Hello loveys! Please be aware that Social Media is a window into people’s lives. It’s not the entire house or building. It’s a small window decorated for you to see whatever that person wants to show you. You cannot create an entire life based on those windows. Some views are negative and destructive. Others purely enlightening and refreshing. But, they are pieces of a whole.

Your life is yours. You get to choose how you show up and express it. These windows are opportunities to give others hope, love and support.

I’ve deleted many who didn’t lift me. I’ve blocked those windows that brought my energy to a whispering notion of UGHHHH! I come on to these little windows for daily inspirations. There is enough shit out there. The last thing I want is to fill my little brain with more of that. I’m all about the beauty of decorated windows.

Let’s utilize these moments for teaching, motivating, inspiring, humor (oh, yes more laughter pls) and connecting through higher consciousness.

What a wonderful tool we have for raising vibrations…giving love…helping those who are having a rough time. This forum is magical that way.

I love you. But, also remember that when you look in my windows you are only seeing a small part of my whole. It’s not the full story of me. I am the most imperfect person I know. Don’t judge based on my unicorn and fairies. Have a blessed day. ~m.a.p.

Learning through others



There is a story about a woman who walks many miles with her overweight son to see Mahatma Gandhi.  When she gets there she begs, “Please tell my son to stop eating sugar.”  Gandhi is said to have asked her to return the following week.  The next week she walked the entire day again with her son to meet him.  This time Gandhi looked at the boy and immediately said, “Do as your mother says and stop eating sugar.”  The woman, confused and a bit angry after all the walking asked, “Why didn’t you just say that last week?  We’ve walked for hours to see you.”  Gandhi replied, “First I had to give it up myself.”

This is a perfect example of teaching through experience.  I am always surprised at how people judge (or give advice) on my parenting skills when they have no children.  I am always surprised at others who give marriage advice when they’ve never been married.  Oh, and the ones who know “exactly” how it feels to mourn or grieve a love one when they haven’t gone through the process.  How can anyone teach without experiencing those things themselves?

I will not mingle or entertain those things I don’t know anything about.  I have little knowledge of politics therefore I don’t enter into conversations on the subject.  I know little about organized religions except for the ones I studied in school.  I can’t sit and discuss beliefs with someone from another background without having experienced what they’ve experienced.  I can’t tell a surgeon how he needs to mend a heart.  I haven’t the slightest clue on a million and one things.  I am learning to keep my mouth shut because I don’t appreciate when others criticize my life without walking my path.

Humanity falls short when it comes to holding compassion.  We immediately allow the ego to judge and scrutinize even without experiencing those issues.  I love this story of Gandhi and the woman.  It shows how we can detach from any situation and try to impart ourselves in order to be empathetic.  Just because I don’t live in a third world country doesn’t mean I can’t imagine how those who go without food feel.  But, I have no clue how “exactly” it feels to be without food.  I have no idea, unless I experience it myself, how the soul feels when it is depleted from nutrition.  The closest I came to this was when my daughter arrived from Romania and she was mal-nourished.  She would hide food under the bed.  She would sit with her meal and chew everything once and put it back on the plate so no one would take it from her.  Then she would take her time to go around the plate and finally enjoy the meal.  Will I ever know what she experienced in an orphanage?  No clue.  I can only learn from what I witnessed.

I see homeless people in large cities all the time.  I feel a sense of helplessness for them.  I am drawn to them in ways I can’t even explain.  I have no idea what it is to live in the streets, in the cold, in the heat and in the mercy of others.  Whenever I hear people say, “They need to get up their lazy asses and get jobs!” I cringe.  How can you be so ignorant?  Unless you have lived that life you can’t possibly know the struggles, obstacles, and mental issues.  Go homeless for a week and then, perhaps, you can give advice (an opinion) on the subject.

We as a whole in this world need to learn to tolerate without judgment.  We need to allow the ego to fall to the side in order to help others without discriminating.  Whether it is for the homeless, the illegal immigrant, the single mother, the homosexual, the drug addict, the HIV patient, etc!  If you haven’t experienced their life please be kind enough to send love, prayers and allow your ego to take a backseat.  Never diminish one struggle over another.  Never judge what you haven’t undergone.   The harshness of opinions, criticism, and intolerance seems to cause more than just wars.  It is depleting our world from the faith in humanity.  Unless you walked the talk…please sit down and quiet the mouth.  As I always tell my children when they try to argue a point they know nothing about, “But, but, but, Mom….”  I say, “The only but is the one you need to sit on and be quiet until you have experienced it yourself.”

