Glitter the Hell out of someone 

Sweet sweet sweet darlings! Omg! Finally accomplished a huge challenge today. Wheeee! Every other week I go through the drive through teller window at my bank. There is an older woman teller who shouldn’t be working with the public as she has zero personality, poor soul. I keep glitter in my car (tools of being a fairyologist) and sometimes that glitter gets attached to papers, checks, and other places (giggles). Every time I deposit through her window she has this look of utter disgust. I can see her thoughts forming over her head like bubbles from a mean cartoon. 

So today I sprinkled a dosage of thick blue glitter. When she got the deposit slip and checks she looked up at me, raised her eyebrows as if saying, “bitch! Really?!” 

 I smiled at her, giggling like a mischievous fairy, and said, “If you smiled more, especially to me when I come by, I promise not to load it up with fairy dust! But it has to be genuine cause I know the difference!”  

She shook her head and continued doing her thing. But as she went to

put the deposit slip in the tray she looked at me and gave me the biggest (until that moment I didn’t know she was capable of smiling) grin ever. Yay! 

And that, darlings, is what a fairyologist does! We sprinkle and sparkle even if you don’t know how to. I will teach you what it feels like to be in freaking static yummilicious bubblelicious joyous kiddo. If you can’t laugh I will make sure you can learn it and open up your heart up to the wondrous moments in life. 

You are most welcome! My job is done!!!

Don’t Waste a Day without Laughter 

The other day I went into Starbucks. The young woman on the other side of the counter was mesmerized with the long strands of sparkles in my hair. I motioned her to come closer to whisper. She met me half way across the counter. “These are strands of fairy hairs. Someone has a job of cutting the hair from fairies and we get to put them in our on heads. It gives me magical powers.” She didn’t know what to make of that. So she backed away smiling and nodded. “Really?” she asked. I went on to tell her something really far-off and silly. She began to shine like the strands of sparkles in my hair. 
I placed the order. She asked me for a name. I told her “Giggles.” She started to giggle. “Of course it is!” shaking her head, showing me her beautiful teeth, throwing her head back and trying to compose herself for the next customer.

I went to the end of the counter. The drink was made and the barista yelled, “Chai latte for Giggles.” The place started to giggle. See that’s the thing about laughter, it’s freaking contagious. Who said I can’t be Giggles one day? I’ve been Fairy, Sparkles, Bubbles, Babbles, Twinkle and Dazzle. Each time the name gets yelled out and someone takes a look at a middle-aged woman giggling her way to the counter, there are looks of joy (or criticism). But, there is always a chorus of silliness.

Bring on the joy through the simplest of things. You can be anything you want. Stop taking yourself so serious. You are NOT gonna leave here alive so have a heck of a lot of fun along the way. Be whatever you want to be. Make another laugh, it heals. Make them feel happy. You might just be the perfect energetic chord that attaches and lifts their spirits. ~m.a.p.


This morning on a Main Street a small woman on a bike passed me. This wasn’t an ordinary woman. No! This was an adventurous scrumptious one. Her old bike couldn’t possibly hold one more thing. She had a backpack, a sleeping bag and several other bags strapped neatly on her “mobile home.” I couldn’t get close enough to take a picture. But I did take a mental note as I drove passed, lower my window and screamed, “Girllll, you are absolutely amazing and beautiful! Thank you for being my joy today!” Quickly she showed me her pearly whites and was so grateful I thought she was gonna hit the car in front of her before turning. Sweat was pouring off her braids onto her flowery shirt. 
Yeahhhh, these are my favorite types of people. They don’t live inside of boxes. She might have been mentally ill but she is traveling on that bike to places I might never get to visit. Her thin body was pedaling without a care in the world. And that is yummy to witness. That! More of that is what we need in our lives. We don’t have to go to extremes but to set lose into an adventure without any destination is magical.  

