Raw Grace

You took from me

last night

all I had been hiding,

tucking and pulling for years

so no one would ever see

the real me…





You witnessed the raw grace

of every emotion,

submissive and passive

in your presence

as your strong arms

cradled my heart

to this reality:

I rarely allow another

to see

the delicateness of me

in moments when my soul

flies to heaven

for one,


perhaps three seconds…





“At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”- Plato

Kiss Me

unmade bedIt occurs to me

on this slow settling morning,

stepping outside to witness new light,


I haven’t kissed you yet.

The bed was cold without you…


last night

as I stretched out the branches of me

to find vacancy

while tugging your pillow

under my breasts,

inhaling the scent of your smiles,

and dreaming of you knotted into me.

I miss inches of you

gathered in layers of blankets

fighting unconsciously for warmth.

I tumbled over my feet,

entering the house,

returning to that place of reality

when the phone rings,

your photo greets me

with mesmerizing words,

“Good morning, beautiful…

I am waiting for you to kiss me tonight.”


for my love, MJP

Morning Light

The morning drapes sunlight
Into my room
Splendidly enticing me
To jump out of bed
And venture outward.
But, all I can think about
Is you being draped over me
And how I love the way
You smile in the
Morning light,
The love
I send out to you
With selflessness.


Music Sheet

When our eyes meet,
a sigh exits my lips,
I watch the world
stand still while
music plays in my heart.
You become the melody,
rhythm and lyrics
to everything
I never knew existed.
This song plays through
every part of my soul.
I can’t seem to change
its tune…you are the voice
singing inside of me.


A man crossing the street,

one parking an old white Monte Carlo,

another paying for grapes at the check-out

20 items or less…

I see you everywhere

and hear a voice inside

with your tone, rhythm and melody,

whispering, “Never let me go!”

A movie, an actor, a theme

parallel to our lifetime

brings a thought, some moment frozen in time –

you and I in heat,

no longer teenagers but impersonating youth,

legs intertwined, us puzzled by the flexibility

the way lovers find one another

over and over without inhibitions.

I see you in a distance

or hear your breathing next to me

as I search through darkness on my bed

only to find pillows warming my body.

I watch you in my dreams

somewhere in the mountains

as we talked about so many times,

but I am here,

you are elsewhere.

For now I see you everywhere…

in the new faces I smile at,

a stranger unable to reach my heart,

and I know you will come to me once again

on the first day

of the rest of our lives.