Thank Your Soul

mirror image

Do an honorable gesture for your soul this morning. When you go brush your teeth stand and look into your eyes. Forget your hair, your face, the clothes and any other distraction of falsehood. You are your soul, not the external elements of the body. Look deep. Smile. Thank her/him for borrowing this incredible and magnificent body. Look deeper and see how it doesn’t even look like the YOU that you are accustomed to witnessing every day. It is there in that gratitude that your truth and purpose reside. The rest is a bonus. Do this every day. I promise that you will stop worrying about the physicality of you. The age spots disappear, the over run eyebrow hairs vanish, the lines become invisible because all that matters in that moment is that you see the Divine staring back at you! You are exquisite so go meet your true self. Have a blessed day. I love you mucho.

The Magic of these Moments

magic of moments

There is something mystical happening in the past few nights. Actually, it has been happening for weeks now. I don’t quite know how to describe it. I don’t feed into fear, or the theories of what’s shifting and what’s not. I don’t buy into what anyone says will happen in September. I am not a prophet. What I am is a highly sensitive, highly conscious spiritual being participating in this human experience. Because I came in with such sensitivity (and sense of wonder) I am aware of the eternal and external world that others don’t bother to see. It’s not that I have any powers. I just sit and listen. I have been sitting in silence for many years through meditation and contemplation. If you sit long enough to leave your head space you, too, can feel this shifting that is passively expanding with love and beauty.

The earth is opening up with a huge hug and embracing us….let’s join her in this place of compassion. There’s extraordinary multi-dimensions at our finger tips.  An open minded consciousness is all that’s needed to see.  All those entities that occupy space here (and there are many of all forms, shapes, sizes and destinations) are trying to find a middle ground to inhabit without violence. We need peace.  We require harmony.  We must shift into this awareness  because w are connected via breath. We don’t always need to agree. We don’t need to know each other. We just need to share this blue-green dot in the universe that is infinitely bringing us together in its real estate. Sending love to you all and wishing you a delightful summer weekend. Shift your thoughts so you can feel the magic of all that you were created to remember. Remember? Recall your purpose here….it’s always a thought away!  This is the magic of moments.

Rigging of Life


“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.” – Rumi

The universe conspires in your favor.  Everything that happens is for your betterment whether for a life lesson or a conscious choice you made to enhance your spirit.  If you listen closely to your soul you will notice when you are making a mistake.  Is it your ego wanting this?  Is it your soul’s yearning to do that?  If you live your life, as Rumi expresses, what you accomplish is through love and joy.  It’s part of your journey.  It becomes a certainty in faith.  I know in my past that when I kept hitting walls, seeing signs or crashing against barricades that I should have stopped pushing myself to get those things my ego “needed.”  Looking back I know exactly what those things were but I didn’t care.  My tenacious character didn’t accept failure (even when it wasn’t failure but the Divine expressing the truth that it was not a situation for my betterment).  We tend to complicate our lives.  When we get out of the way and allow the Divine to lead us things are easier, smoother, lovelier and definitely in your favor.  Life is not made to be a constant struggle.  We create the struggles with what we think we need, desire, and manipulate. Sit long enough to feel God and allow the guidance.  Your path, your life, your destiny…is all rigged for YOU!  Have a blessed day!


I opened the door
With a kiss,
Taking in the breath of life,
Melting into
The mystic of unknown
And it welcomed me
With the sweetness
Of truth,
And love. 
I sighed.
Returned the embrace with gratitude.
I am.