You can do this. You can take a new road in the next town over. You can go eat alone or to the movies. You can go into a place you never have time to visit and find newness and awesomeness. Yes, please, more of reaching for the joy. 

She made my day. That was many hours ago and I cannot remove her sense of wonder out of my little head or out of my fairy heart. 

Now you. You go find something joyous and allow that energy to carry on for a while. Mucho love.



Breathe silence,

exhale peace.

Breathe love,

exhale joy.

Enter the center

of the universe

allowing the “I”

in “I am”

to solidify,


and move beyond.




fly through the cosmos

searching for divinity

in the only


it exists…

inside of




Life is a Whim


If you allow for it the world will move you every day to a place of complete openness. The hardest part is allowing the heart to stay open enough to receive the gifts. Some gifts will be painful and force you to grow for the betterment of your spiritual evolution. Others will contribute grace, adventure, and love to bring you closer into the web of humanity. Give yourself the permission this new year to experience all the wow’s and aha moments while staying in the present. They will transform you forever. Take risks, move beyond the comfort zone, laugh more, love deeper, share your life with strangers, truly forgive, don’t forget to breathe and enjoy the ride. Create your resolutions if you feel they will help you. Make your vision boards for guidance. Make space in your life for more joy.
I will not be creating unrealistic goals this year. I will not be putting myself with the stress of losing weight, running a marathon, finishing my novel or anything that I know will make me spin out of control because I cannot accomplish those tasks ASAP. I am allowing each moment to dictate what needs to be done. I am being mindful with my thoughts. No more expectations! They force Ego to dictate my mood. They also lead to extreme sense of failure and disappointments. Therefore, this new year I am just gonna surf it with a child-like sense of wonder and adventure. I will dance more under the stars, play with fairies in creeks, ride unicorns through the woods, and allow Divinity to surprise me with magic. Let’s see where that will take me!

I love you. Thank you for joining me here. I am forever grateful (and often shocked) by the kind and loving support.


We need to move into light…


It is such a privilege to share on social media. I have met amazing folks, like-minded-spiritual individuals, who have raised me to all sorts of goodies in optimism. I continue to have a love-hate relationship with Facebook due to the constant flow of negativity. I am not on Instagram or other forms of media. I have had people enter my life through my blog and The Master Shift site while making this journey a more delicious one. I am blessed beyond words for these people who have shared their lives and continue to inspire me. I thank you for that. But, apparently I am not a good judge of character. I see the world with rainbow-colored lenses. I give everyone a chance and the benefit of the doubt. I welcome the world with open arms as if saying, “Here, sit down, let’s become friends…let’s just fall in love with one another! I want to hear all about you right now in this moment.” I have added people in my friends’ list that should not be there: negative, gossipy, sexual predators and other low-energy individuals. I have deleted some folks because my frequency is definitely not aligning with theirs and vice versa.

Last year at this time I went through a huge awareness of who I wanted in my life. It was the first time in all the years that I was on social media that Spirit nudged with an urgency to clean up the list (to clean up all that does not have my best intentions at heart). It was hard to delete. There were some important characters who had taught me about my value (and the lack of). It was crucial to set folks lose. If I’ve done it in my personal life with loved ones, while setting healthy boundaries, then I also had to do it on social media.

This is the heartache of putting ourselves out there, sharing with all. This is the paradox of writing from the heart and wanting to keep it all inside. Vulnerability can be the rawest form of shame and disrespect if it’s not used in a loving fashion. And, I try to find a balance with what I can and should not put out for the world to witness. 

I also thought that if these folks really wanted to read my writings they could go to my several pages on FB and this blog. My personal page is for those who are in my frequency: the dreamers, the lovers, the mystical mischief, the ones searching for answers and expressing their words (cause let’s face it…I am a lover of words and emotions). These are the folks that share and cheer one another. These are the friends who partake in the most ridiculous of humor and also in the serious moments when vulnerability has spilled out of one another. You all rock! We are here to inspire one another. We are here to pull each others’ hairs back when we have to vomit emotions and heartache, when the world is beating us down and when too much becomes insufferable.

