Intricate Exposure



I remember

you and me

tangled in those sheets,

dismantling each others’

armors and weapons

built through a lifetime

of heart break.

Your hands grabbed

the walls of my subconscious,

fondling the lining of emotions.

And in an instance

you found

all of my essence

swimming in the blue

of the duvet cover

exposed to each particle

of your soul

without the fabric

of skin

to hide beneath

every secret of our pasts.

The sun stood at guard

while the warmth

of embraces

evoked the final gasps

exhaled from true love’s

final cry

and leaving

shadows on a bed

we will never visit again.

Collecting Memories


As I sat, listening

to your words,

following gestures –

            lines connecting,

       detaching, intersecting,

        circling all around you

passionately expressing

details of where you’ve been

in such joyous promptitude

                     I wondered how it felt

                              to be you.


How do the stories,

words, and thoughts

file inside the memory

of such a gentle soul?

How amazing to carry

those moments,

retracting them

at a push of a thought.


Each of us is connected

by an action,

a            lapse          in            time,

a twinkling…. pace

            causing a scene for

later viewing

alone in personal time

full of tears or giggles.


Your smile paused

the very thought of me

noticing the attentiveness.

In such erratic tone,

the seconds lasted an eternity

when you leaned in,

closed your eyes,

kissed me for the first time

and my moment

was quickly filed under “L o v e.”



There is a moment of impact

when the collision is everything

that matters.

I gasp…

Hands finding home.

I groan…

Fingers moving slowly.

I greet the part of you

that raptures me




with the weight of silence

between us,

holding our breaths,

touching our hearts,


I die a little in your arms

and you whisper,

“I love you, babe….”



I rest next to you

in the silence of darkness

as the wind swiftly makes its way

through the space between us


every inch of our stories.

I love the smell

of your essence

infused in the sheets

longing to join me

as the autumn breeze

picks it,

twirls it,

and gently exposes it

letting me borrow

pieces of you

for a few moments




Contagious Laughter

Contagious laughter
sucks the air out of the room

as I’m only wearing

the smile you gave me

while your hands guide
me to grin even wider.
A whisper,

a look,

a tug of hair,
you removing my bangs
from covering my eyes,
a gentle kiss on my neck,
your beard brushing my face,

I melt over the slightest touch.
Questions find answers.
Answers get filed away
for some unrelated moment
to retrieve as future reference.

But, here
as two bodies become one,
my mind moves towards
a place of uncertainty…

Moments begin with “Ohh’s.”

Followed by “aha’s!”

Concluded with “OMG Yesss!”

I am goner.

Good morning, my love….

I am sorry.

Sacred Journey


These are the hardest words to say. They are often linked to shame and guilt and other indescribable behavior that bring uncomfortable emotions. And I don’t mean the “I’m sorry!” that comes from leaving two pieces of Fruit Loops in the cereal box or the gallon of milk in the refrigerator with a drop of liquid because you are too lazy to throw both items out. I mean the “I am sorry” because you truly hurt someone and need to own up to it. Whether or not it was intentionally, well, that’s another issue. It really doesn’t matter. “I am sorry” is still painful when it requires taking responsibility for our fault.

Almost twenty years ago, right before my father passed, I went to visit him in Puerto Rico for a long weekend. He was just entering his long suffering of cancer. I did not know this. My father…

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