Exposed Frailty


I asked for help

divulging my fears,

sharing my truth,

openly showing up

to meet you

in the rawness of all

I have ever done,

never tried,

and can’t let go.


I embraced bravery

letting you

sit with the exposure,



strengths and



There is freedom

while standing naked

in the light



in your presence

with tears,


no swords or shields

to protect me

from the old beliefs

of asking,




without shame,

doubts and uncertainty.

Piercing Thoughts

explosion on the mountain

I looked outside on this beautiful cold November day at the many naked trees.  Leaves are falling fast.  The forest is starting to look bare across our pond.  In the process of it getting there I see how simple things make my life worthwhile.  It is those sweet fundamental moments of being present on my deck staring at nature that ground and comfort me.  I enter a place of divinity.  Call it meditation, prayer, contemplation or a visit from a muse.  These are the moments that make me come to the realization I am content on this mountain top.  I have been healed from the past.  Shortly thereafter I took a hike and sat on my favorite rock overlooking the valley.  All you can see is the colors of fall exploding everywhere.  I had a moment of laughter while remembering a recent story from my friend down the street.

Our neighbor’s little girl, Sophia, is 7 years old.  The other day Nichole and Sophia went to the mall.  When they passed a jewelry store Sophia asked if she could get her ears pierced.  Then she asked her mother if it would hurt.  Nichole explained to her that it hurts just a little bit.  She then remarked, “I think I will wait till I am 10.  By then I will have been used to a lot more hurt and pain.”  This coming from a seven year old!  How well we perceive our lives in the future.

When I was in my twenties I swore I had to rush and get the raising of children and career on track.  I wasn’t going to live past 40.  Forty seemed like a doomsday apocalyptic date.  I rushed through everything: money making careers, real estate, children, and anything that would leave a legacy of who I had been for forty years to those I loved.  I also thought that by the time I was forty all the hurt and pain would be something I be used to.  In a way I guess I prophesied it.  At forty I died psychologically and spiritually.  I left everything behind.  The hurt and pain I had endured seems now overwhelming.  I manifested that specific date in my timeline to end a life I had created.

I laugh now because of how we create our thoughts.  Manifestation is a powerful tool.  Whether we project it for goodness and goal-filled venues, or set a negative output for the future, the outcome is still the same.  That which you give thoughts to will materialize!  You become what you think.  Our thoughts make, create, and even break us.  I repressed everything I did not want by projecting it into the future.  Had I dealt with the issues at the time I would have been a different person.  This is who I am today because of the power of manifestation.

I have always kept a visual journal for the things I want.  They are filled with pictures of places and things I desire.  Funny thing is that I forget about these journals and in time I look back to realize I have received everything I wanted (sometimes much better than I imagined). We are co-creators and participants in the stories of our lives.  When I projected that I would die at forty I wasn’t far off from the vision.  I am a completely different person in my spiritual, emotional, and psychological path.  And, just like Sophia I knew I would be able to handle the hurt and pain better at that age.  I am fortunate to be able to understand that pain is inevitable.  We learn with it, through it, and because of it.  I no longer need to project it.  It gets dealt with immediately.

Don’t allow repressed pain and hurt to dictate how it will play in the future.  Let it go now and be in the presence of simplicity.  As we pass through our obstacles and challenges there is a need to react and accept that everything will be okay. It is always okay even if the pain is just from getting your ears pierced at seven. favorite rock