A New Level of Spirituality

A lot gets mentioned about economic and material poverty in our world. But because of these issues and events we, as human beings, are coming out of an era of spiritual poverty. People are searching for meaning, awakening, and evolving to fulfill the absence that money once occupied. There is no shopping, eating out, purchasing expensive homes and cars, or traveling to fill the void inside. Therefore, we find that spiritual quest is on a rise these days.

Two years ago we were put in a global time out. Millions of souls have transitioned in the last twenty-four months. Wars have begun and others have ended. The pandemic of fear took over our world like the plague. We’ve learned so much about tenacity, unity, division, faith, belief, manipulation and still we continue searching for a truth that is individual like our fingerprints.

Folks are recognizing that separation from self is not living an authentic life. It is actually sleep walking through it. People are enriching their lives with a faithful quest for Divinity. We are trailblazing into new frontiers of conscious shifters. Between a massive Exodus and a deep awareness of time being precious, we are searching more than ever for our place in the world… a new world we’ve never experienced beforehand.

In the past we have looked and searched for meaning, purpose, and aspiration from any source while filling ourselves with technology, drugs, alcohol, food, etc. People now seem to be questioning their choices more carefully. Spiritual richness comes from acceptance and allowing humanity to join together. It is about witnessing the old paradigms and pushing through what hasn’t worked. Strangers become friends because we see God looking through their eyes. Judgment is no longer dictating our decisions. We are rising into unity.

When we step away from the media, the fear-based headlines, we begin to witness the truth of our power. We are miraculous beings in full creation at all times. We recognize that there no borders in reality, only those drawn on a map; that money is a piece of paper without real value except what we give it, and governments have as much authority as we give them. And I am understand that it’s not as easy as black or white. We live in a flux of endless man-made gray areas that govern and determine our freedom.

But, there is God. There is a omnipotence source that is also always available to us. We live in a Matrix-like simulation and we get to unplug at any given time to see the real world. It’s up to each of us to disengage from the masses and find our moral compass.

I remember once reading a quote from Stan Dale, the founder of the Human Awareness Institute: “If God wanted to hide, He would hide in human beings because that’s the last place we would think to look.” I know this is now changing. We have been forced to take accountability for our divinity.

I feel we are searching more within ourselves and others in this new era. I believe we are looking through a child’s eyes, a stranger’s smile, or a friend’s words and finding God giving us a personal message. I believe in synchronicity, serendipity, and faith that we are all becoming more conscious of the thin thread that ties us together. I believe in Quantum physics, science of the mind, and the chemistry of God. I am continuously exploring pushing consciousness to the next level. Because of this, I know in my heart, that we are entering spiritual richness and leaving the spiritual poverty as a lesson in our human path. The footprints of selfishness, isolation, addiction, and destruction will be a distant memory in the near future. And, this is what opens my heart and allows me to look forward to deeper spiritual growth. This is also what keeps me reaching out and sharing stories of compassion and kindness even when they might seem mundane.

I may seem naive and gullible to many, for believing in this new utopia, but I have seen it in dreams, alternate timelines, and cosmic travels. I have sat in ceremony with divine plant medicine and experienced visions that have shown me the evolution of humanity. Whether it may happen, or not, does not matter. It all starts with believing and placing the vibration of love out to Gaia and it’s habitants.

An opened heart to the world brings peace, love and unity for all. I am so grateful for what lies ahead. It may get a little bumpy before we experience this new world, but I am here to assist through my own vibrational shifts. I am deeply blessed that I am not alone on this journey. Thank you for joining me!

I love you….Millie

Moving through Spiritual Wisdom

There is a massive amount of energy being experienced by many right now. We are leaving the old and merging into a newness that has only been in dreams. We are manifesting quicker, setting deep intentions, watching them unfold. It’s incredible all the things I have witnessed in the past week, with clients and alone.

The time is now. Put it out there. Follow your dreams and desires. No more time wasted on waiting. You get to shift the obstacles and move into your knowing… your spiritual wisdom.

I love you…Millie

Inexplicable Sorrow in Letting Go

One of my cousins transitioned two days ago. She was 43 years old. She was sick since she was born. Truth be told, she was a firecracker. Her hair was dyed bright red for decades. We all knew her as a firecracker. When I heard the news, it hit me like a cold glass of water thrown in my face. Even though we hadn’t spoken for a while, and we were expecting her departure, the awareness of it sat in me deeply.