My blogging experience began five years ago. I have met some incredibly delightful people who have become family. I have also encountered my share of not-so-nice folks who I have accepted and let go of. I learn more from those people than they can imagine. But, I am in a point in my life that I will not entertain anything or anyone but loving souls. I am fortunate to really attract love…and I don’t see those few folks as anything but magnificent teachers. I have learned boundaries in the most mystical ways in the past few years. I have no problem deleting crap out of my life. 

2016 has been one of the the most extraordinary teaching years in my life. It has been a year of complete transformation and metamorphosis. I have witnessed my strengths, weaknesses, and the fracturing of my heart to then see the light breaking through. I have deleted old belief systems, taken full responsibility for my drama, and experienced an openness with Divinity that I cannot verbally express. I thought 2015 had taught me a lot about friendships and love…but no way. This year has pushed the envelope. I think one of the words that kept coming up this year was “integrity.” I have learned it via different forms. It has clearly been a magnificent year turning all the “I cannot’s” into freaking “I can’s.”

There are no words! I cannot imagine another time like this one. It has also been a year of blessings, including the finalization of adoption for our little girl (which took 2-1/2 years from the moment we got her until she became legally ours). I have seen some incredible and wondrous things this year…and usually alone in the middle of the night staring at the sky while the world is asleep.

I am embracing 2017 with such openness and giddiness. I am manifesting some huge changes in my professional life. I am shifting the mentality from “shit, another freaking year” to “this is the year of abundance and delicious blessings.” I have been standing on the edge of creation for several months whispering into the unknown and it’s finally time to go after all that I desire.

I have decided that this is how I want my social media pages to be: lifting me up while sharing love and light. I am not here to belittle anyone. This is my blog and not one person is required to read my words. No one has to stay here. I only want the souls who can understand that we carry each other home, lifting the heartache and the joyous times to a different level. I try to be as optimistic as possible. I always give from my heart even when I am having a shitty day. But, I am still very much a person with ego and insecurities. I am still learning to release all the baggage. I am definitely not a complete spiritual sage and never ever pretended to be. I don’t know much but I know how to love. People will troll others and there will always be negativity. I am careful not to hurt others…and have truly learned to shield myself from the best facades out there.

We still have work to do in this world. We still need to raise frequencies and vibration into a state of oneness and love. The hippie in me acknowledges the hippie in you and when we meet it’s always like coming home. We are required to be the best spiritual warriors next year. There is massive changes ahead full of abundance in all levels. But, we must shed the crap of attachments and negativity. That will not do in the next coming months. We are required to release fear and accept diversities and differences.

I believe we create our journeys and our yummy futures. We either stay in a toxic cycle or we get out. We either continue repeating the same things over and over with the desire of a different result, or completely change everything in the way. If it’s not working…it needs to stop! It’s that easy. I refuse to have people in my life that do not have my best intention in their hearts. It’s that simple. Like I said, it’s a privilege to be in each others’ lives. It’s magical. It’s fun. It’s a chord of truth, lessons, and authentic power that pulls and pushes us when we need someone to get us out of our dark moments. So many things always happen behind the scenes and this medium of communication can be used to lift and help many.

I am putting it out into the universe that 2017 will bring even more angels into my life. I am seeing them arriving daily. I am placing the intention that I will get to write their stories so we can learn from one another. It’s imperative. We need a massive conscious shift. I have been way too airy fairy in allowing people who don’t deserve to be in my stories. But, at the same time I am grateful for those lessons. I now know who has my back and who absolutely just doesn’t deserve my attention. And, may you also distinguish these things in your own personal life.

To you all…I love you. May the next year bring you all that you deserve. Stand firm in your convictions. Stand tall in your truth. You owe no one an explanation who only cares to gossip and make you seem like the antagonist in their stories. Let’s continue to move into light. You got this. We all got this!

