Warrior Women

There is a profound beauty that emanates from the essence of womanhood. It is a beauty that transcends physical appearances and penetrates the depths of the soul. To be a woman is to embody the divine dance of grace and strength, gentleness and resilience, intuition and wisdom.

Within the heart of every woman lies an innate connection to the sacred. She carries within her the power to create and nurture life, a reflection of the Creator’s divine artistry. Like a vessel of love, she emanates a warmth and tenderness that can heal the deepest wounds and soothe the weary souls. In her embrace, there is solace and serenity, a sanctuary where spirits find solace.

A woman’s spirit is adorned with a tapestry of emotions, woven with threads of compassion, empathy, and love. Her intuition, a divine compass, guides her on a spiritual journey, as she navigates the ebbs and flows of life’s mysteries. In her presence, miracles unfold, for she possesses the alchemical magic to transform pain into strength, and sorrow into joy.

Yet, it is her capacity to love unconditionally that shines as her most precious jewel. She is a beacon of love, illuminating the lives of those around her with her radiant heart. Her love holds the power to mend hearts and ignite souls, bringing forth a deep sense of belonging and unity.

In this mystical existence, the beauty of being a woman transcends the physical realm, reaching into the depths of the spirit. She is a vessel of love, a channel of divine grace, and a sacred reminder of the infinite beauty that resides within each and every soul.

I am grateful to experience the beauty of the divine feminine, not just in me, but in every woman I come to mee.

I love you!

Returning to an Old Beginning

If I could turn back the hands of time, dear one,

I would journey to that sacred moment when our souls intertwined,

When destiny wove our paths together, igniting a flame so divine.

In the realm of serendipity, I would find you, gazing into your eyes,

And with trembling lips, I would inquire,

“Tell me, my love, where may I have found you sooner?

Where were you hiding all this time?”

I yearn to trace the map of your existence, to unravel the mysteries

Of those days before our destinies converged,

To discover the whispers of your heart that echoed in the wind.

Oh, how my soul aches with the knowledge that I missed

The chance to love you sooner, to bask in your radiance,

To hold you in my arms and share a love that knows no bounds.

I envision our souls dancing in sync, entwined in a cosmic embrace,

As the universe weaves its tapestry of love around us,

Unfurling the threads of connection and divine timing.

Yet, my darling, even in the absence of those precious moments,

I find solace in the belief that our souls were merely preparing,

Gathering strength and wisdom to embrace the love that awaited us.

For the journey of love is not bound by time or space,

But by the profound synchronicity that transcends earthly constraints,

Guiding us to each other’s embrace with unwavering devotion.

And so, I surrender to the cosmic dance of love,

Grateful for the moments we have shared and the love we have known,

For it is in the depth of our connection that eternity resides.

If I could go back in time, I would cherish every breath,

Every stolen glance, every word that passed between our lips,

For they are the fragments of a love story written in the stars.

But, my love, let us not dwell on what could have been,

Instead, let us revel in the present, in the love that we share now,

For it is a love that has grown stronger with the passage of time.

And as we navigate the intricacies of this beautiful journey,

Know that my heart beats only for you, my soul sings your name,

And every moment spent in your presence is a gift beyond measure.

So, my love, let us embrace the vulnerability of our souls,

Let us celebrate the love that has found us, however long it took,

For in this moment, we are exactly where we are meant to be.

And as the currents of time carry us forward,

May our love continue to blossom, to inspire, and to heal,

For together, we create a love story that transcends all boundaries.

If I could go back in time, my love,

I would choose this very moment, right here, right now,

For it is in your arms that I find home, and in your love that I find myself.

I love you.

The Taste of Your Words

I miss the taste of your words on my skin,

the way they danced upon my senses

like a gentle summer breeze.

Each syllable carried a subtle electricity,

tracing delicate pathways along my flesh,

igniting a fire within.

