Make a Life

birthIn our society we are taught that success is measured by the things we’ve acquired.  The categories of “success” are based on education, money, materialism such as a house and a car, career labels, what and how you wear certain clothing, etc.  But, success goes deeper than the concrete evidence of such categories.  It truly cannot be measured by “things.”  It has an abstract definition that is based on accomplishments.  Who made materialistic things the success-o-meter?  When did the consumption of these things become the status for our happiness?

The question I keep asking myself since I was one of those folks with the big house, fancy cars and money in the bank for extra spending, is are you making a life or making a living?  Do you allow success to be measured by class and materialism?  Or, do you allow triumph to be that which brings you a peace of mind and who you are is not what you do?  Most people seem to be living based on what they do and labeling themselves to that class.  In our tough economic times, I’ve heard of stories of professionals who have lost their corporate jobs and now are cashiers in the nearest supermarket.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Unfortunately, for those individuals their definition of success is tarnished.

Making a life brings joy, peace and a union with Divinity.  Making a living and placing all status and forms of success is temporarily.  You never know when things in life can change and your “status” will turn within moments.  If we travel down the path of this life consciously allowing for growth, through experiences and lessons, we can make a life.  Making a living is just that…you are making money to survive.  Don’t place your worth on what you have (or don’t have).  Place your worth on what you can give and receive from humanity.  You are the pilot of your life.  Success is measured by those moments that bring others into your space and light.  Look around and marvel at the people who surround you.  Are they bringing you down or lifting you up?  Are your children healthy and walking a path of joy without the pressures of society telling them they have to have a PhD. (which there is nothing wrong with having a doctoral.  It is a tremendous accomplishment but it shouldn’t define you)? Can you get out of bed each morning full of excitement to receive the day while doing what you love?

All the stress from economy, political agendas, religion and mass media is enough to bring anyone to a state of depression.  Start making a life for yourself.  Work because you must put food on the table but don’t let the job measure your triumph in this life.  As I am getting closer to ending this chapter of my life and not really knowing what is ahead for me, I am deleting the strains of over-thinking and putting a label to my career.  It’s freeing and sometimes frightening but it’s a way to truly live the moment.

Have a blessed day!

A New Spiritual Era

Watching some shows this weekend I’ve noticed that so much gets mentioned about economic and materialism poverty in our world. The media bombards us with such negativity.  There is a lot going on…but there has always been a lot happening. Life moves through phases whether they are natural earth causes or human-made disasters. Even though I don’t watch the news (but my beloved does), regular shows seem to add the negativity into their scripts.  I have to believe that even through these world issues and events we, as human beings, are coming out of an era of spiritual poverty.  People are searching for meaning, awakening, enlightenment and growth to fulfill the absence that money once occupied.  There is no shopping, eating out, purchasing expensive homes and cars, or traveling to fill the void inside.  Therefore, we find that spiritual quest is on a rise these days.  While some believe that “the end is near” and people need to get on the bandwagon, I believe that time is accelerating us to start moving inward rather than outward with materialism.  Grant it, we can still have and achieve material wealth. The Universe has an abundance of wealth for each of us. People are actually enriching their lives with a faithful quest for Divinity.  It’s not about the end of our existence.  It is about finally accepting ourselves as spiritual beings who are connected to each other. Compassion and humility align us to the greatness of what we deserve.

In our society we have been taught to search for meaning, purpose, and aspiration from any source but meanwhile we fill ourselves with technology, drugs, alcohol, food, etc.  At the same time we now seem to be questioning our choices more carefully in regards to addictions.  Spiritual richness comes from acceptance and allowing humanity to join together.  Strangers become friends because we see God looking through their eyes.  I remember once reading a quote from Stan Dale, the founder of the Human Awareness Institute: “If God wanted to hide, He would hide in human beings because that’s the last place we would think to look.” I know this is now changing. In my unicorn-rainbow perception I am seeing God through even those I can’t be around because of lower energy and negativity. Those are becoming my most powerful teachers. I am witnessing things in myself because of their existence. It’s beautiful.

I believe we are searching more within ourselves and others in this new era.  I believe we are looking through a child’s eyes, a stranger’s smile, or a friend’s words and finding God giving us a personal message.  I believe in synchronicity, serendipity, and faith that we are all becoming more conscious of the thin thread that ties us together.  I believe in Quantum physics, science of the mind, and the chemistry of God.  Because of this I know in my heart that we are entering spiritual richness and leaving the spiritual poverty as a lesson in our human path.  The footprints of selfishness, isolation, addiction, and destruction will be a distant memory in the near future. And, this is what opens my heart and allows me to look forward to more growth, abundance, and the capacity to heal my own past issues.  An opened heart to the world brings peace, love and unity for all.  I am so grateful for what lies ahead…I am hopeful for all we, as citizens of this world, will create in the coming years while allowing the Divine to lead the way.

This is our time to awake and seek what we want. It is this moment that creates the wealth of love, peace and awareness. You want to know the secret of living authentically? Laugh. Bring more joy into your life. Positive ions create a wave of instant energy of love and creativity. Try it out! You are made of this. Have a blessed day!!!

Moments of Impact

moments of impact

Life is held together by moments threading through a web of what makes the length and width of our lives.  Moments of impact, an encounter with destiny, and a crack in the fragment of our expectations changes us forever.  All the things I love about life are always here but in one small challenge I forget to look at the gratitude in life.  We live through the veil of the future while always holding on to the veil of the past.  What we love is always constant.  You have a choice in how you react to these circumstances.

I love my life.  I hate the drama.  I don’t understand why I am such a magnet for it.  I moved to the mountains to find solitude, learn from nature, and be embraced by peace.  No matter how far and wide one runs life will catch up.  The drama, which is only an illusion, will follow.  It is in these stressful moments that in the past I would have spiraled out of control.  Now I move forward with faith.  It is not easier.  It isn’t fun.  It is still full of challenges, uncertainty, and the unknown.  However, I can resist the urge to ask, “Why me, God?”  I know why me.  I understand the divine plan unfolds ever so gently when you don’t force it.  I have to believe that these moments of impact are mystical pushes that transform me quicker, whereas I had been stagnating.  These are opportunities to embrace nature, peace and solitude in completeness.  I always have a choice!

Awareness and allowing are partners in this journey.  My feelings are the truth of the expedition.  I cannot force any situation.  I can only glide through the moments, whether they are pushed by someone else’s anger. I can navigate to the next rest stop and reprogram my emotions.  God has a plan for each situation.  A job lost is an opportunity to re-evaluate your dreams.  Losing a home is an opportunity to find a better place to live.  Having little money is an opportunity to use your imagination.  There are two sides to the coin.  Choose optimism.  Let those moments of impact guide you to something better.  We are created by energy therefore when we go to the lower vibration of negativity the choices are always going to be different.  They will not make you happy.  You have the power to make your life full of contentment…with drama or not.

Have a wonderful day, dear ones.  I woke with a moment of clarity today.  I could hear the birds chirping and the smell of lilac from the bushes beneath my window.  These are the moments that matter.  Make life a journey of awareness and allowance.  You will be mesmerized by the outcome.  Now, go play and take those opportunities to a higher level of awareness!