I have always thought of death as going from one door into another. I experienced it more than once through near-death experiences. I feel and believe she’s now in a place of peace and love. This doesn’t diminish the loss and sorrow. The grief will continue to reside for however long it needs to. We exist with an expiration date that only God knows. Every second here is on borrowed time.

As I was gathering my feelings early in the morning, trying to get kids dressed for school, I read an email from a dear friend about her son being in the hospital, also ready to departure this world. He and I spoke often. We talked about the esoteric world, shared experiences, and just had massive belly laughs. Sometimes through texts we could spend hours exploring the metaphysical world. We would joke about playing on the outer realms and dancing at night. He is very magical on so many levels.

The kicker for me was that my cousin and him were born two days apart in February on the same year. I spent the morning in the ICU visiting him yesterday. I asked him if there was anything I could do for him. His answer took me aback, “Yes, but you won’t like it.”

Our thoughts merged together at that moment. We can always read each other’s thoughts. I knew he wanted me to help him find peace.

He is tired. And seeing him in that condition, his organs shutting down, I was beyond exhausted. He was in and out of consciousness. I held his hand and did energy work on him.

Letting some go is inexplicable hard shit! He can see the spirit world as clearly as I can. And he kept pointing to those in front of his bed. I smiled and told him I knew. He knows they are flight attendants there to take him.

Death is the ending of one journey and the beginning of another. It is hard for those we leave behind. The fear, for the most part, is leaving loved ones. The other hesitation is not knowing where you go afterwards.

If you are losing someone, or lost someone recently, I am holding you tightly. These times seem to be grabbing on to so many who can’t deal with the intensity of the energies. Plus, when it is your time there is no stopping it.

I spent time sharing the news about our cousin with my older children who loved her. Each conversation kept fracturing my heart. They grew up with all her mischievous pranks. I know she is finally smiling from heaven and dancing the angel’s salsa and meringue.

I love you. Prayers to you and yours.


Be Kind to You

Be soft with your spirit. Be gentle with your essence. Rid yourself from the negative self-talk. You become everything you say that you are or that you are not. We are born every day, every minute, every second. We are here on borrowed time. Make it lovingly serene with your heart so that you can present your soul lovingly to another. This struggle is all bullshit at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter what you did or haven’t done. This moment, wasted reading this, or contemplating what hasn’t been scratched off your To-Do List is all irrelevant.

I have spent so much time of my life punishing myself for not being one way or another, for not fitting in, for not being enough. And for what? I came here to live not sabotage myself. No one can ever be harder on me than myself. I will be 54 years old this weekend. I earned every one of those gray hairs, wrinkles and life experiences. I have loved, lost, rejoiced, and grown. I have earned a massive medal of honor for surviving. You too! We all have. This second part of my life is about truly embracing me. I am softer and kinder with the totality of my life and those around me. I have finally reached a point of acceptance.

Love is all we are here to do. Hold a friend’s hand in need. Hug your lover as if it was the last time. Kiss those kids tightly. Smile at a stranger. Open doors for an elderly person. Compliment a cashier. Delete the toxic folks out of your life. If they don’t raise you then they have taught you something. It’s time to move on. Use your energy wisely. My God, just get out of your head and lovingly give to another who needs to feel that the illusion of loneliness is not drowning their existence. It matters. It all matters to that one human who is struggling with life. Stop the craziness of self-doubt and anxiety because there is no way you leave this life alive. So… live for yourself with honor, love, and compassion. You don’t own this blue planet alone. I am here. You are here. Let’s be here together in peace and harmony. We got this!

I love you dearly,


You Are Peace

When someone tells you that you bring them peace, it is such a huge compliment. Feeling grounded and acknowledged for providing tranquility to another is so important. It feels like a deeper level to love. To be held, trusted, valued, and appreciated for being you is priceless. May you find this in your life.

The Power of Touch

My little boy was sick at school yesterday. He’s struggling with a stomach bug. Last night when I turned everything off to go to sleep, he got closer to me. He has to touch me as he sleeps. I can put a pillow between us and he finds the way to move the blankets and pillows to feel my warmth. I wanted him to scoot to the other side of the bed so he would feel better.

