Stick with the Magicians

I recently had a conversation with a friend about someone who has returned into her life from the past. She is angry with herself for allowing him to return. I asked her if she had learned anything new this time around and she had this aha moment over the phone. I could feel her wheels turning. I asked her if perhaps this person returning was to finalize the closure she needed…to see how much she’s grown emotionally and spiritually. When we revisit the past, with the same dramatic people (continuous actors who keep repeating same scenarios) we get to decide if we are learning or if we are settling?

You are not required to entertain every person who comes into your life, whether they are from the past or new! You get to decide if you want grief or magic. If you want love or despair. If you want peace or chaos.

I, for one, surround myself with magicians. Those days of allowing others who were dependent on me fixing them are over. I now attract the mystics, the creators, the lighthouses and the lovers of life.


Another week. Another perfect blank canvas to do some epic shifting. Let’s do it!

I woke to the sound of rain in the early hours. It was tapping on the window of our room. So I woke, went downstairs, opened up the front door and took it in…the mesmerizing sound of nature in the early morning when the world is resting.

Magic is in you. You are the miracle. Get out there and create from your knowing.

New week. New beginnings. Mucho Love.

The Magic in You

I am rarely shocked by anything or anyone. There’s really not much that can shake me up and deeply put me in a state of deep word-less-ness. At the same token there are things that others say they are impossible and I claim them to be probable. It’s in that place of astonishing amazement that magic moves. It’s in the moments of mystical surprises that we evolve and surpass a place of bewilderment. Our passion fuels us and heightens our perception. What we know to be true changes constantly. Our desires and dreams move from where we are now into what we aspire for tomorrow.

Follow the heart’s desires. It knows more than the logical mind. Nothing exciting ever happens in the comfort of conformity and dullness. Venture into the unknown and trust that the Universe has your back at all times. I promise you that in the moment of surrendering you are transformed through faith and grace.

You got this! ~m.a.p.

Among the Ruins

Journeys take us out of the comfort zone exploring the parts of us that rarely get addressed. I love traveling. Always have. If it’s not around the neighborhood then the next two cities over. Whatever it takes to evolve spiritually. I can pack a bag in less than five minutes. I don’t Just crave adventure. I create it.

Meeting new people and hearing stories is my favorite of all things. I am forever enriched because of human stories. Why? Why the stories? Why do I tend to them? Because they connect us. They allow us to not feel alone. They push us to learn. They force us to look at things differently. They also heal us and make us whole for humanity’s sake.

Something happened as I was trekking up a sacred ruin near Machu Picchu. I felt it all. I was getting out of breath, sweating and aching. I stood among hundreds of folks and recognized myself in all of it. In all of them. The wind picked up, my husband asked me to stop and take a deep breath before continuing. I wasn’t planning on continuing so quickly. I needed to inhale the land. I needed to take in the landscape. I had a group of older folks in front of me who complained all the way up. I admire their determination but I could do without the theatrics.

So I stood to the side in one of the grass terraces, closed my eyes and allowed for ancestral spirits of the land to kiss me. I allowed the noises to disappear. I felt the intensity of magic and wonder. I was home.

The only other place I’ve ever felt this was in Ireland. This Sacred Valley is filled with myths and theories. The Incas were superstitious and truly advanced in nature. It was a civilization that has inspired the world. They were led by astronomy. I have read stories. I have watched documentaries. But nothing compares to being in the land, grounding energies all around me.

“We’ve been here, babe!” I whispered to Matt. “I have been in this place staring at the night sky many civilizations ago. We’ve been here together….” He remembered a past life regression I shared several years ago and there I was standing in the place. There I was being charged by every rock and stone. It took all of me not to cry. It was as if my soul opened up and poured nostalgia in every gust of wind.

My husband isn’t shocked by anything I say. He might not understand it but he doesn’t judge my knowing. It’s in that acceptance that I can be the person today and all the lifetimes before me without censoring a single moment. He signed up for this. The woo-woo and all.

I urge you to travel… anywhere. It doesn’t have to be this far. It can be a town away or another state. But, I ask that you go and explore those things that your soul craves because your spirit has a way of returning to old stomping grounds. When you get there you will know. All the stories will make sense. You will begin to feel compassion for life. You will understand the yearnings and dreams. You will understand who you are and what you need to know. I promise! Explore and evolve. We are truly more connected than you can see or sense.

