Angel Tears

angel tears

I get home from work and begin making dinner when my 20-year-old daughter informs me that there is a leak in the living room. I go into the living room and she explains that while waiting for her laundry to be done that she was sitting watching television when two drops of water fell from the ceiling. I ask her if maybe it was our Great Dane drooling on her arm. She laughs and says, “No, Mom! The dog was on the floor asleep. You seriously think I wouldn’t notice it was the dog?”

“Okay, turn on the lights and show me where you were sitting.” I stand in the middle of the room searching for water stains. I see nothing on the ceiling. It’s been raining non-stop and I don’t see any sign of leaking anywhere, thank God.

“Mom, I swear! It was two drops right here on my arm.” She extends her arm as if hours later the water marks were still tattooed on her skin.

I walk away, stop and turn. “Baby, you know angels are known to shed tears that fall from the heavens.” I say this completely in truth without sarcasm. I mean…I said it without an ounce of logical thought processing. To me it was a rational explanation.

She looks at me…wearing a look of confusion and sarcasm and says, “Mom! You do know I am not six anymore?”

I turn around and go back to making dinner. As I said the comment I didn’t realize how truly juvenile and exaggerated it sounded. I was in my moment! I gave an answer without filtering it…without truly thinking about how ridiculous it sounded because, to be honest, I believe in the magic of angels. I could have said it was the unicorn urinating as it was flying above her. I would not have been surprised if that came out of my mouth as well. I live in a constant state of awesomeness while things happen that have no logical explanation. And, in that world I don’t think before I speak!

We become what we believe. We believe in the power of endless possibilities and therefore anything is possible in the world. Why not angel tears? Why not a unicorn kiss? Why not fairy dust sliding down her arm? Why not? In a world governed by rationale and preconceived notions why not believe in the unbelievable? Why are children the only ones who believe? Perhaps because they haven’t been taught to believe otherwise. You don’t need proof…you just need to believe. Do not let anyone tell you it cannot be done. Things do manifest from the most unusual of places just to get our attention. It’s magical, mystical and pure enchantment!

Returning to Innocence

There’s a natural endearing innocence to children.  Their curiosity is breathtakingly admirable.  We forget the wonders of an innocent young mind.  There is a mesmerizing quality to their thoughts and imagination.  If we could just hold on to that simplicity for the rest of our adult life!  How extraordinary the journey would be if we just remained child-like.

Last night we rented a sweet movie called “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.”  The main character played by Ewan McGregor, is like a small child or one with autism.  His lack of social skills makes him even more innocent.  Sitting through the story I thought about how many times I wish I could just see the world for what it is.  In the movie, the hope and faith of bringing salmon to Yemen from Britain makes one want to go fishing.  Simplicity is so easy but we automatically complicate it.  My mind doesn’t allow for such black and white thoughts.  I tend to go beyond and start to analyze, even when I don’t try to.

Throughout the years, I have watched and witnessed my own children play, laugh, and create wonders from their imaginations.  I have always allowed creativity to be a huge part of their lives.  I encourage them to see the world in more dimensions than the visible one we are accustomed to live in.  In the past few years I have tried to dismiss the rigid structure and ideas I had about my own life.  It is always easier to preach and tell others to live a certain way, but hypocritical not to follow through in our own lives.

'Little Boy' by NelsonMy son, Nelson, took the picture of this little boy on the Greyhound Bus from Miami to Orlando recently.  He knows how much I love pictures of little kids.  I have it on my phone and each time I look at it I am taken to a place of wonder and joy.  What can he be thinking?  How is he seeing the world outside of that window?  Where is his imagination traveling to while he sits on that ride?

So today, after a much busy week, I choose to sit for a little while and marvel at life.  I want to be that little boy staring out the window, witnessing the magic of the world.  I will kick back and stare out the window of my home, while a wedding is taking place in our retreat center.  I choose to laugh and probably cry, as I do in all weddings.   My children have been gone for a week and this house is quiet.  In their absence I will return to my innocence through play and silliness.  I will put my IPOD on dance shuffle and pretend I am a kid again with my round brush as a microphone, standing in front of an invisible audience and belt out to Donna Summer’s Last Dance. After all, being a kid is the best part of growing old.  My body is ready for some fun.

Give yourself the privilege of returning to your innocence.  Play like you mean it.  Dance like if no one was watching. And, sing to your favorite tune!  Life can’t get any sweeter than this….