Gift of Presence

When did we forget the meaning of being in the moment? Did we even learn this simple task? As we enter the next few days of sharing with family and friends, remember to gift yourself presence. Make a note to stay here right in the moment of awareness. I have very few memories of past holidays with my children that didn’t involve stress: making sure every one was having fun, cooking, moving so fast with exhaustion through cleaning, and the merry-go-round of chaos. Very few times I was able to sit and watch and cherish those moments of pure joy and magic. The holidays always brought with them a sense of duty and lots of work. I look back and can’t understand what all the fuss was about. I cannot get back those moments of being with my young children. They will never return to my present state so I opt to make this very second count.

Gift yourself the NOW! Stay in the moment, At the end of the day the dishes will still be in the sink, the house can wait to be picked up, the wrappers can be part of the living room decor for a while, but your family and friends will not remain with you forever. Make your presence. Take it in, not with pictures, but with the awareness of the moment. I plan on allowing myself time to chill, laugh and enjoy every second that they are here! I plan on loving every moment someone shows up to say hello.

I love you all. Wishing you a safe, loving, and joyful few days. It’s never easy for some of us to navigate this holiday but with a little effort we can make it through with love and awareness. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or whatever else you may call it. Thank you for being part of my life.

Stories Connect Us

Our stories make us. As soon as we share them, each heartache or piece of joy, we begin to release and heal. We start to feel whole again because someone has acknowledged us, recognizing our history, and loving us for it. There is power in acceptance and awareness when it comes through our vulnerability.

Let’s have open ears for others. Let’s keep our eyes fixed on the magic in another. Let’s feel each other through the silence. Let’s keep our hearts wide open as well without judgment, bigotry, or intolerance. We must see, hear, feel and taste love throughout our lives by truly being present with each other. It’s not always easy, but it is doable.

Our greatest teachers are the ones who challenge emotions, patience and understanding. We grow from their reflections.
Love transcends through every word, touch, and presence with another. It’s through those moments that we learn more about ourselves. It’s also then when we realize that we are not alone. Everyone goes through similar experiences.

You and I are connected here, out there and everywhere. It might not always be pretty but it is part of our human evolution.

Reach out to others today. Lend a smile, give a hug and share a sweet word. You might be the angel and lifeline that person needs at that very moment.

Don’t Just Smell the Roses

I woke this morning doubting my ability to be human. I feel the ache of those around me.

The deeper one travels down the rabbit hole to understand humanity, the harder it becomes to stay humane. Compassion arrives in the detachment but even that seems to be too much. Forgiveness starts with the self. It goes no further than that today. There is such a tremendous inability to allow consciousness to dictate rather than the ego driven psyche that makes and breaks us. This narcissism is present in me and everyone. I am owning my shit!

But, when does it all stop? You know, this need to point fingers and not take responsibility for our stories? How do we connect with one another? What needs to happen to dispel the PTSD of past experiences that keep us prisoners of bitchiness, mental disorders, and stuck in victimization roles?

Today I will be anything but this. Today I will not just smell the roses in the path. I will caress them, feeling their energy and allow for their beauty to sink in. I will accept those things that need attention and still remain open to the mysteries of life through an open heart. Much love to all!


Touching each other through kindness

can against guardrail

There is more good than hate in the world. At least I want to believe that kindness overshadows all the bad out there.

Yesterday I was leaving my house to go get Kali at the sitters and there was a man full of tattoo’s sitting on the guardrails across the street. His motorcycle was off. He was looking down at the ground. I stopped, rolled my window down and asked if he was okay or needed anything. This shocked him. His eyes watered. He was somewhat profoundly astonished. Seriously. He said, “Ma’am, just sitting taking a break and smoking my cigarette. But, Ma’am, thank you for stopping and asking. Folks don’t do that these days. They could care less.”