Your voice, a sweet symphony,

wrapped around me,

weaving a tapestry of longing and desire.

It whispered secrets that only my soul

could comprehend,

a language that transcended mere words.

Your whiskey-colored eyes, deep pools of amber and warmth,

beckoned me with an irresistible pull.

They held secrets untold,

stories whispered in the flicker of a flame.

As I gazed into them, I felt myself surrendering,

willingly adrift in your captivating world.

Your essence, like a gentle breeze on a summer’s day,

cradled me, allowing me to float weightlessly

on the surface of life’s tumultuous waters.

In your presence, worries and cares melted away,

replaced by a serene tranquility.

With each stolen glance, I dove deeper,

enveloped in the spell you casted,

finding solace and bliss in the depths of your gaze.

Oh, how I ache for the intimacy of your phrases,

the vulnerability they unleashed within me.

Without them, I am left yearning,

my skin craving the delicious poetry

that once painted me in ecstasy.

~Millie America

My Heart Unfolds

In the depths of my being, I find solace,

A sacred space where vulnerability takes hold.

I stand at the crossroads, poised to release,

In this dance of surrender, my heart unfolds.

Like a fragile petal, I loosen my grip,

Releasing the burdens that no longer serve.

I surrender the need for control and let go,

Embracing the unknown with a faith unserved.

In the silence of surrender, I find my strength,

For it takes courage to release what I hold dear.

But in the emptiness, a sacred void emerges,

Where love and grace whisper, erasing all fear.

I let go of the past, with its lingering pain,

A burden too heavy to carry any longer.

I invite forgiveness to flow through my veins,

Healing the wounds, making me stronger.

With each breath, I surrender to the divine flow,

Trusting that the universe guides my way.

I release attachments, expectations, and doubts,

Creating space for miracles to come and play.

In this sacred act of letting go, I find freedom,

A liberation that transcends the limitations of my mind.

I am a vessel for divine love and light,

A soul unburdened, ready to soar and unwind.

So, I surrender to the whispers of my soul,

In vulnerability’s embrace, I find my peace.

I let go and allow my spirit to expand,

Embracing the divine flow that will never cease.

Letting go becomes a sacred ritual,

A dance of surrender, an act of trust.

In vulnerability, I find my true essence,

A soul unfettered, shining with divine lust.

In this moment, I surrender and let go,

In vulnerability’s embrace, my spirit takes flight.

I release, I surrender, I let the universe guide,

Embracing the liberation, with love as my guiding light.

~Millie America

Love Will Teach Us

In the grand tapestry of existence, we find ourselves on a wondrous journey of discovery and growth. It is said that we are all students of life, learning valuable lessons along the way.

But in truth, I did not come here to teach you; I came here to allow love to lead and teach me… through you.

You see, within the vastness of our souls, there resides a divine spark—a spark that emanates pure love, wisdom, and compassion. It is through this sacred essence that we truly learn and evolve. Love, my dear ones, is the ultimate teacher.

Love speaks to us in the gentle whispers of a breeze, in the tender touch of a loved one, and in the quiet moments of solitude. It is a universal language that transcends boundaries, transcends time, and connects us all as one.

When we open our hearts to love, we unlock the doors to profound understanding and enlightenment. Love illuminates the darkest corners of our being, revealing the inherent beauty that resides within us all. It teaches us acceptance, forgiveness, and the power of empathy.

It is the reason I am here. It is the reason you are here as well.

Let us be receptive to the teachings of love, for it is through love that we heal and transform. It guides us to embrace unity, to cherish every soul we encounter, and to recognize the divinity in ourselves and others.

So, my darlings, let’s walk this path together, hand in hand, with open hearts and open minds. Let love be our guiding light as we navigate the intricate dance of life. As we learn from each other, let us remember that it is love that will teach us—the profound, boundless, and eternal love that resides within our very essence.

Embrace the teachings of love, and watch as your world transforms into a sanctuary of peace, harmony, and infinite possibilities.

