The All of Oneness


If there is no battle then

there is nothing to rupture

the current or process of movement.

That’s who God is…

the evolution of passage

and we fight it

with our egos,


and arrogance.

He is the depth of essence in everything:

He is nothing because it can’t be seen,

yet He is everything

in the center of the universe.

Because He wants nothing

He achieves all,

where there is no ego,

no greed,

and no impossibilities of trying.

He is the shallow hollowness

and the great depth within.

He is divinity,


magnificence of wonder,

and the light that shines from the heart

when love walks into life

holding hope and faith effortlessly.

He is emptiness and fullness

without a needed explanation,

and He is all we strive to become —

He is all we are when

we finally surrender.

He is the everything

in the here and there…

the I AM of our humanness

and the ALL of Oneness.



We exist

woven together

in consciousness

through fibers of time

filling each crevice

with memories of a billion lives.


I listen to each pull,

each passing of thread,

connecting us all

with intricate designing

carefully maneuvering the dreams,

lessons, and purpose of humanity.

This is perception,

the reality of you and me

intertwined to make authenticity…

open up belief…

instill faith… and … whatever else is of importance.

What is it? What do you see?

Which stitch makes you part of this tapestry?


Like a Monet painting we must stand

further from illusion

admiring the impressions

because when we are too close

we cannot see anything but distortion

and truth somehow disappears.


We are infinitely tended

to the constant care

of creation

that has put us together

with the only priceless material available to all:

The oneness of Love.

A Loving Heart Heals All


Sometimes, when one of my adult children come asking for advice, I have to take a giant pause.  My immediate answer is usually very different from what I would give another person as suggestions, counseling or help.  I listen.  Then I listen some more.  In my middle age I have learned to detach from being a parent and truly be available for them.  It’s not easy.  There are subjects that I rather not touch with any of them.  But, I am so grateful that they do come to me, not so much as a parent, but as someone who has experienced life just a little bit ahead of them.  I giggle at the thought that they think I have an unlimited amount of wisdom.  Heaven knows I am constantly having to Google for answers or improvise.

There are boundary lines we create with our children.  I ask myself, “What would I tell a friend asking me this same thing?  How would I guide that person if I had not invested my heart completely?”  The reality is that there is no difference.  There is no inequality in how I would treat another over my children.  My kids are all of adult age.  Conversations about sex, drugs, alcohol, traveling, and whatever is out there does come up.  We are not “that” open to discuss each others’ adventures but they know that I am here for the long haul.  It doesn’t matter what has happened, the torturing of teenage years that left me in pure exhaustion, or that our hearts have been fractured many times.  We are still a family.  We are the sum of our experiences: past, present and future.

I look back at raising six individuals.  Whether or not their mental issues, capacities, and past environments (before they arrived into my arms) have played a large part in their evolution I take full responsibility for letting them know that I got their backs.  I will not baby them.  I will not partake in senseless acts that will put them in harm.  I will not advocate destructive behavior.  But, what I will do is let them know that I am here with two ears, open arms to hold them, and plenty of kisses to heal all wounds.  I am here to respect their choices and not tell them “I told you so” even when I want to because life could have been a bit easier for them. But then they wouldn’t learn just like I didn’t learn from my mother.

I have not been a “perfect” mother.  I have no idea what that would entail.  What does the perfect mother look like?  How does she dress?  How does she speak?  Where does this perfect mother live?  How does she handle bipolar disorder, learning disabilities, mental challenges, schizophrenia, hallucinations, ADD, ADHD, and dissociative identity disorder? How does this mythical creature raise her children to be the best possible adult?  I have stopped trying to emulate her. I am way too absent minded to be able to focus in searching for her. I have come to a healthy place of accepting me, all my flaws, and love the wholeness of my mothering skills.