We are one.  We are connected in this giant web of humanness.  Learn from others but don’t allow your preconceptions determine the person they are, can be, or should become.  You never know where life can take you.  Karma has a way of teaching powerful lessons when we carry a closed mind and heart.  One thing I know for sure is that kindness and compassion are free.  Character is built on integrity and the willingness to move past judgment and into the service of others.

Rant of truth


You know what I love? Real folks who are not concerned with gossip, bullshit, and what someone else is doing or not doing! I want honesty, long conversations that are deep and meaningful in regards to the universe. I want truth, profound intellectual observations of the human psyche and how our cells connect to the external world…you and me! I applaud those folks who stand their ground and aren’t self absorbed with who is getting this done, or that done, or not done. I admire courage, tenacity, an over-the-top-outrageously-funny spirit. I don’t care what kind of car you drive or the square footage of your house. I am not impressed by your bank account or how much your purse and shoes cost. You know what I care about? The character of the soul living inside your body. I wanna know how you treat a waitress, a cashier, a homeless person and any other person who has nothing to give you. I could care less about how much funding you’ve given to an organization, who you vote for, what your religious beliefs are as long as you don’t try to shove anything down my throat. I want to witness the real you through a smile, a touch, and a simple act of kindness that doesn’t involve a spectacle of drama. I am so over drama. I don’t want to see you full of make-up, hiding behind drugs or alcohol, or living a life that’s not authentic to who you truly are. I want the raw vulnerable you that stands naked without worrying about how much you weigh, your wrinkles, or your saggy ass. I don’t want intolerance or bigotry. I don’t want anything fake…but I will stand by you regardless of what you need at that moment if you ask for help because sometimes we just can’t make it alone. I like reality. I like honesty. I love those who don’t point a finger to another. I love imperfections, scars, shortcomings, and past mistakes that have brought you here.

My loving sweethearts, it’s time to truly see the shift of compassion. We are in this together. Your energy is felt through the waves of humanity. We look away from hurt to then find someone sick in our own tribe. We pretend we don’t care about an issue until it hits home. But, what if…what if in the middle of our self-absorbed lives we can take a few minutes a day to send love through prayers, silence and gratitude instead of coming up with such negativity. What if we step back and let go of our own bullshit first and by example help another shed the superficial masks? It is a matter of conscious shift and awareness. It’s imperative to our survival. Faith holds us but love cradles us to move together.

I don’t get my kicks from reading petty opinions about who did what, who will get this, and whatever is so mundane that I throw my hands quickly over my computer and close it up. I keep getting on social media trying to feel inspired and for the most part I am elated with this technology. BUT…but…but…I think I just need to step away for a while. It’s that time again. Every few months my spirit yells, “Give it up. You can’t change another. Step back and work on you!” And, when I do I return feeling the sun shining, optimistic and with a higher faith in humanity.

Many years ago, my spiritual mother, said to me that it takes 9 times the amount of energy for a negative thought as oppose to a positive thought that takes no effort. I believe it. I have witnessed it time and time again. I have seen the effects of destruction and darkness. I want light. I want love. It’s easier to smile than frown any time. Let’s be nicer. Let’s be kinder. Hell, let’s have a Kumbaya. I love you. I love you. I love you.

Be back in a while…xoxo!

Shift in Perception


I have struggled with finishing a memoir. It has sucked me dry at times, made me sick, and brought up many things that needed closure. That’s what happens when we take into account our stories without detaching. We all need closure. Writing this particular book has been about seeing the way I have tenaciously made it through trials and tribulations. I have been able to hold myself accountable for mistakes and successes. Heck, it’s called Life. We all have these stories with completely different subjects. It’s wonderful! Today I was reminded why I write, why I must finish this book (for myself) and why it has been important to go through it. The book has been my teacher and my therapist with each blood curling paragraph of past reality.

My friend, Aubrey, and I visited this afternoon. He came by and we sat on the dock on the first day of spring. It’s magical today. It’s been a perfect day. We shared our writing projects. Aubrey is a phenomenal author, consequently last night we went to watch a play he wrote over 30 years ago. To witness the birthing of his work with actors reciting his words…well I was giddy, joyous, and awe-stricken. As we sat, sharing the process of a novel he needs to finish and my memoir, things came to light. This is the reason we need writing groups and support. Writers get inside their heads twisting and turning out in the deepest waters. Every so often we need someone to throw a life jacket to bring us back to shore. We get deep into our emotions and forget the world exists. Writing a book is very different from writing a post or blog because it requires a tenacious dedication to finish a lengthy process of a subject. I love writing my blogs. I am in and out in a short time…until the next subject. But, writing this memoir requires consistency and discipline for the long haul. It feels like the never-ending story. Just when I think it’s done… it’s not!