I love you… yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.

Forgive and Let Go

When someone tells you how you’ve hurt them you don’t get to tell them how to feel. They are coming from their own experience and awareness.

This is also the case when someone is sharing how they’ve hurt you.

Love them anyway you can. You won’t change how they are hurting. It takes time to undo those aches, even if it was a misunderstanding. And maybe they will never see “your side” of that story. It’s not up to you to shift their narrative.

I lost my voice during my birthday week. I’ve returned from South Florida visiting with my adult children completely exhausted and depleted. The voice began to leave when someone I adore apologized to me for things I haven’t known from years ago. In my silence I have leaned into healing, for her and for me. I realized she had been holding on to things that have caused her tremendous anxiety, guilt and shame. When I explained that I forgive her she couldn’t hear it.

We shared space with my minimal amount of voice. I pray she’s released it all. I will do all I can for her to let this go even if it’s reminding her of how important she’s in my life and in this world.

Healing has millions of versions as it moves through the journey of Forgiveness. When we are hurt it takes time to mend. And maybe it never does. Perhaps that person doesn’t belong in your life anymore. Or maybe that soul was a massive teacher for you.

I’ve hurt people. People have hurt me. We’ve hurt each other. In this life it’s a certainty that it will happen again and again. Sometimes through lack of awareness. Other times, in consciousness choice.

Be gentle with yourself. Forgive and let go. If you can’t do it now, that’s okay too. There are endless lessons in grief. Loss of any kind is inexplicable.

Time doesn’t always heal those aches. Carry what you must and let go of what you can.

I love you.

It Only Takes One Person

Many years ago I attended a Tony Robbins seminar. It was gifted to me from a dear friend. I was in the worst financial crisis of my life, at the time. Our business had gone under. My ex and I had built a home and we were depleted. Creditors demanded their money. I was under the illusion that it was the end of everything. My fear of being homeless with six children was paralyzing me. It was absolutely one of the worst periods of my life. I was in a dark hole and I could not shake the grief/shame of the circumstances. To make matters even more interesting I had an accident months prior that erased my memories of many events from the past. I was struggling to make sense of every decision and every choice.

I questioned my purpose. I questioned my sanity. I was barely surviving.

I attended the weekend seminar (hesitantly). Tony has an ability to pump you up. He is all energy and I sure needed that. In the midst of all the exercises he mentioned that when he started his teachings and lectures he had decided that quantity didn’t matter. If one person showed up to his lectures then that was the one soul who needed it. I don’t remember much else except the feeling that I could do anything. That weekend catapult me into other amazing beliefs about myself.

That seminar was back in 2002. To this day I have kept that lesson close to my heart. If one person reads one of my posts or blogs then that’s the one who needs it. If one person is touched by my words then I have done my duty as a human to help another. You never know how you may be affecting another. You might just be the lifeboat that saves their ass that day.

We are in a society that believes that our worth is determined by how many “likes” we receive. We are obsessed with numbers and the need to be accepted. And this is not who we are. I grew up in a generation that didn’t have symbols on a screen to determine our worth.

When you compliment a person on the street, or at a store, or on the phone you might just be that one soul who has really seen him/her. You might just be the lifeline that allows them not to feel invisible. You might change their world with your acknowledgement. It’s that simple.

It only takes one person!

So…keep doing what you do. Keep showing up. Keep sharing with the world. Keep striving to be light for others. Even if it’s just one person that shines a little brighter because of you…you’ve done your job in human form. It only takes one person, darling!

I love you. I see you. I feel you. I understand. You are not alone.


Thank You for the Lessons

Sometimes when we are hurt through betrayal, abandonment, gaslighting, or whatever else constitutes hurt, we are brought to a higher level of awareness.

We heal.

We breakthrough old programming.

We forgive others, and especially ourselves.

We feel into the painful lessons and grow.

