What a Year!

As we come to close this year, I reflect. It’s been a doozie one. It’s been a year of chaos and pain; loss and gains; uncertainties and many unknowns. We’ve been put through a meat grinder at times without knowing exactly when it will end. The collective can now begin to heal. You and I will do that together even if it’s from afar.

On a personal level it’s been an emotionally difficult one. I feel like I have aged several years. I am exhausted. My physical body has held on to some masterful bullshit the last 9 months. But, I am also fully aware that some years feel like a decade while others are absolutely delicious full of magic and blessings.

This morning I woke extra earlier. I said my prayers, sat in meditation and wrote out things I desire next year. I am doing no intentions. I have absolutely zero expectations for what may come. I am letting go…. on various levels. I am just releasing it to be amused and entertained by the Universal surprises. I love surprises!

This past year has definitely shown me the strength of my human heart. It has allowed me to witness humanity from afar and up close and personal. One thing I’ve learned is that no one will take care of you the way you need to care for yourself. It’s your human and spiritual duty. And, I have shifted the blame game as well. No one, and I mean no one, is responsible for how you feel. That’s all on you. You get to decide who and what you allow to take away your joy.

It’s felt like a chess game at times, carefully moving on a board, with lots of calculations, as not to be deleted from the game. It has truly felt like the world got caught up on a massive web of intricate and dangerous moves. But, here we are. We are navigating it all together and I am beyond grateful for those around me.

Be kind to yourself. I haven’t always been kind to myself this year. I’ve beaten myself up for mistakes. I hold myself accountable for shit that isn’t even mine. I have degraded this miraculous soul of mine many times. I have not spoken up when I should’ve. So the only thing I will do next year is to put her first and foremost. It’s time. I love you. Go love yourself with the same ferocity you love others. I am doing it!

Writing your new chapter

new chapter

Our lives evolve into on-going stories. Every year there are chapters that read like a mystery, dramatic, whimsical, adventure, travel or romance novel. Within 365 days there could be several different styles of short stories all advancing into the evolution and growth of our lives. Here’s another year and we get a blank slate. The older I get the more aware I am becoming of the privilege that arrives from each new day and the chance to create and align to my dreams. If we are honest with our desires and dreams we can encourage the stories to be joyful, challenging, loving, and exciting (among other beautiful surprises). If we are dormant or dishonest with our feelings then another year will pass and the chapters will be uneventful and boring. Have you ever picked up a book after reading the back or the jacket and thought, “Wow, I can’t wait to get started on this journey?” Then you begin the adventure to find that it really isn’t a good novel so you struggle to continue to the end, or you just give up. Well Life is just like that…you have a choice to see the next year as a great story. You get to decide if it’s worth struggling to reach a goal or not worth the effort. You get to write your beginning and ending. NO ONE can do that for you unless you give them the pen. This is your life! Start today. Make the next 52 weeks about you. Don’t settle and don’t deny your dreams in order conform to another who is writing their own book. You are the protagonist of your story. And, also notice that if your stories hold several antagonists then you need to start dumping those characters. It’s not fair to your novel. Your higher self deserves the respect that it provides for you through those passionate ideas, dreams, and joyful moments. I believe this is a year of spiritual evolution for many of us. Let’s make it a memorable one.