I Crave

I want more time to chase fairies, play, paint, sing, chant, and dance. I want to connect with sweet souls, whether one-on-one or in a restaurant for five minutes. I don’t want to hear about negative world news. I don’t care for complaints cause they don’t inspire me. I want to know how you are surviving your journey, how you play this game called Life, and interconnect with others. I want to hear your dreams from past and future. Show me you! Show me your love through words, actions, and authentic truth. I want more sharing of healing arts, talks about consciousness, mystical experiences that have no logic, and laughter that makes my belly hurt and my cheeks burn. I want to know what aches and strengthens your soul. I crave for human touch, jokes, and play time. The sillier, the better. Yes…I want to continue sharing and caring beyond anything out there. Join me…let’s do it together and make sure we continue loving beyond words with the most openness of hearts.

Cause, darlings, that’s what we need more of….love, acceptance, and acknowledgment! We need to realign with Divinity while loving fully. This is how we raise consciousness. This is how we shift our world to better. This is how we fully show up…. ~m.a.p.

Just Love 

John Lennon said, “It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love. It matters only that you love.” I have learned to love deeper because of the relationships around me. I have witnessed unconditional love and strength because of other relationships that did not work out. There is nothing more beautiful than studying the human spirit when it doesn’t know it’s being observed. There is nothing lovelier than those moments of losing yourself into another. Presence is all we have right now. This is the only guarantee because in a heartbeat it can be altered. It could be our last breath or it can be the start of something beautiful. 

Stay in your state of wonder and enchantment. Live through an open heart. Forgive the past. Let go of all the things that no longer serve you. Love because you have nothing else to give and because you recognize it as a boomerang of deep emotions. Every part of your BEing is love. It’s in those moments of pure ecstasy that we find ourselves closer to divinity. You don’t have to participate in every argument or disagreement. You get to choose self-love and awareness. 
Photo by my son, Nelson, who captured Kali in a moment of eating the rain yesterday.

Make Playtime A Must


Last weekend I led a workshop on releasing the inner child near Atlanta, Georgia. It’s taken me a week to process all the yumminess and deliciousness from the fantastic souls who came out to play. I have found that within these 7 days, things from my own childhood crept up and visited. I have enjoyed the reminders and memories and tended to some of the desires that have come up. That’s the beauty of joining with others, exchanging stories, sharing ideas, and memories. It takes some time to process your own answers. Because, let’s face it, the little child in us is always needing attention. We have a habit of shutting it down and repressing the playtime because we are adults with responsibilities. Who has time to run off and get toys to play? The answer is…there is always time. You MUST make the time!

I gave a sheet with some simple questions asking about childhood. One question was, “What toy did you always want and never got?” Even though I came up with the list of questions, I didn’t answer them ahead of time. I sat with these sweet ladies to answer them for the first time as well. And, to hear all the magical answers as we went around the room, was delightful. I never got my Barbie Dream House. But, here’s the thing, I’ve spent a lifetime buying houses and decorating them as my dream house. There was something incredible about the answers to the questions and who these souls have become. Others talked about the Easy-Bake Oven and how cooking, now, is a form of joy. I had forgotten some of the most wonderful toys way back then. We traveled back in time with those answers.  It was sweet and tender!

You don’t just let go of your inner child as you grow. That little girl or boy stays there accompanying the adult in you. If you don’t take time to play, laugh, and embrace the wondrous joys of childhood you will get lost in a maze of anger, resentment, and regrets. We have such a mystical source of magic available at all times: imagination. Our imagination creates, manifests, and transcends. We think only children have access to it. But, as adults we can create the most magnificent things with this form of consciousness. It’s only a thought away!  Albert Einstein said,

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

In a workshop, class setting, or session, there is one thing that clients need: to be heard. We all want to know that we matter. That starts from the moment we are born. Each time you are given the chance to participate in a group setting, you have the magic wand to show and re-create love, acceptance and awareness. These ladies answered questions that they had forgotten from childhood. They revisited a place of joy and sometimes not so loving. They recognized things that went lost, some great disappointments and the ability to see their journey and how they got to where they are now. They’ve survived. They endured. They loved. They cried. They returned to a place of simple times. And, they are able to recognize that the little girl in them is still desiring things: places to travel to, adventures, toys, joy and so much more.

