Good morning, good evening, good day, my darlings!

Nothing magical ever happens in your comfort zone. Nothing interesting, daring or adventurous comes to you without you really seeking the joy out of it. Go above and beyond the invisible boundaries in your head. Go past the point of uncertainty in your heart. You will be amazed at all the wonderful possibilities that are waiting for you on the other side of the unknown. Risk love. Risk joy. Risk failing. Risk fear. Risk rejection. Risk hatred. Risk succeeding. Risk believing. AND most of all risk not knowing how it will all turn out.

Where are my poets, storytellers, musicians, artists and co-creators today? What are you doing? Get started! We have a lot of work to do!!!! We have been given an opportunity to show the world how we harness and reactivate changes in our world. We are being provided with some major delicious emotions to create and teach about love and forgiveness. Utilize your gifts by risking it all. Let’s use the words, music, visual arts, and other endless creations to uplift each other. This is no time to sit on your ass and complain. Get out there and use the yummy parts that were given to you as loving gifts!

If you are in pain, full of anger, despair and sorrow, don’t bottle that crap up. Go out and do something with it. Create, send love, utilize this time to make amends with those close to you. Instead of wallowing in what will happen and can happen from a place of utter fear and anger, do something kind for another. Today, go buy a meal for a veteran. Go take socks and sweaters to the homeless shelter (it’s getting cold and they need it). Pay the toll for a stranger. Help an elderly person cross the road. Go to an assisted living facility and take flowers to an elderly person. Buy something sweet for a child in need. Show the world your humanity by your examples and risk vulnerability, being exposed for true heroism and love. Be brave, my sweethearts! Hiding behind social media spewing one hate post after another doesn’t change anything. Risk love. Risk your heart. Hate can never ever drown compassion…ever! LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN: HATE CANNOT BE DROWN BY LOVE AND COMPASSION! It might look like it but it cannot when we raise our vibrational fields to pure love.

Give to the world kindness, empathy, and your authentic humanness that’s been ingrained in you since birth by divinity. I am on a quest to shift consciousness with one kind word at a time. Please join me!  I love you. I love you. I love you regardless of who you are because we are here together. I might not agree with you but I know that you deserve love. And, that to me, is why I must continue to risk love.

Make this day count 

There are many precious moments in life: Being heard; Being truly seen; Being present with another are on top of the list. We fall into crevices at times taking our loved ones for granted. Stop. Listen. Pay attention to the signs that they need attention. Today you are busy. Tomorrow you have something else. The week passes and those precious moments get lost in limbo. Today is an exquisite commodity. Don’t let routine take you away from your loved ones. Pick up the phone and tell them you miss them; that you love them; that they mean the world to you. Write a love letter. Send a card. Leave a post-it note. Talk to a stranger. Do something you’ve never done before. These are the gaps that are never lost in a lapse of time. 
These are the words that unite us: “I love you. I love you with all of me…and until we meet again I will continue to hold you in my heart. I breathe today with the thought of you embracing me….”

Or make new words. Share your stories. Observe the beauty of nature and this world. Be alone or not. But…take today as a platform of endless possibilities and make it special. 

Today is a gift. Make it count! Make it memorable. Do not take your presence for granted…EVER!

My soul honors yours


There are days that require more inner self-awareness than others. Some days demand acceptance and a higher state of consciousness to take the wheel. I recognize I am not in control. I can only continue showing up, day after day, to learn, experience, and travel towards the end of my last breath.

After only sleeping 3 hours last night, I decided to run towards yoga. I figured it would stretch and open up space for whatever is causing my lack of sleep the last few days. Sitting outside looking at the stars in the middle of the night isn’t working. Meditating relaxes me but it isn’t putting me into sleep. Deep breathing alongside our Great Dane isn’t helping either. “Yoga,” I thought, “Would do the trick to get through the crevices and gaps of my body that seem to have an inability to find a dream state.”

So, yoga it was! Because…I have some brilliant ideas every once in a while.

