Ask and Let Go

We ask and ask and then try to control the outcome. Then we start to get like little children… angry because we don’t get what we want (especially as fast as we want). Asking for anything in prayer requires the release of the situation. It’s truly about letting go. Let’s begin by recognizing that WE ARE THE MIRACLE. And in this miracle, we can truly create. We may not be happy with the outcome, since we have so many lessons to learn in this human experience.

Ask. Let go. Be grateful. It all happens in divine timing.

And yes, sometimes the opposite of what we want happens. Or, extremes in the challenges appear. There is no certainty to this human experience. It is truly a magnificent lesson in trust.

If you happen to have a perfect formula please share it with me!

I love you…Millie

The Miracle is You

Wow! What a week!!! Did you feel it? This past week felt like two in one. I am so glad retrograde ends today. I’ve heard from so many that they have been sick, stricken with anxiety, fears, and loss. I’ve read a bunch of emails from different parts of Mama Earth and one thing has been a common factor: a massive shift forcing growth.

I am feeling it on many levels. I had a panic attack three nights ago and I had to truly take the Ego bitch, who was excessively chit chatting in my head, duck tape her mouth, tie her up and put her in a trunk. I refused her abuse. In the light of day nothing that was said in the middle of the night made any sense. I hadn’t experienced a panic attack in years. It took me by surprise how I allowed a lower frequency of false energy to talk me into spinning out of control.

I feel this expansion as an opportunity to open up to all I’ve ever wanted. I feel the core of all this energy is allowing me to be deeply compassionate and non-judgmental with myself. When I am able to do this I can pay it forward to the world. I cannot give what I don’t have. I am projecting love because I have learned to love me like never before. Isn’t that something? It only took several decades!

In the last few weeks I have had some eye-opening experiences. Yummy Aha Moments that have allowed me to see the past experiences as blessings and full of magical grace. I have touched the scars again and created lovely tattoos with them to remind me that I am here to serve. I am living and learning. I am here on a divine journey.

I urge you to keep breathing in your truth and knowing. I ask that you continue creating from a place of love. This is where your purpose lives…in that space of pure authenticity. It’s in that sacredness of believing and manifesting.

I love you. I will be right here witnessing the miracles unfolding. You’ve got this, darling.