We have the ability to return to the past with one thought. We do not have to stay there. We also have the ability to move forward and enjoy this very moment. Thoughts transport us anywhere we want. Memories are time machines. We visit them through old songs, places, smells, taste, and words.

You don’t have to attend a workshop to entertain your inner child and play. You can do this every day, or every week, by allowing the little child in you to go on play dates. Make a point to take her or him to a park, a movie, a hike, pick rocks from a creek, walk barefoot in dirt, make mud-pies, go to a toy store, etc. Wear your cowboy hat, the tutus, the crowns and join the fairies and other imaginary friends. If you didn’t get your toy back then, perhaps it’s time you go find it now. Buy it, build it, make it happen and you will see a happy soul taking flight. Do not, for one minute, think that you are too old to play. Age has no limit.

I am the happiest when I am dirty in a creek collecting heart-shaped rocks. This simple act of play is a form of grounding and collecting joy. I don’t know what works for you. For me it’s being in nature. My mother didn’t allow me to get dirty. If she saw me in dirt I was immediately pulled out and sent to bathe. At nearly a half a century young, you better believe that I take advantage of dirt as much as possible. Now you…go do the things that make your heart skip a beat. Be in the moment. Embrace the child in you and love it the way you would your own child. Be gentle and caring and available to listen to the whispers and the secrets.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

**Note: To all the beautiful ladies who came out to play, I thank you for allowing me to enter your past and present. I love you!

Returning to Innocence


There’s a natural endearing innocence to children. Their curiosity is breathtakingly admirable. We forget the wonders of an innocent young mind. There is a mesmerizing quality to their thoughts and imagination. If we could just hold on to that simplicity for the rest of our adult life! How extraordinary the journey would be if we just remained child-like.

Throughout the years, I have watched and witnessed my own children play, laugh, and create wonders from their imaginations. I have always allowed creativity to be a huge part of their lives. I encourage them to see the world in more dimensions than the visible one we are accustomed to live in. In the past few years I have tried to dismiss the rigid structure and ideas I had about my own life. It is always easier to preach and tell others to live a certain way, but hypocritical not to follow through in our own lives.

Today, after several busy weeks, I choose to sit for a little while and marvel at life. I will be a little girl staring out the window, witnessing the magic of the world. I will kick back and stare out as birds fly in and out of the yard, the trees sway to the wind, and the cars pass by in a distance. I choose to laugh, and possibly cry, as I do in days that I reflect and return to innocence. I will put my IPOD on dance shuffle and pretend I am a kid again with my round brush as a microphone, standing in front of an invisible audience and belt out to Donna Summer’s Last Dance. After all, being a kid is the best part of growing old. My body is ready for some fun.

I will not allow the negative chit chat of ego to dictate this day. I will not follow rules. I will not be an adult. That’s exhausting. It’s time to just let go for a little while. It’s time to stop the rigidity of it all.

Give yourself the privilege of returning to your innocence. Play like you mean it. Dance like if no one was watching. And, sing to your favorite tune! Life can’t get any sweeter than this…because your inner child is in charged.


How to Release Your Inner Child

dress up

We are adults with responsibilities. We forget to take time to play. In the avoidance of listening to your inner child, you begin to experience stress, illnesses, depression, frustration, and anger. We hear from way back there the voices that tell us, “Grow up already! You are not a kid anymore. Stop acting like one. You cannot have it all.” Oh, and there are so many other sentences, commands, judgments, criticisms and passive aggressive behaviors that others instill in us.  You have forgotten that you wanted to be a policeman, a fireman, a dancer or the President of the United States.  You have forgotten that you wanted a big wheel, a Barbie dream house or a trampoline.  You stopped wanting because you were disappointed.  You stopped believing in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, and fairy tales.  And, in the process to adulthood, you stopped believing that you are magical and can do anything you want.

There is a way to connect with your inner child. There are ways to tap into that little child and ask him or her to show you those things you have forgotten.  You can still live a fairy loving life. You can still have the things you wanted.  Tell your ego to sit down and e quiet cause you have some fun work to perform.