Luke: I need you next to me, mommy.

Me: Why do you need to sleep right on me?

Luke: Your touch makes me not have bad dreams.

I brought him closer. Rubbed his forehead. Kissed his head.

Me: Sweetheart, you are in the bed with me. You won’t have bad dreams.

Luke: Mommy, when I hold you, you make all bad nightmares go away quickly. When I am far from you, they get bad. Your energy fights the dreams. I only have happy dreams.

Luke will be five next week. For him to use the term “energy” is a testimony of how we communicate. In the middle of the night, he asked me to please give him angel healing. He calls reiki, Mommy’s angel healing. I did. He fell into a deep sleep around 2AM. Between the essential oils, the reiki, and the therapeutic touch, he woke feeling a bit better.

Touch is healing. We are both Aries. Our love language is touch. We need it. He thrives on feeling another through it. It always reminds me to be mindful of how I bring/show my energy into his world. He’s a little empath with an old soul… my baby Yoda.

The last few weeks I have written about your voice, listening, being acknowledged, and we can’t forget the power of touch in our lives.

Whether or not his body touching mine helps with his nightmares is true or not, it’s actually TRUE to him. He has created that reality in his life. During the day he doesn’t need it, but come nighttime he has to feel my body right by his. And there is something beautiful to be said about embracing those parts of our energetic bodies. We require the comfort of someone we love to soothe and smooth the rough edges, battle our fears, and make us feel loved. We want to be felt, acknowledged and love… always.

Touch is a nonverbal agreement between you and another. In loving ways, it is magical. It increases our oxytocin and other hormones that make us feel happy. We dive into the deep awareness of acceptance and love. We are united and connected by it.

Don’t be afraid to hug another. Hug tightly. I love you,


Cassandra Complex

I have three women in my life who feel unheard. I hear from all three, often, about no one listening to them. I also say that it’s the “Cassandra Complex or Syndrome.” If you never heard of the Cassandra Complex let me explain. 

Cassandra, in Greek mythology, was the daughter of Priam. He was the king who reigned over Troy when the Greeks attacked it. Cassandra was a gorgeous woman who attracted the attention of the god Apollo who was the son of Zeus. Apollo gave Cassandra the gift of prophecy as a love gift. However, Cassandra refused his attentions and it angered him. So, he cursed her to always prophesy the truth but with the awareness that no one would believe what she saw. No matter what Cassandra saw in the future nobody paid attention to her. This curse became the source of pain and frustration for the rest of Cassandra’s life. 

In psychology the “Cassandra Complex” is a term describing those people who, in spite of emotional and physical effects, experience ongoing humiliation and are never taken seriously. Imagine the child who cried “wolf” too many times. They are in constant avoidance and annoyance of those around them leaving them in a manic state of depression for not being heard. 

Now, we’ve all experienced some kind of Cassandra phenomenon in our lives. We aren’t always taken seriously, or we are taken for granted. How often in relationships do our partners stop listening to what we have to say? Or as parents, we are ignored? Or, in a job, they keep passing you by without giving you the respect you deserve?

The Cassandra syndrome is one that plays with the person’s self-worth and ability to be heard. We are moved from how others see us, feel us, and love us. We require the sacredness of space and connections. When we are ignored or not taken seriously (for things we see or feel) it takes a toll to the self-esteem. It begins to deteriorate the ability to communicate openly. This leads to anger, rage, frustration, and emotional neglect. 

The question is, how do we make someone in our lives take notice and listen to what we say? How can we command that respect and attention? 

Whisper! This is what I do when I am done being ignored. I just whisper, talk less or lower my voice. I recognize that those around aren’t really listening. Plus, I am really great at compartmentalizing these emotions and just stop giving those folks the attention they also require. When I am done, I am done!

In my last relationship I was rarely heard. I would say something and months later would be told that I never said it. It would then border on gaslighting. And I began to shut down and believe that I had nothing worthwhile to share with him. Why speak when I wasn’t being heard? It leaves a huge trauma of feeling insignificant. One day I addressed it and he said, “Well, if you had something worthwhile listening to, I would totally pay attention!” 

From there on I whispered. Or just never shared anything. If it was something of importance, I would write it. This is passive aggressive. I know! However, if you want to get someone’s attention it is important to lower the ego and act wisely. How much time are we spending trying to get others to hear us who do not deserve that attention? 