We are refilled with love.

I love you,


Faith is not found when everything is going smoothly. Faith is witnessed when the world collides with chaos and struggles. That’s when we search for her. Often times we are angry because we feel she’s abandoned our space.

Let me share what faith looks like to me. She’s in the nights when you are crying yourself asleep because a loved one is dying near you, or when your wife has decided to walk out of your relationship, or when your child has ended up in jail. She’s in the aches and brokenness of your fears and the disappointments of your expectations. She’s in the desperation and uncertainties of life.

Faith is sitting quietly waiting on you to grab her and shake every cell inside of you to trust and let go of the situation. She is there to take over if you just let go of the control. She’s the light that gives way into darkness.

When your world comes apart and you cannot find reasons to logically make sense of anything… that is when Faith is seen and felt. That’s when she whispers through your personal beliefs, “I’m here. I have something better. I will work on this. Trust!”

Your job is to allow her to step in. But, without controlling the outcome. Without micromanaging every step of the way.

I have met many religious folks who have zero faith. They go to church every week but when their world gets rattled by hard obstacles their faith is completely absent. They live in fear and lack belief.

And then I’ve met some folks who say they don’t believe in anything. When things happen they have found something stronger than themselves to carry them through it. They say they believe in themselves. That’s also Faith.

So what is faith? It’s not religious. It’s a deep spiritual knowing that you are here to learn and evolve. It’s the opportunity to shift awareness and morph into something powerful.

We have all experienced horrific acts in our lives. We have undergone atrocities. We have overcome major obstacles. Some of you are experiencing these things right now.

What keeps you going? What’s the thing or substance that allows you to get up and keep moving through it all? I bet you have some amazing stories to share. And I also bet that Faith has a lot to do with how you overcame those challenges.

I love you!
More than you can imagine, just cause you are here sharing space with me this way. I have faith in YOU!


Love is a Choice

I’ve been traveling to see a dear friend. As always, being on a plane opens me up to the ethers. I am suspended in the heavens and feel such divine connection to Gaia because I can see her from a different perspective.

On the first leg of my trip a woman sat next to me. Her energy felt so fractured. She was out of it and clearly on something. As we were taking off from Asheville she got rattled and squeezed my leg instead of the chair.

She had never flown (and she’s close to my age). It was raining and windy. I removed her hand from my leg and held it in mine. I whispered, “You are safe. I’m here with you.”

Her eyes watered. I continued to hold her hand as if she was my child for several minutes until we were up and the turbulence subsided.

She stared out the window and we didn’t speak. I closed my eyes and felt her life. I saw images. I saw the addiction, the abuse, and so much more.

It’s tricky to be in a capsule at times for me. Usually I listen to music as I fly. It closes the gap of what is and what isn’t for me. I don’t need to be feeling everyone’s life up there.

As we were landing I asked where she was headed to and she said Boston. She was starting new. It was in the silence of those moments that I could hear her even louder.

I kissed her and held her tightly as we got off. I had very little time to connect to my next flight. I gave her my card and asked her to please reach out and let me know how she was doing to which she cried.

She shook. The trip, the endless possibilities and her fear were all wrapped up with the stress of the unknown.

Here is the thing: love is a choice. It is a choice that most people don’t see as privileged true nature of our soul’s evolution.

I wanted to tell her that “the one who broke you cannot heal you.” It wasn’t my place during such a major life transformation to share this.

Love is a choice
Forgiveness is a choice
Letting go is a choice

And through those choices you begin to heal. You begin to regain your worth, your strength and your life.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all been shattered, fractured and put back together. We rise alone… and we rise with one another.

We are never far from shifting our lives, our perspectives, and our hearts.

Life will provide the perfect encounters to help you see your own wounding and traumas. It will help reflect your own stuff.

I am grateful for these moments that put me in a place of loving expansion. She was the perfect person to show me where I’ve been and where I am going.

I love you.