I said to him, “I care and I believe people do care. Everyone is just in their own world.” He came closer to the car, shook my hand and said, “God bless you.” I said it back and I left. He was a kind man. The depth of his soul was beautiful reflecting through his blue eyes. I’m sure because of appearances he intimidates people.

As I drove off something at that moment made me realize the disconnection of who we are and what we are to others. It is terribly sad. Are we living in a world that disregards others but we are consumed by news and world affairs? We say we want to help the world but refuse to take time to help the ones nearby. Are we so self absorbed with our own stories that we don’t care to look around us?

I wasn’t suppose to hear his story although as I drove off I was tempted to turn around, get out of the car and take time to ask his name. The lesson was just in a moment of exchange for both of us. The profound connection of two people acknowledging presence. And, isn’t that all we want? We just want to be seen, heard, and felt.

God provides us with endless opportunities to show compassion and kindness. When it shows up you evolve because of those encounters. Have a blessed day.

Purest form of love


The magic of love is in its purest form. A smile across the room, a hug from a child, an ‘I love you’ from a friend, and a cuddle from a pet. The simplicity of a gesture, a look, and a touch is the Creator connecting with us through one another. It’s that authentic and natural. Keep a tally of daily gratitude: “The sun came out today. The cold is less severe. I have heat, shelter, and food.” Love comes through the light in everything around us. Close your eyes for a few minutes and take in the present. You are alive. This is temporary. Will this issue today matter in a year? We are forever evolving, growing and learning. You are always loved. I love a quote by Aristotle: “The secret to humor is surprise.” The single most wonderful feeling is allowing life to surprise you every day. Those are the miracles of the ‘aha moments.” Have a blessed day!

Listening with your heart


I lost hearing in my right ear the summer of 2015. It happened like a giant boom in my head. I woke up with static and then it felt like an explosion. It didn’t hurt. It didn’t sting. It just felt like nothing was coming in. A doctor checked it out and suggested drops. There was no permanent damage. I feel I just stopped listening to things that were happening around me. I started to tune out and it became permanent.

Throughout the last year and a half I’ve had moments when I feel sensations. I’ve had energy work done to it and sound has started to move through in those moments. I don’t really pay attention to it until someone is mumbling, or they speak really low, or they aren’t in front of me so I can read their lips. That’s when I realize that the sound is being muffled.

I have learned to listen attentively. I’ve always listened to silence so this is not unusual. Because, I feel, more than I hear, the listening part doesn’t affect me. However, sometimes I really really really want to get lost in a conversation and if there are too many voices going on at once I zone out because one ear cannot hold onto everything at once. In order to really listen I must be present.

This is with everything in our lives. It isn’t just about listening or hearing. It’s also about seeing, smelling, and tasting. I live in a world of words, and when I cannot decipher what is being said, I get frustrated. When I ask someone to repeat themselves sometimes the message gets tangled because that person is now frustrated for having to say it again. I have noticed that my left ear has lost some of its power to fully listen. It now takes all of me to be present when someone is speaking to me and I want to hear every syllable…because what is being said is important.

Being attentive is an art I am learning with this small challenge. I must partake completely rather than multitask. I must be in complete focus to hear the things said and those that escape the ears. Losing my hearing has also been a gift in the most loving and powerful ways. It has allowed me to stop everything else around me in order to see, feel, and digest what is being said. It has also magnified other senses around me to make up for loss. This has been magnificent.

I urge you to be present when another is speaking. And if I, or anyone else, asks that you repeat yourself please be patient. The moment someone who can’t hear feels another person’s frustration everything shuts down. I get embarrassed often when someone shows me their frustration for repetition, so I’ve learned to nod and smile rather than continue asking. Somethings get lost in that translation.

Listen with your heart…and the ears never need to find sound. These days I am listening with my emotions rather than anything else. Even in your silence I can decipher what you are feeling…so if I hold your hand for no reason it is because my heart feels you and hears your aches. It’s in those intimate moments when you are near me that I can truly see your words in the language of love. I love you. Have a blessed week, dear friends!