I am extremely open minded when it comes to people. I could care less what anyone wears, believes in, or how they express themselves as long as it’s not hurting me (or anyone around me). I am oblivious to my surroundings as I have learned to detach from all the energy around people. I, basically, stay in my own little world.  Very few things can rattle me.

The class was full. I took my mat and placed it in the middle of the room in one of two spaces available. A sweet young yogi took the last open space right next to me. He was adorable. But, within minutes I became uncomfortable. I have a keen sense of smell. I am put into shock with certain scents or odors. I had to stop the gagging reflex. This smell was poignant and it took more than half the class for me to be in the moment. I even envisioned a huge flood of lavender and eucalyptus waves hovering around me. To no avail! I couldn’t concentrate or get comfortable for a long while.

Now, you must ask, “Why didn’t you get up and leave?”

I asked myself the same question a few times too. I tend to withhold space even in discomfort. It sucks at times, while other times it is priceless. I have a relentless tenacious gene. I knew there was a lesson in this situation. I felt the tears come up in anger for wanting a self-loving class where I could just relax and be.

This was the best thing that could have happened for my soul…today!

The entire discomfort obligated me to focus on letting go. I had to adjust and readjust by own internal senses, judgment, and find empathy. I had to cut through the bullshit of my moral compass and find compassion for every pose. I was forced to visit some things that I find intolerable and must address (cause I tend to put up and shut up sometimes for way too long). There were moments I held my breath until the pose changed. This caused so much heat in my body, that I began to feel light headed. I, also, felt that the one hour and fifteen minutes seemed to last three hours.

And, then something happened towards the end.

I no longer smelled the cutie pie next to me. I didn’t feel anything. I had opened up space for three women who are having some major issues. I was able to send light, love, and the extension of peace. My heart softened and opened up. I felt me again. I felt my muscles relax. My mind stopped reacting.  I had to reach that inner peace, on my mat, before I could have provided it for anyone. It was a struggling time. It was ridiculously challenging for 75 minutes, or 4,500 seconds of my day. The moment I chose to zoom out of the room, into a higher state of consciousness, I felt the release of ego. And, a deep sigh escaped my body in a silent room….ahhhhh!

Life can be hard. Choose to shift perspective. Let things go. Why the hell do we resist the crap that comes up? Why do we stay, or why do we go? Why can’t we just dive into the discomfort and see where it takes us?  We’ve been conditioned in our society to find quick fixes to replace the discomfort.  This is why addiction is present in so many.  We have been taught to survive and not exist. We avoid anything that puts a little inconvenience in our way.

I want to live. I want to exist. I want to not feel as if I am surviving another episode, circumstance or situation. I want to embrace the lessons and pray that the next one is sweet and delightful.

It doesn’t matter if it’s through silence, odors, sound, or the Ego chit chatting excessively in our heads. The universe will provide the most amazing opportunity, usually through a negative vehicle, in order for us to learn. It’s up to us to be selfless and find the deep awareness to recognize the invaluable lessons. Discomfort is the priceless teacher in the journey. Today you may find teachers in your path that will make you think and rethink who you are, what you believe, and the things you are no longer willing to tolerate and accept.

Allow for those teachers.  Make space for them. Thank them.

When I was packing up, rolling up the mat, I bowed my head to the young yogi, smiled, and thanked him for participating in practice with me. He smiled, bowed and returned, “Namaste!”

My soul honors yours. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.

I am grateful for those souls who instruct me with their presence. I honor the divine light in them, the truth in us, and the ability to love freely.  The universe has a way of providing everything we need when we are ready to accept.

