These are Amazing Times

These are incredibly delicate and exciting times. Do you feel it? I’m not talking about the chaos and the uncertainties. I am talking about the awareness that life will never be what it was. And, that’s okay because what will become is fuller and softer at the same time.

What happens when we open so widely to the world around us? Every single cell expands in gratitude. We become magic. We embody the mysticism of all there is and ever was.

There are major forces happening now. There is a collective shift that feels mystical right underneath all we hear and see. We are evolving into higher dimensions. Time is accelerated. We are witnessing the collapsing of many old programs and the building of a new paradigm.

What does this mean?
It means that we are expanding into our divine truths. We are becoming what we came here to BE. We are being forced to reboot our DNA into higher frequencies. We are becoming a newly evolved superhuman because all of that is happening. It is pulling and pushing a depth in us to come out of comfort and what we believed to be true.

The matrix is dismantling all around us. I know it’s hard, darlings. It’s f*ckery at its finest. But unfortunately we don’t ever seem to learn through ease. We are a race that has been programmed to fight and survive. But, it doesn’t have to be so hard. It won’t be as we move to new dimensions.

We are truly on the edge of something powerful. It started a few years ago and now I am witnessing as it moves quicker. Manifesting faster. Letting go without resistance. Metamorphosing into all that we are required to become… alone and together.

Allow yourself time to just be. Give yourself permission to listen to all parts of yourself without judgment. Stop comparing your journey. Stop trying to guess and manipulate what may happen. Go deep in your essence. When all else is quiet you can feel your truth rise to salute you. It’s not just magical, it’s part of your existence. Release and surrender. You are not surviving. You are living in divine light, experiencing through love, lessons and ultimate humanitarian compassion. And most importantly, please I beg of you, show up always through love. Love is what raises your DNA and frequency. Give it away easily. Keep yourself in that vibration. You cannot be love and fear at the same time.

I love you mucho!

Making Room for New

I have become a collector of love. I feel it through a caress from my mate, a kiss from my children and a kind word from a stranger. In collecting this source of humanness, I find hearts everywhere in nature. I can be hiking and see a heart-shaped rock, a leaf, or a puffy cloud dancing above me. Those “things” that filled my home years ago no longer have value. They were dust collectors that I don’t miss. I have purged from years of hoarding these belongings. Now, when I look at a heart-shaped rock I pick it up and take it home to throw it somewhere on our yard for another to find, for the fairies to collect. 
Memories are formed from love. We cherish those things that bring us joy, laughter, and lift the spirit to grow wings. I don’t retain too many distresses. In the past I would harbor those sorrows for too long. I kinda let them go easier now as I replace the space with the enchanting sentiment of acceptance. I feel, while others analyze. I go with my gut, while others reason with their heads. It is through these movements of allowing that creative energy is formed. I don’t need “things” but I do need the belonging that comes with an open heart. It is rare, magical and priceless. It is always there for the making, the taking and the awakening.

And this is where I have come to realize that in order to reinvent myself I must release the old me. I am not who I was two years ago, and I don’t miss that person. Each day something has pushed me to evolve. The old parts of me are magnificent. They have brought me here. And this moment is Mystical, created through a million stories of love and kindness.  

These are the moments that I collect which are priceless: laughter with friends, getting lost in the mountains, watching the squirrels feed from blueberry bushes, meeting new people and hearing a story….

These are the memories that return during doubts, misunderstandings, and the unusual bad days. Ah…to gather these words and tuck them way inside…that’s what a true anthology of love looks like. This is what I choose to collect among a materialistic world. It is through these memories that I expand and broaden my knowing of spirit. This is what makes me anew and forces me to continue creating a loving woman. 

Leave the self doubt, the dirty self talk and return to Source. You want to be different, then start new. Do those things that bring joy. 

I love you.