Ultimately it is all about love and respect.  Whether you are raising a child, in a relationship with another, helping a total stranger, life requires that you are present in love. You will never have all the answers but that is what the Internet is for! However, you can allow the heart to open and fully be present through kindness and compassion with another.  As the Dalai Lama has been quoted, “What is love?  Love is the absence of judgment.”  Love is contagious. Without judgment we heal, learn, and find peace through the embodiment of Oneness.

You are not broken


I’ve had people in my past constantly telling me how I am in my imperfections: “You are broken. You need to fix this and that about you in order to move forward. You have to figure this out the right way without your nonsense. You have to allow for this and that because you are doing it the wrong way….” For most part of my adult life I happened to believe this Broken Theory and the need to fix, not only me, but others around me so that I didn’t feel broken. The truth is that I am not broken. I don’t need fixing. This is who I am and who I intend to travel down the road of life. Each part of me that has fallen, ached, fractured has also gotten herself up, healed and been whole. I am not needing to fix anything else. That desire to be super woman has diminished with time. Peace comes in accepting who I am with what I am and where I am with my truth.

You ARE NOT broken. You are learning. You are evolving. You are growing into the person you are meant to be. You are challenging your higher purpose and self. You are moving through this life with the things that matter: an open heart, wisdom, compassion, faith and grace. There is a constant focus in our society that we need to better ourselves at all times. We need to diet, avoid getting old, work ourselves into early graves, and never take the time to just sit with disappointments, obstacles, and mistakes. God forbid we actually acknowledge the dark side in ourselves! It is exhausting to think, that as a whole, we must take medicine, hide our imperfections, and avoid anything that pauses us into a state of deep awareness. We have such an imbalance in the body, the mind and the spirit because we are constantly looking outside of ourselves for answers that are already inside of us.  We are not broken in the way that others have wanted us to believe. We are moving slowly, transitioning into another place, with each passing moment we are getting to know the truth in ourselves. We are embracing authenticity and all the beauty it has for us. This mass consciousness is never easy but to accept the labels of “brokenness or needing fixing,” well that is just unacceptable.

As I keep returning to the memoir that I need to complete, I keep finding all those parts that others insisted were broken in me. Each time I return to edit and add I get physically ill and must stop the process. I believe I am passed the point of accepting the Broken Theory. And, for this month I will allow myself the gift of moving inward without distractions. I will not be on social media. I will not be posting on this site. Every few months I need the serene world of myself.

As we move through this next month allow yourself the moments of falling helplessly onto a sofa, a bed, and covering your head if that’s where you are in your life. This will pass! We must distant ourselves from others at times. It requires solitary confinement, peace, and lack of distractions. You will get there. First, stop accepting that you cannot get through this. Secondly, stop feeling that there is something horribly wrong with yourself. And, thirdly, the fixation of perfection is overrated. Who the hell wants to be like anyone else? You are magically beautiful. You are stupendously gorgeous. And you are the most AWEsomest person you will ever know. You are the Oneness of it all. Stop focusing on what isn’t. Accept what is and move on. You got this! After all the Divine doesn’t make mistakes!!!!

I ask that you be gentle with yourself this month. Let the month of “Love” be about loving yourself first and foremost. There is beauty in this truth. I promise that when you feel the light of Oneness in you others will begin to feel that as well because it starts with You. Mucho love, my friends!

Leisure of Time

I heard a voice through

the walls of night ask,

“What is your

contribution in this life…

today, tomorrow, always?”

So I went out
into the rain,
meeting Spirit,
in the middle
of a field,
embracing droplets
from the sky,
allowing the



diluting of
ideas, demands, and perception.

We met there in all of life,
in the joyous drenches,
releasing the past
and transporting me

back to childhood,
to what was momentous
in retrieving my innocence.

I heard once again,

“I will hold your hand

as you free all restraints

of ego and self-doubt.”

Then I realized…

we’ve met here before
in every moment of letting go,



and loving.

And now, we engage in

the rain to erase

all adjectives,


and verbs

while only affirming

the pronoun-creation

of “I am.”