My friend has read this book. He says it’s powerful. Whether or not it is is not important. It’s been a catalyst to me and for me. I have found myself perceiving things in my life that I had not addressed. It’s been therapeutic. I wish I had been braver a few years back to write it then. But I know that it’s being created exactly at the perfect timing because that’s how things work out. Aubrey asked, “What have you learned through this process? What is stopping you? It’s okay to let things go and then return. That’s the process of a writer….” Then out of nowhere he said a statement that has lit a fire again in my desire to finish, “The gift of being erased is that you get to draw yourself as you see yourself.” My memoir is about my memory being erased and returning to a life I didn’t recall. How I lived through the moments of not recognizing any of my children, my mate, and everything else that was not the life I had fourteen years before that moment. It’s about acknowledging the way others discarded my feelings and how I lived. It’s the truth of depth in feelings and how I have learned to love me through all the parts that have been erased and then remembered. His statement speaks volumes to anyone who has forgotten to place the self before any thing or anyone.

How do we perceive ourselves? Does perception change throughout the years? How can we learn through events and then detach without judgment? Do the stories we tell and retell change the truth or just add to the perception of who we are? Oh, the amount of questions that have come up! It’s funny because recently I asked my guidance why I should finish with this story. Then Spirit aligns someone else to enter my space and remind me why I need to write it for me. That’s how the Divine works when we need to heal. Others are used as cheerleaders and teachers so that we can move through the moments. A writer understands the madness and process. Ernest Hemingway wrote, “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” And with this I plan on writing many true sentences that will allow me to release and learn from the experiences. Perception has shifted yet again. It’s required the constant acknowledgment of consciousness and acceptance.  How AWEsome is that!!!



I had several dreams last night. Each time I was finishing one I would say to whoever was in the dream the same sentence, “The distance between worrying and reality is called perception.” I have no recollection of the dreams. I do have the quote imprinted in me because it was used many times. The line between fear, anxiety, stress and worrying is definitely a matter of perception. Reality is an illusion. When we finally let go of the belief that we have control the Divine steps in and aligns us with the best possible solution. Our higher selves begin to guide us and we allow for it. We release the doubts, discontentment, and disillusions that we can conquer everything by manipulating it. The veil of “what if” turns into a welcoming “what really is.”  A shift in consciousness is all that it takes…sometimes a lot easier than done.  It takes practice and every once in a while knocking the ego out of the way.

These dreams allowed me to wake with the knowing that the stress I’ve had has been a production of my perception. No doubt that the challenges have been real. No doubt that the heartache has been felt. No doubt that I have entertained the drama while knowing better. But, once I am aware of my perception I can relax and enjoy what’s ahead.

Have a great weekend, my friends. Release, recharge, and retreat! Love and light….Millie

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”~ Wayne W. Dyer

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” ~ Aldous Huxley



Understanding this Universe

I’ve welcomed light

extra early into my room

as sweat pours out of me

from a full night of humidity.

I am struggling to get moving

this morning

as I sit up to watch the mountain,

the pond dancing with activity,

the trees gently moving to a swift wind

enticing the rain to finally visit.

I must go outward into that universe

in order to find myself inward.

I must find the flow

of the earth

in order to feel my own rhythm.

This is joy.  This is full awareness

of my presence.

This is the mythical “contentment”

I read about all those years

while searching for “happiness”

inside of books.

This is what I believed was a fantasy,

fairy folk tales the mystics

wrote about in simplicity….

“live in the now and find joy.”

Here I sit,

body tired and worn out,

a restless night without surprises

but looking at my landscape

the myth has become reality.

Here is the reason I exist,

and the result of finally


The journey begins


one more time

with the understanding

of my purpose in this world

as I allow the day

to take me wherever

it wants me to go…

As I breathe Spirit

consciously into my lungs

and exhale out

into the vastness of space

I get to call

my fairyland forest.




Search outside

this life

through the fog of your consciousness

to capture the objectivity

of each new day

and all the gifts taken for granted.

Witness the layers

of solitude and emptiness,

love and compassion,

faith and belief

in each particle of mankind.

In the purest of hearts lies truth

that can be felt

but not touched,

sensed but by no means held,

understood but never mastered.

There, in your solitude

allow Spirit to move you,

opening wide to vulnerability –

exposing to our infinite connection

in this web of humanness

we refer to as humanity

by letting the I AM become

the part of oneness…



and all.