Ohhhhh…you just never know when Spirit has a message for someone. It’s magical when the filtering system stops working and you allow God to speak through you for the benefit of another. It’s one of those moments that having intuition feels like a healing gift rather than a curse. When you get a message don’t hinder or alter it. Say it to another, even if it sounds ridiculous, even if it makes no sense whatsoever. It’s not for you to decipher. You will witness the touch of someone’s heart being opened through love. It happens all the time! Don’t allow yourself the scrutiny of judgment to stop you from telling another how amazing they are…how much they are worth in this life…and how special their loved ones think they are. Don’t dim your light because another person might just need it to light their path for a little while. We are all connected on this small blue-green planet.

Window of the world

window of world

Yesterday, our little girl who is 21 months old went to look through the glass doors of our living room. She was mumbling something with some “Ahhh’s” and some other toddler words we can’t decipher. She stood there looking at all the falling leaves and bright colors. My husband and I just stared at her sweet reaction as she held on to some toys while her face touched the glass. Matt then said something so profound that I made him repeat it several times so I could write it down, “A window to a little kid must be like a magical force field.”

The world to us is a giant window. It’s how we look and how we perceive that creates our reality. Some see the glass half empty. Others see the glass half full. The reality is that the glass has whatever we perceive it has in it. In your state of wonder, you get to envision whatever you want to create from that perception.

How does a child perceive the world? How does she analyze everything revolving her? She doesn’t think in large analytical terms. She lives in the now. The magical force field is constantly happening around her. The television she watches is magical. The dog is magical. The spoon making engine noises coming to her mouth with food is magical. Mommy’s and daddy’s kisses are magical. Mommy can kiss a booboo and the pain disappears. Daddy can hold her on his shoulders and she’s flying. A song on a lap becomes a giant playground. The world is seen through fresh eyes. When do we lose this? When do we stop seeing the magic in everything? Why? Why do you think we stop…? Because others have told us that we need to grow up as if growing up was something fun. NOT! No more tutus or wands…no more Star Wars toys…no more anything that can enlighten us with child play. Adulthood has too many rules and we forget to entertain the little girl or boy in our spirits.

I want you to do yourself a favor today. I want you to return to your childlike qualities for 5 minutes or however long you can stay there. Get a stick and dig in the soil. Get dirty. Jump on a puddle. Sing out loud in front of a mirror while holding a brush to your mouth. Jump on a bed. Talk to a stranger and make them laugh with silly gestures. Get yourself back to whatever you need to return in order to see the magical force field around you. It is in that place that you will find the Divine smiling. Create! Play! Laugh! And most of all don’t ever forget the desires of the kid in you. It’s that child that came into this world believing. It’s that kid that didn’t question the mystical and enchanting forces around him/her. Return to her/him with gratitude and you will once again see the magic of all that’s around you. How you view the world determines how well you live it. BE a child in a state of wonder and you will see the magic in others. Live in gratitude…see the world through the eyes of a child. It’s mesmerizing. I promise your Spirit will thank you with an openness to love and joy. In some wise words: May the force be with you…always!