everything.

The peaking of morning,

the scoop of evening,

is the flow and essence

of every part of life here.

It is the ALL in the universe…

the everything of anything…

the complete I AM.

The All of Self


Who I was and who I am

is nothing

of what I will


I cannot change

the things I’ve done,

but I can always

alter my evolution.

Every lesson,






and the kaleidoscope

of events

molded me to

this reality.

Each road blocked,

every path taken,

have allowed this new me

to give birth.

I can never be that woman.

I will never be this way again.

I can be the vehicle

to whatever spirit wants

as I consciously open




and follow the light

that is now guiding me…

to become the all of self.

I Am

I am not a mother
but the place where nurturing arises.
I am not a daughter
but the place where forgiveness lives.
I am not a lover
but the place where passion ignites.
I am not a writer
but the place where words dwell.
I am not a friend
but the place where secrets die.
I am not an artist
but the place where creativity forms.
I am not an example
but the place where Spirit visits.
I am not a woman
but the place where magic flies.
I am not a teacher
but the place where wisdom hides.

I am,
the place of beauty,
perseverance —
all wrapped in Divine presence.



Search outside

this life

through the fog of your consciousness

to capture the objectivity

of each new day

and all the gifts taken for granted.

Witness the layers

of solitude and emptiness,

love and compassion,

faith and belief

in each particle of mankind.

In the purest of hearts lies truth

that can be felt

but not touched,

sensed but by no means held,

understood but never mastered.

There, in your solitude

allow Spirit to move you,

opening wide to vulnerability –

exposing to our infinite connection

in this web of humanness

we refer to as humanity

by letting the I AM become

the part of oneness…



and all.

I Am of You


I took a breath

this morning

and there you were

waiting for my spirit

to own existence.


I felt my cells grounding

into the dirt,

the air,

the grass,

the leaves…

and finally knowing

that everything

is a part of me.


Through me

I reached the universe,

the infinite source of all.

I closed my eyes,

seeing the thread of love

travel from here to there

into all that I am.

The I AM of YOU.



The smell of jasmine,
wisteria and spring
woke me
leading into
the awareness of rain.
The wind chimes danced
in full desperation and anticipation.
Frogs croaked,
crickets chirped
and the valley,
flustered with joy
exhaling deeply
and mindfully.
I wanted to join the Earth,
her wetness engulfing me,
while I danced under the moonlight.
I stood on the deck,
darkness snuggling,
cuddling my humanness,
hollowing the spaces of gratitude
breathing with intensity and love
as everything became silent
during this intimate voyeurism.
I am awake.
I am here.
I am divinity.
I am….