Here are 7 ways to reconnect with your little person:

1. Time travel.

Sit or lay comfortably. Allow your mind to go to a time that was carefree. Let’s return to a memory in your childhood. Write these details down without stopping the flow of the traveling experience. How old are you? Where are you? What are you doing? Hold on to those feelings. Allow yourself to visit there a few times a week. Each time you return to that specific scene or event give yourself permission to be 3 or 6 or 11. The beauty of time travel is that it’s free and you can do it from anywhere. Ask your higher guidance to show you what was so magical about that time that you remember so vividly.

2. Make a date with yourself.

There is still a little girl or boy taking up residency inside of you. Notice how you get when you see a child play with a Barbie or a truck, and remember those feelings. The best way to reconnect with your soul is by taking time to play. Make a date with your inner child to do those things that brought you laughter. You can go to a playground and swing. You can go bowling, or play basketball. You may break open the old board games and start there. Go bicycling or skating. Play in nature, barefooted and run through creeks. You don’t have to do these things with anyone. Have a tea party for yourself or invite others who want to reconnect with youth. But, these are mini dates that require only you and your inner child.

3. Get goofy.

When did you stop being fun? When was the last time you gave yourself permission to be carefree? When did you start dressing up like an adult and stopped being a child? There are no rules to how you are suppose to act. Your inner child craves for laughter. He/she desperately tries to show you a good time and you begin to feel guilty. Once again, you let the voices from the past dictate your feelings. Try wearing different pairs of funky socks. Wear a tutu. Color your hair. Dress however you want. Buy some Playdo and create. Draw, paint, and allow your child to come to you with all the joys it once did. You make your own rules. No adulting allowed during this process.

4. Write a letter.

Not everyone remembers having a healthy and loving childhood. Many of us come from broken homes, addiction, abuse, and poverty. But, there is always a memory of something loving and joyful. Take a pen and paper and write a letter from your adult self to your inner child. Use the hand that you never write with (this will force you to use small words and sentences like a child). Give your inner self advice for the future. Tell that little one how things will turn out. Give him/her permission to remain a child as long as possible. Let him/her know that the fears you had then are okay but they didn’t dictate your life. Ask for forgiveness if you need to. Sometimes we don’t know how badly we treat our childhood. You get to reassure your inner child that you have done the best for him/her.

5. Nurture your inner child.

Children cry when they are sad. They have tantrums when they aren’t being heard. They get angry when they don’t get their way. Nurture your inner child by allowing your adult to release feelings. Children don’t hold back. If you feel like crying, do so. If you feel like laughing, do it. You owe no one any excuse for being you. Write those feelings down.  Take time to be alone and read a child story.  Return to the places that made you feel whole again.

6. Be a parent to your inner child.

If your parent never celebrated your birthday when you were young, throw yourself a party. If they never took you to the beach, make it a road trip now. If you never got that specific doll, go find it on Ebay. If you were never rewarded for good grades, being awesome in school, then now take yourself to dinner. Give yourself the moments that you didn’t get in childhood. You get to celebrate and reward the inner child. You can let that little girl/boy know that you are proud of him/her.

7. Have fun.

This is the best thing you can give your inner child. Start seeing the world through your inner child’s perception. Marvel at the magic in the world. Invite others to join you. Surround yourself by beautiful and simple things. Declutter your space. Make your home a sanctuary. Start figuring out what you want to do now. If you have been stuck in a job you hate, it’s time to make a plan. If you are in a relationship that isn’t allowing you to grow, it has to come to a change. If you have children and you’ve been too much of a disciplinary adult, begin to play with them. You want to learn and follow children. They will always teach you how to see the world from a different reality.  Children require very little but time and imagination.

Your inner child has been patiently waiting for you to adjust your crown, your robe, your tutu, and your dancing shoes. You have the ability to retell your stories by returning to Source. You get to show your inner child that you will honor the dreams and aspiration. It’s time to put him or her in charge of your future. The more you play, the lighter you will feel and the more love you attract. You are divine beings nurtured by essence of joy. Start feeling it!