Moon Magic

The moon woke me from a deep slumber right after midnight luring me outside. I stood under the entrance of my home inhaling its energy. It was a rainy night. The breeze danced through the trees along with the wind chimes. Each breath I took seem to lead me into prayer and then deeper into the magic of unknowns. I closed my eyes and began giving all to the light. I opened my heart widely and poured out the love to the universe.    
I could feel the vibration from the light healing me, reactivating intuition, and sending me to a place of peace. I live for these moments in full connection and harmony with nature. There is presence. I heard ruffling around me as if I had an audience witnessing this bathing of soul. What happens when we open so widely that the world around us becomes magic? Every single cell expands in gratitude. I am one with all. It’s my favorite feeling! 

I was out there for a while. I don’t know where I went. I don’t know how I got to the place of serenity that encompasses my divinity. I am grateful not to have to logically figure it out. I don’t need to. God is an omnipotence force that embraces every cell in me.

The wind kissed me often, chilling me to the bone, then warming me back to life. The raindrops felt like tears shedding from the heavens. It all played with me for a long while until I had to get inside. I returned to the womb state cocooned in comfort on my sofa. I went into meditation. There was a mystical force under that moon so powerful that I could not return to bed. I saw me. I saw the world in that moon.

Today is different. This morning seems filled with endless possibilities. The moon cleared me up like a crystal pulling source from light.  

Allow yourself time to moon bathe. Give yourself permission to listen to all parts of you under the night sky. When all else is quiet you can feel your truth rise to salute you. It’s not just magical, it’s part of your existence. You are not surviving. You are living in divine light experiencing through love and lessons. You still have tonight to experience this enchantment…go play. Dance in the moonlight!~ I love you.

Through a Wormhole


I traveled a thousand miles

to be by your side

in the witching hours

of cosmic journeying.

I watched you sleep

cradling a body pillow

tightly against your chest,

your breathing heavily


the covers,

but you couldn’t see me

invisibly standing there….


I returned to my side

of the world

guided by the light

of a full moon,

gliding and sliding

through dimensions

searching for my bed

then awakening

to your smell wrapped

around my hands.

Body Talk


Let my body speak to you

through its texture,






and hear what it says

in the silence of

the imperfections.


Let my body dance



yelling in movements

the mystery of me

never witnessed before,

challenging you

to let everything go.


Let my body be a sponge

taking you in,

draining you out,

and drying your own spirit

by way of mysticism

so divinity can sit

with us together…

forever as one.

Second Chances for Life 

I woke up to the sound of a little girl calling for me and then hiding when I went into her room. Her giggles made me giggle. We sat and watched Sophia the First for a bit talking about dreams and tea parties.
As I sat her on my lap I began to recall this day three years ago. It was the day I recognized the real meaning of existence. I would like to share something profound but it isn’t available…just a “knowing” that we are the true essence of love. 

Life has a way of taking you to the edges and forcing you to fly without a parachute. I was born again on a snowy day in Asheville. For weeks and months I kept asking why I was given another chance. Months later we received this little bundle of joy that has me waking up giggling at times. At other times reminding that I haven’t a clue of what it is to partake in this Human Business. Cause isn’t that what makes us so interesting? The belief that we know things…but we don’t. 

Isn’t life gran? 

I am not that same person I was when I woke in the ER. I am not the same person I was last year. We are never ever the same people we were yesterday. We evolve. We move on. We allow dreams to take us to the places that require nudging. We are forced to let go and participate in challenges that make us better and stronger. At least I hope that is what you are allowing yourself to witness. I hope you are brave enough to follow those things that make you sing. I hope you are honest enough to forget those who you have allowed to stump your growth in moving forward. I hope you forgive the actors in your dramatic play, but mostly forgive yourself for being what you didn’t know. We are programmed from very young to believe what others tell us to believe. It’s your responsibility to take charge of You and only YOU. It’s time you step into your greatness without the traumas and victimization modes. 

This life is a precious commodity. It’s an outstanding privilege. 

I would never have imagined at that very moment of impact with death that I would be where I am today and those who have entered my existence, especially a pint size teacher who can belch out “Let it Go…Let it Go…” while mixing it with “Santa Claus is coming to town.”

Have a blessed day. Birth yourself in the light of divinity. Recognize that forgiveness sets you free. YOU got this! You are the love that you keep waiting on. Stop putting your life on hold. It’s time to let go and fly.

Mucho love ~ Millie