Our Love

I love you,

YOU here reading my words.

We are connected by the same

air, moon, sun, nights and days.

I love that you are tall, short,

every color and nationality.

I love your smile,

thoughts and dreams.

I love your inventions,

imagination, creativity,

and input in our world.

I love deeper because I know you

are there, here, in my space

of prayer and meditation

expanding our divinity

with this moment.

I love our degrees of separation,

the gaps in between not knowing,

and the possibility of meeting someday.

I love that the lessons are always love

and that love is in every lesson.

I love more naturally,

with vulnerability and depth

because you are somewhere

allowing me to be a part of you.

And even if our paths might never cross

I love you for taking a piece of me

in this single thought,

making a new story,

and allowing my presence

to linger in my words.