Fairyologist on Duty


I just recently became a Certified Fairyologist. Yes, there is such a thing and for my birthday my hubby enrolled me on Doreen Virtues’ online class. Now you may ask, “What does a Fairyologist do?” This is a valid question. I don’t really know what they do except what was taught on the class: history of fairies and how to live among them.  I can only tell you what I do and who I am in regards to nature. I am a play-in-the-mud-jump-in-the-creeks-sing-silly-songs-wear-tutus-and-love-everyone eccentric type of gal. I don’t take myself seriously.  I have a quick wit and find entertainment just about everywhere I go. I respect Mother Earth. I feel grounded being outdoors. I love to get lost in hikes, travel to new places, talk to people, hear their stories, and enjoy the silliness that’s out in the world. I am not here to tell you how you should live, but I can surely provide some entertainment on what works for me. I am not much for adulting these days. I have little respect for the stressful life, and anything that helps me release burdens…I am on that path.

I have raised six children and now raising a 2 year old (number 7). Now in midlife, she’s teaching me to revert into childhood and take no crap from social programming. She keeps reminding me what it is to view the world from the simplicity of innocence. She is reminding me how we all come in with such incredible awareness and gifts. It’s in those moments that she has become my hero. Children have a magical way of focusing on this. They react to the world around them with curiosity. “Forget that over there!” They don’t worry about tomorrow. They are consumed with the over stimulation of play and what’s right in front of them. They change their minds one minute at a time. They celebrate life through the smallest of things, like picking up a rock. They can observe a worm moving for an hour. They don’t see fear. They accept what is right in their vision. They are the greatest source of spiritual connection available to us.

As I finished the course and got my “certification” things have shown up. The ideas have run overboard and I am trying to find a way to organize the things I can do with my Fairy Whispers and Play. I want to do workshops on how to live life guided by the joy from your inner child. Let’s face it, this “adulting” business is pretty intense! We have forgotten what it is that we wanted to become as children. We forget how to play because there is always a to-do list, a set of rules, work, schedules, children, parents, spouses and the constant derailing of responsibilities. We forget that art, writing, music, and all sorts of creating weren’t gifts for childhood. They are gifts for our entire lives. We didn’t come into this life to spend the first 13 years, or so, being one way and then disregard our desires, passion, and dreams. That’s an instruction via society that is false and corrupted. We are here to follow our bliss, and when we do, mysticism follows.  We create our stories.  We are shaped by them.

I am embarking in a new life. I cannot describe the pathway. I can see it clearly but don’t quite know where it will take me. Meantime, I am putting together a program to see if I can actually help the contagious spirit of laughter, play, and creation. How did we ever forget that our happiness comes from our inner child? And, yes, many of you have had some disastrous upbringings. We have all been wired and programmed to believe that “growing up” means “not participating in child play.” That’s okay! The beauty of programming and beliefs can be altered with conscious awareness. You have the power to dream, visualize and create the life you always wanted.

How do you get there?

By being truthful with how you are right now. If you aren’t happy then it’s time to see what’s stumping your dreams. Things don’t change over night, but your perception and acceptance of decisions can begin to create a plan. This plan is what can help gather your wits, joy, freedom and a new beginning. Sometimes fear of success is what stops us from performing. We are all waiting for failure. That’s a given…but how many of us can actually move through the voices of our pasts and be willing to lose ourselves in our childhood dreams again?

Change starts and ends with your inner child. Holding that little girl/boy, and assuring him/her that you have a handle on this is the first step to creating a space of joy. Taking a new hobby, making time for yourself (even if only 30 minutes a week), or joining a group of like-minded folks is recharging for your spirit.  There are ways to open up the memories of who you are and what you have forgotten for so long.  There are tools to release the hurt and move through the joy. You are not alone.  You can finally set those dreams in motion.  It’s never too late to be what you were suppose to be before the world told you otherwise.  It’s never too late to be that child again.

I am working on a some things that can bring you joy. I hope you have allowed your little person to laugh today. I hope you have done something magical and empowering while looking at life just a little different. Go get yourself some multi-colored-silly glasses and let’s begin the adventure!  Let’s meet up in a playground soon!