Why Not?

why not

I am fearless at times. I am fearful at others. But, the things that are fearful are based on emotions, prejudices, and endless questions. I follow a dream and I don’t give up until I have truly hit several walls. I am tenacious that way…almost exhausting in pursuit of what I want when I want it. I don’t see the “cannot’s” because I am too busy trying to find the answers of “why not.” The fears don’t arrive then. The fears are born from the reactions of others who can’t see my dream. They can’t taste it like I taste it. They can’t sense the sweetness of it. They cannot even believe that it’s attainable. I fear the nonsense of those judgments. I fear the way I have stopped myself in the past because of the voices saying, “Give it up. That’s impossible. You just can’t do that! You are too old. You are this and that!” I am fearless but in the lack of “no’s” there is still a small child waiting on acknowledgment from the older version of myself. I have been known to conquer some incredible things, falling hard, breaking things inside and out, and then dusting off the dirt, pulling out the scabs, and trying it again. All because I know what I know and it’s my perception. It’s sickening to witness my own stubbornness and relentlessness. If I believe in something, I will give it my all. I am fearless at times…in that way of achieving what my soul knows to be real. It’s not for anyone else to live it. It’s for me!

You have dreams. You have a million cannot’s that are birthed in those desires. You have folks confirming that you cannot do those things. I am here to tell you that you can. You can do anything because all it takes is one “why not” to conquer all the bullshit of the naysayers. You can be anything you want because somewhere in that little head of yours there lives a wish fueled by passion. That passion comes from your spirit. You were not put on this existence to pass the time, pay bills, struggle and die. Absolutely NOT! You were created to come into this world to make a difference…if only for the evolution of your soul. Find your fearlessness. Find your truth. You got this and I know you have a dream waiting to be ignited!!!! It only takes a curious “why not” to get it going.

The Art of Getting Lost


This morning on the way down the mountain into Asheville there was a traffic accident. I had a choice to sit through it or take a road less traveled on an adventure. Yeah, you already know what I did! I took a road into an unknown destination. And, the magic began to appear through every curb and dip into an area I had never visited. I was going down the rabbit hole, and I just knew I would never be the same again. Each scene took my breath way. Today is just lovely!

That’s the beauty of taking adventures…it’s the getting lost part that’s mystical.  There is a true art to purposely getting lost and challenging your spirit to thrive with enjoyment. I live for the excitement of finding treasures through serendipity. I began to see farm houses with mountain views, horses on scenery that belongs in movies, and endless amount of greenery. It was an explosion of wonder and all this so close to my house…and yet…so very far. All of this in a world of its own.

These are the moments my husband refers to as Millie’s Fairy-Ass Moments when the “aha’s,” “wow’s,” “look at that,” “Oh My God!” and so many other childlike words escape me. These are the moments I drive through the curbs yelling, “Weeeeee!” It’s in those specific moments that I am reminded that the gypsy in me is always ready to take flight and explore. These mountains have a way of turning you around even when you think you are going the right direction. The longer I drove the clearer the awareness arrived, “This is what I want to do. I want to write and travel. I want to hear stories from strangers in all corners of the world while giving our little girl an experience of a lifetime.” This morning brought up that confirmation that things need to work towards that so I can get lost without an agenda. I need more of this because it makes me come alive.  I need to continue manifesting this awareness into my reality because it is a vital facet of my soul.  This is who I am.  I have felt stuck for so long that when I do get lost I feel like I find my grounding.

When was the last time you got lost? Do you enjoy experiencing new places or does it cause you anxiety? Can you get up on a moment’s notice or do you need planning? I urge you to take the road less traveled. Don’t have a plan. Enjoy one morning without it. Make time to breathe outdoors, talk to strangers, and share in this space with get to call home.

Let Your Life Speak

Let your life speak,
not by the words you use
but by the actions you take
with everyone you touch.
Let the journey take you
beyond here,
the everyday problems,
moments of anger
while teaching you
the value of reality,
and what God wants for you.
Let the mysteries engulf you
as each destination comes closer
to your reach with compassion.
Remember it isn’t the final goal conquered,
but how you reached it with dignity,
faith, inner strength, and
without fear.
Gather your lessons in a basket
and touch them,
feel their hurt,
their humiliation,
their doubts,
their triumphs
and their joy.

Witness the opportunities for each obstacle.
Allow yourself to savor each past moment
then place the basket in a safe place
and live each moment anew.
Let your life speak loud
with laughter, love,
and a deep understanding of what is important.

Learn to unlearn old behaviors

in order to make way to new lessons.

Let your example say to the world,
“I am here to love, learn and give back
as I walk in the footsteps of the Divine.”