Core Essence

This morning’s goodbye

tugged and pulled

like never before

as I tattooed a kiss

on your neck

inhaling your smell

while your eyes searched,



that place of home

no one else has before.

Twenty-five years of this

is wearing us down

to break the restrictions

we created for safety:

the not-falling-in-love clause;

the no-questions-asked rule;

the only-a-few-days-at-a-time mantra;

the take-in-for-what-it-is precious moments.

This week was different

and you asked;

I replied.

You went there;

I returned holding your hand.

I expect nothing;

you anticipate even less.


somewhere in the in-between

the words

“I will miss you”

echoed from both our lips

and that’s

worth a priceless fortune

to the essence of

our soul union

in this new era….



I inched my way

through covers and barriers

to borrow your warmth,

smell your hair,

feel your skin,

to wrap you around

the rawness of me

as a life jacket,

captivated by the desire

of keeping me hostage

in the prison of your arms.


in the darkness,

rain gently hitting the window,

the wind guiding us afloat,

sparks of electricity

charged and brought

us back to the origin

of you,


as we sailed through

the ocean of us.

Divine Love

divineloveYou might not recognize

it at first glance
but keep searching

for the familiarity.

You look into me,
as an extension of you,
to give you answers,
fill the gaps,
disguise sorrows,

you have the
only antiphony
that replaces everything —
Love is the only melody

your heart will ever sing.

I am only here
to remind you
in a dim reflection,

a returning shadow

of your spirit,
and then you can
know in your alone-ness,

truly absorb,
the divine light
that beams from you

is what you find
when you stare

into my eyes…

love is the thread

that holds us


and separately

it is the only substance

of our divine existence.



There is a moment of impact

when the collision is everything

that matters.

I gasp…

Hands finding home.

I groan…

Fingers moving slowly.

I greet the part of you

that raptures me




with the weight of silence

between us,

holding our breaths,

touching our hearts,


I die a little in your arms

and you whisper,

“I love you, babe….”

Love Like This


Love can’t be written

so you will know its authenticity.

Love can’t be smelled

so you will remember its sweetness.

Love can’t be tattooed

so you can recall its effects.

Love can only be savored,

devoured by the eyes,

acknowledged by the smiles,

consumed by the heart,

and by the energy it gathers

each time it is touched

by Spirit.

The Shape of Things

There’s room for you
All throughout my body:
My hands love yours
Pressed against each other;
My legs resting on your lap
Or locked into your skin;
My head nudged in your
Shoulder with hair draping
Upon you;
My ear listening attentively
To your armor pounding chest;
My lips tasting yours
Over and over
While finding your tongue
In search of my secrets;
My torso embraced by
All your tugs, pulls and kisses.
And yet, I am still empty
Waiting for more…
You are the shape of things,
A matter of containing
Everything good,
Sultry, intimate, and dreamy.
With you I am fully blossomed.
Without you I return to
The shape of a girl
Waiting to be loved
Like no other moment
In my history.

No Requisitions

It is very difficult

to remove

the layers of manly skin

from under the covers

in order to conquer

outside our fantasy world.

Your fingers walk

my body

filling in gaps,

smoothing lines with kisses,

bridging one space with another

until we become one

beating in two hearts.

I’ve loved you

in a way that roots me

to all I’ve been

without asking for anything

deeper that I may never provide.

The world outside of this shelter,

is too much these days

full of challenges,

but inside here

you warm my sentiments

in ways no one else can:

with surprising joy,



erotic silliness,

and contagious laughter.

You are the core to all I am not

as you bring and take,

loose and make,

the sum of whom I’ve become

when we aren’t together.

Don’t ask;

don’t tell.

It is all I can give

as your hands cup me

and you drink from

the endless depth of my soul

while letting me

come in and out

of your moments

without any demands.

Twilight Dreaming

Last night we shared

one pillow –

two heads touching softness,

grey hairs intertwining,

within and beneath us.


Two bodies cradled


becoming one

with no beginning

or ending

or rough edges,

just us laying

without the expectations

of youth.


And when I turned

to look at you

I saw my reflection

touching your face,

kissing your lips,

then closing my eyes

to the understanding

that I was finally home again.


You snuggle


into the nook

of my neck,

your stomach

warming the bareness

of my back,

your hands wrapped

like Xmas ribbons to my waist.

Then your breath

slowly warms me

as I hear your sleep

take over

the blueprint of us

in my ear

and your nose buries

into patches of hair.

I don’t want to part

from this


so I stop fighting

the need to unfold into the world

mimicking the rhythms of you

and me

and the silence

of the room.

I go back to the draft

and sketches

of our master plan.