Hello loveys! Please be aware that Social Media is a window into people’s lives. It’s not the entire house or building. It’s a small window decorated for you to see whatever that person wants to show you. You cannot create an entire life based on those windows. Some views are negative and destructive. Others purely enlightening and refreshing. But, they are pieces of a whole.

Your life is yours. You get to choose how you show up and express it. These windows are opportunities to give others hope, love and support.

I’ve deleted many who didn’t lift me. I’ve blocked those windows that brought my energy to a whispering notion of UGHHHH! I come on to these little windows for daily inspirations. There is enough shit out there. The last thing I want is to fill my little brain with more of that. I’m all about the beauty of decorated windows.

Let’s utilize these moments for teaching, motivating, inspiring, humor (oh, yes more laughter pls) and connecting through higher consciousness.

What a wonderful tool we have for raising vibrations…giving love…helping those who are having a rough time. This forum is magical that way.

I love you. But, also remember that when you look in my windows you are only seeing a small part of my whole. It’s not the full story of me. I am the most imperfect person I know. Don’t judge based on my unicorn and fairies. Have a blessed day. ~m.a.p.

Our Cracks

This morning on my way to get coffee I stopped on one of the back roads to turn. A woman in her 40’s was walking up the street with two kids. She looked like a true gypsy with a long flowery skirt, boots, and a vest…her curly hair moving in the wind. I turned away from them and I could still see their joy in the rearview mirror as she led the two kids skipping on the cracks of the road.

Returning on the same street the beautiful woman, who looked like a Greek goddess, was walking towards the car. I stopped by her, rolled my window and told her she was absolutely gorgeous. She came close to the window. I extended my hand and she reached it. I told her I had seen her with the kids and she explained what she was doing:

“I have a bad back and I was telling the kids that if that saying, ‘step on the cracks, break your mother’s back,’ perhaps if we walk on the cracks it could straighten my back.”

We laughed together. I told her my name. She told me her sister was also a Millie. We shared a bit more. A car came from behind and I told her I would let her go. She grabbed my hand hard and said, “Oh no…don’t let me go!” We both smiled and it took all of me not to park ahead, get out of the car and have her tell me her story.

I pulled away holding her heart in mine, not letting her truly go. This is all we want…not to let go when we are truly seen. We want to be held. We want to be heard. We want to know that someone sees us skipping on the cracks going up streets. We want to know that we are not alone walking the journey of life. That our cracks are keeping the light shining for others to notice.

She was delightful….

The Ness of It All

Tucking my hair behind my ears,

caressing my bangs over my eyes,

you checked in constant assurance

that I always heard and saw you.

Your hands guided my chin upward

so my eyes could share

the unspoken truth…

I was forever present with your one-ness.

Memories immortalize moments,

freezing scenes of tender-ness,

loving-ness and kind-ness

while all else now falls

in helpless-ness  to a backdrop

of what is now real life.

Words echo,

I was everything to you

and I haven’t been ever since

to anyone else…

Oh, yes, there have been lovers

who crafted beautifully the arts

of rapture,




but the nothing-ness,

the ever so encompassing-ness

of allowing me

to love endlessly

without holding back

buried itself with you

long ago.

When I permit myself

the act of giving

I am returned with akward-ness–

a full disclosure

that you are not in them,

and I am not in me as well.

Luckily stories re-enact

in little sleepless nights

through visions

of what may never be again

but always live in fond-ness:

I was truly treasured

in whole-ness by you.

Cosmic Souls


The moon peaked into our room

watching us with envy,

infusing and detailing the scent of musk.

I moved to your hands

feathering my back,

counting every freckle,

tracing every scar,

until you finally took me,

devouring inch by inch

the territory of flesh.

I searched for your eyes,

with that giant light as my witness,

to see them smiling

like no other I’ve ever seen.

You were the one…

the only one who expected nothing,

accepted even less,

while longing my body,

entering my soul.

Our bodies united,

intertwining without beginning or end

as the wind rhythmically guided

our dance.

You had me. You were my essence,

I was yours,

and one day we will meet again

in the cosmic world of

the in-between.

The Fall

I fell in love

so unexpectedly

like water falls from sky.


How do I forget your smell

carved into the curve of my neck,

the taste of you

tattooed on my skin,

your eyes watching me give you

all of me,

splendidly and deliciously

into exhaustion?


I fell into you

like a diver jumps into depth,

surprisingly and magically

into an unknown

searching for treasures that lie

profoundly hidden in the ocean floor.


I fell,

scrapped knees, bruised heart, lost in memories

until that one moment

sometime, somewhere, somehow

you fall into me again.

The Ebb of You


This tide

keeps me coming

back to you

over and over

with waves of emotions

through a thousand years

cleaning out the ocean floor

of memories,

smoothing out the

rough edged lines

and making the path

to new ones.

You are familiarity,


like a pair of old jeans,

full of holes,

and stretched to the core.

You are tattoos of

dragonflies and sunflowers

inked on a strong back

waiting for my hands

to trace over and over.

You smell like sincerity,



and taste like lemon honey.

I don’t have to decipher

your thoughts

because I read you,

I know you….

I am completely me

in a safe haven

loving myself through

the eyes of love

that stare back at me

with a smile

even when we

are not together…
even when you

no longer



Colors of Us

Love is a privilege given to all

to take

or not.

Your call this morning

yanked me out of sweet sleep.

Your first words,

“I love you.  I miss you”

woke me like a bucket of cold water


against my warm body…

I stopped you,

halting all of your jabbing

slurring into the morning light.

You needed to be heard

and when you finished

the mumble jumble of puzzled words

I hung up to wash you off my spirit.

I stood in a hot steaming shower,

placed my face against the cold tile

as the water scolded me

and I stared at the smoke rising

realizing the difference between us:

I think in colors, pretty shapes, and music.

You think in darkness, straight lines and equations.

I need you to release the colors I placed

in your heart a while ago.

Let me have my love back.

I can’t breathe without that return.

My colors obviously cannot light

the gloom you continue to carry,

but I will always love you

more than the privilege deserves.

Love Letter

In the midst of all turmoil
I find love folding over us
like a love letter
sealed with a kiss
and fragrance with
the sweetest smell of lust.

I find your words wrapped
around my skin
in continuous poetic phrases
savoring my very essence.

I find your tongue licking
my paragraphs and whispering
sweet and dirty nothings
before signing your name
on my back
and folding me in tiny pieces
to carry in your pocket.