Peaceful Flurries

from phone 053

Snow falls peacefully.

Wind blows fast and hard.

I hate missing you

throughout this chill.

Winter has taken over

inside of me,

numbing what I know,

freezing all reality

as I stare into the coldness.

Silence appears

laying in the whiteness…

I wish I was snow

and you

the shovel scooping,



me up towards you.

The beauty of moments

is that you never know

when you are making

a cherished memory.

Mine hold many of us

frozen somewhere in time.

Time Travel

I heard you through

your voice, pitch and melody

while feeling you

through the silence.

There’s no reason to diminish

someone else’s story

because it can’t be understood.

There’s no explanation

for this chronology

of you and me;

no labeling;

no rationalizing.

I am here…



the spaces and gaps

in our long past.

I wish I could take the map,

fold it,

shortening the distance

between here and there,

allocating the division of love,

multiplying it tenfold

so I can be with you.

I’ve been seeing past the rain,

taking pictures,

trying to stay afloat,

making time pass

until we can be in the same city.

Until then

let our thoughts

travel through time

and visit when we fall asleep.



You once held my hands,

now you hold my heart.

You once held my body,

now you hold my memories.

I want so badly to fly to you,

forgetting all I’ve said,

so I can have you embrace

those parts of me

that no one else can find

in these moments

that drape over me

at 3AM.

I want to be your violin

while you create

the melody of us

over and over

pulling each string,

hollowing out the edges

and allowing

the magic of your touch

to expand us into greatness.

I want your hands claiming mine,



knotting us into one being.


how I want to wear

your eyes on me,

your kisses on my skin,





The familiar taste of your kiss,
the smell of your skin,
the imprint of your hands
all come back in a second
to the sound of your voice
from miles away….

How well you know me
after decades of this tango
pushing and pulling
ignoring space and time.

This is a rhythmic dance
unlike any other.
You push.  I pull.
You give.  I take.
You hold.  I fold.
We always find firm ground
to love the chemistry of us
moving without music

to some cosmic groove.

I have no agenda
to this coming and going
we both silently embrace.

Love has little to do with it.
It is comfort and the magic
of knowing our bodies
so desperately very well.

Gratitude overshadows
every other facet.
Your kisses lure my cellular memory,

enticing intimacy from a distance.


You have always known how to open

the secrets stored in me

with a golden key

to the untouched places of vulnerability.
Before I recognize

what is happening




Slipping into You

Senses transport themselves

to your smiling eyes

miles away from here.

The scent of your words

travels far in the distance

forcing me

to slide into the memory

of a  touch,

a journey to the unknown

where you and I are standing

waiting for each other

while time escapes us.

You are like a well-worn

pair of Levi’s –

broken to the core,

slipping into me.

The silence is loud now

that we are journeys apart,

but a fragment of me

lies right next to your heart

while I unfold openly into me

through the man

I love in you.