Daily Questions to Myself



At the end of each day there are two questions I ask myself: Did I learn everything I could from that situation? Did I love to the best of my capacity and ability today in spite of the circumstances? Sometimes the answer is ‘yes’ to both questions. Sometimes it is a ‘yes’ and a ‘no.’ Other times, with much guilt and embarrassment, the answer is ‘no’ to both. But I am trying to get a grasp of this thing called “Being Human.” I didn’t read the manual before arriving here on earth. I’ve never been too sharp at taking tests. I don’t really retain much in my cerebral cortex either. So, had I read the manual I probably wouldn’t remember much of anything, except that the lessons require a lifetime of learning and that with each challenge I expand as a spiritual being. This thing of being a human has an array of trickiness to it. Things sometimes just don’t make sense at all. There are a million senseless acts performed each day all over the place. We are being tested through every avenue: our relationships, our children, neighbors, family, friends, co-workers, strangers and the entire world. Even nature throws a curve ball at times.

Last night I tossed and turned while the clock waited for no one. It didn’t just stop so I could catch up…the hours went quickly and before I knew it sunrise was sneaking through the windows. I have recently experienced another heartache that has me a little upside down. I meditated, I read, I wrote, and I tried several times to close my eyes and just be in the moment. Being in the moment didn’t help. I kept returning to this recent disappointed that has happened right before Christmas. This little “set back” has me adding a few hundred questions to my future. All I can do at this time is accept that there is a mystical reason for it, because lessons are always there for acknowledgment.

With a heavy heart I allowed my higher self to answer those questions that I cannot comprehend. Humanity is shifting and there’s a wide division in its separation. It’s an ongoing battle that seems to bring even more questions into our existence.

I return to my own awareness admitting that I have truly loved deeply. I have done the best I have known at the time. It’s been another challenging year, but with so many beautiful opportunities. I have learned much about my tenacious spirit, not giving up, and letting go. However, my humanness starts the nasty chit-chat. This is my ego being human rather than spiritual. When we start going back there is a monster that will always appear with regrets, shame, and guilt. And, it is usually in the middle of the night when there’s no one to talk to, to reach out to, other than God and all the stars.

Our humanity is being tested each and every day. I witness it constantly. It’s as if this time acceleration has affected the very core of belief and faith. Why? I don’t know. That’s not one of those questions I ask myself every day. I can’t. I don’t want to go into the monstrous events of our world and why people behave in some atrocious manners. I try to live in a happy bubble. When the bubble gets poked and emptied out I feel the depression creeping in like poison. I cannot hold my heart in place. I go to a place of darkness and anger. Last night I witnessed it with such intensity. I wish I could remember one single event from it but once daylight reached my face it was erased. I am grateful for that as well.

I am learning from every situation, even the events that are not directly in my path because everything that happens in our world, in our lives, is connected to one another. The distance between us is shorter than we think. What happens in your thoughts and consciousness is affected into the way we treat each other. It becomes part of the conscious ripple effect. I see it when a hurt or negative person enters my space. Their demeanor affects me. They leave the stagnant energy behind. Now, imagine this in a mass conscious level with millions of people. It becomes war. It becomes hatred, bigotry, and death. We are all fighting a war with our egos. How we express it to the world determines how we love and find peace with each other.

I have to be more mindful to be able to answer those two questions with “yeses” every day. I cannot get sloppy with working through the difficult times. I must love fully, even during the most challenging moments of my relationships. I must let go and forgive as quickly as possible when something shows up that turns my life upside down. I must learn to experience things even when they hurt, when they feel uncomfortable, and when they point back to me that I have screwed up (yet one more freaking time). Ego loves to twist and turn those moments. Ego teases me, “You suck at this humanity thing! You have no business expressing your thoughts out there. You need to sit down, shut up, and suck it up.”

