Collecting Memories


As I sat, listening

to your words,

following gestures –

            lines connecting,

       detaching, intersecting,

        circling all around you

passionately expressing

details of where you’ve been

in such joyous promptitude

                     I wondered how it felt

                              to be you.


How do the stories,

words, and thoughts

file inside the memory

of such a gentle soul?

How amazing to carry

those moments,

retracting them

at a push of a thought.


Each of us is connected

by an action,

a            lapse          in            time,

a twinkling…. pace

            causing a scene for

later viewing

alone in personal time

full of tears or giggles.


Your smile paused

the very thought of me

noticing the attentiveness.

In such erratic tone,

the seconds lasted an eternity

when you leaned in,

closed your eyes,

kissed me for the first time

and my moment

was quickly filed under “L o v e.”

Kiss Me

unmade bedIt occurs to me

on this slow settling morning,

stepping outside to witness new light,


I haven’t kissed you yet.

The bed was cold without you…


last night

as I stretched out the branches of me

to find vacancy

while tugging your pillow

under my breasts,

inhaling the scent of your smiles,

and dreaming of you knotted into me.

I miss inches of you

gathered in layers of blankets

fighting unconsciously for warmth.

I tumbled over my feet,

entering the house,

returning to that place of reality

when the phone rings,

your photo greets me

with mesmerizing words,

“Good morning, beautiful…

I am waiting for you to kiss me tonight.”


for my love, MJP