As we go into this holiday season, I pray that we can consciously come together in peace. I send my loving thoughts and prayers to the universe in hopes that I can find the positive answers to those questions that don’t have answers as well. I wish you all love, compassion, kindness, joy, forgiveness, and the awareness that we are all in this together. It starts and ends with our connections and the choices we make while answering a divine purpose for our existence.

Healing doesn’t begin to happen until we become aware of our lack of control. We are all here for one another in one form or another. Reach out. Shine your light. Help others see their worth. If you can’t do it please don’t stand in their way when they are trying to better themselves. It requires a multitude of cosmic juju vibes to transform the negative into positive. Let’s help the world be a better place. 


I love you…mucho!

Compassion for All


Two days ago I was at a store searching for an electric blanket. I went through all the bedding aisles when a sweet employee walked past me:

“Ma’am, I am sorry to bother you but I am looking for an electric blanket.”

She immediately said, “Oh, honey, you aren’t bothering me.”

As she was about to share information on the blanket I held her arm and asked, “Are you okay?”

Confused she asked, “Why do you ask that?”

“You look like something is weighing on you.” I saw the discomfort and tears started to swell in her dark eyes. So I continued, “I’ve looked everywhere.” She informed me that a huge shipment had just arrived but she didn’t know if those blankets were in it.

I thanked her. I grabbed both of her hands, this total lovely stranger, looked into her eyes and said, “It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay. You aren’t alone in this. I am here with you.”

There, in an aisle full of pretty ruffles, sheets and other linens stood a gorgeous black woman and a Hispanic one holding onto uncertainties without really knowing what that was. For a second we were connected by our hearts and the silence that held us in spirit.

She wiped her tears. I wiped mine. We wished each other a wonderful afternoon. This is what makes us human.

I cried myself to sleep last night. I ached all over my spirit. It doesn’t matter who has become president of this great nation. It’s finally over and we can resume our lives. This election has taken a toll on so many of us. It was driven on fear and anxiety, lies, and lots of ugly disgusting energies. It has caused a tremendous rift in relationships and our humanness. It has shown the world out there that we are lost and truly broken. I have heard comments from other countries and it saddens me because I still believe in the hope of uniting every part of what this nation was built on: trust and fulfilling the American dream.

I am here to tell you that no matter who is in the White House, I will forever fight for compassion, love, and kindness. I will continue to pray and light the way for whatever causes humanity requires. I don’t care if you are white, black, red, orange, or brown. I don’t care if you are transgender, gay or straight. I don’t care if you are Christian, Muslin, Jew, or an Atheist. It matters zero to me who you are because I will continue to show up, ask you if you are okay, and disarm your pain whenever I can. We have been desiring change. This win has been powerful in the sense that something has to happen to us soon. We need to return to basics. We have been gearing up for a tremendous amount of battle ahead. This is our opportunity as healers, lightworkers, warriors, therapists, and social conscious fighters to show the world that we unite in spite of anything in our way. We will need it now more than ever. Our nation will now begin to heal as long as we can stop this insanity of who was the better candidate. This person has four years. I have to believe, in the core of my spirit, that magic will appear through all of this.

I believe that a massive shift in consciousness has appeared and will continue to evolve. It’s up to us to stop feeding what doesn’t serve us. We are this country’s heart and soul, not the President. He will do his job. But, we are still the voices of what happens. And, these voices have spoken loud and clear. We need unity and the elimination of fear, injustice, discrimination, and all the intolerance that this election has created. People are walking around fearful of the unknown. Let’s replace this through compassion and understanding.

Let’s return to love and kindness. I want to believe that this is just the beginning of greatness. Let’s stop the division. Let’s stop the fear and anxiety of what we don’t know. We are all here on this little planet fighting to stay here as long as possible. Let us make it loving and full of joy.

I love you. I am here. You are a not alone. Have a blessed day!