It’s truly humorous that even though I have had relationships in my life that have not taken the time to listen to me or my stories, I make a living as a story tender and intuitive facilitator.

I am deeply sorry if you have been ignored. I hope and trust you know better than to shut down and not speak up when you need to. It’s no way to live. That feeling of emptiness and hollowness is also a sign that not everyone needs your undivided attention. Be gentle and tender with yourself. Love yourself enough to recognize it isn’t about you. As empaths it is hard not to let it affect our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.  These are the times that require our truths to be heard. You do not have a curse. You have life experiences that have paired you with folks who have required you to heal wounds.

There is a great article about this on: https://www.adultaspergerschat.com/2020/09/recovery-from-cassandra-syndrome-tips.html. It explains how to recover from the Cassandra syndrome. I love this last suggestion:

“Recovery from Cassandra Syndrome is a gradual, ongoing process. The memories of the emotional neglect that you have experienced will never disappear completely. This can make life seem difficult at times. But, there are steps you can take to cope with the residual symptoms and reduce your anxiety and distress. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy [CBT] is a type of psychotherapy that has consistently been found to be the most effective treatment for emotional trauma, both in the short-term and the long-term. “Grief counseling” is also high effective. And don’t forget the NT (neurotypical spouses) support groups that are available online.”

I hear you. I see you. I love you,

Horse Intuition

My ex and I bought a beautiful property in South Florida many years ago that was owned by a trainer for a local race track. When we purchased the five acres from the German man, he had several horses there that he had rescued from being put down. These were horses that no longer raced or had been injured.  There was one particular quarter horse that was about two years old that needed a home. We decided to keep him there. The man told us that the horse could not be mounted. He was scared of everything and had no problem showing his anger with kicking or biting. In his very thick German accent he said, “Horse be like dog. He cannot do nothing but walk around. Horse is not good for riding. You want to stay with horse make sure he has food and space to roam.”
I named the horse Keanu because he had the most beautiful almond brown eyes that showed a deep wound. There was a brokenness that reminded me of the actor.
As we demolished the small house and began rebuilding our ranch home the horse lived in the stables and on back of the property. He had over an acre to roam around as he pleased. I would go see him, feed him, and he would not come to me. We respected one another. He was a big horse and I was constantly in a rush, moving through life in hyper speed. I did not have the pace or intuition that leads my life now. At 32 years old I had two speeds, go-go or go faster. But over the first few months Keanu would just stand back and observe. He observed the six children running around the property. He saw the other animals we had there. There was a lot going on between making a pool and rebuilding the property to livable conditions. At times I would walk by him and start to talk to him. Within four months he would sneak up on me and nudge me with his nose. I would turn slowly and eventually he allowed me to touch him. Many months later I would walk with him around the property as he would keep his distance from me and I learned to just share uninhibitedly with him. 
Yesterday a very good friend of mine was sharing something about her husband. I stopped her in the middle of her story and said, “Oh, my God I had a horse just like your husband.” 

She looked at me a bit puzzled. I said, “I haven’t thought about that horse in so many years, but your husband has been beaten down so much in his life that it requires structure, trust and patience to be able to allow him to open up slowly.” Her eyes opened widely, “Yes. Yes. Oh, you understand!” 
As I was falling asleep last night I began to think of Keanu. There was one particular memory that stood out and at the time I didn’t understand why I would remember it the way I did. I had a horrible day and I went to the ranch to feed the animals. I shared with him the incident that happened with a client in Colombia. The horse came up and began to push me with his nose. He was forceful. I got out of his way and he continued to do it in a matter of showing me that I had the power to stop the excessive negative thoughts. I stood my ground as he moved erratically, running around me, pulling his legs close and back. I was afraid he would kick me no matter how long I kept saying his name. Then when I looked into his eyes and yelled, “Stop it. Stop this please!” The horse stopped and became motionless. My heart began to race faster. I didn’t know if I turned away from him, I would be safe.
I began to think of what the German man had said to me about his temper. I didn’t know anything about horses. I began to walk away from him and he came behind me and nudge my arm with his mouth without really biting me. I began to pet him, holding him in an embrace that I had never done before. I realized he wanted me to stop belittling myself (either that or he was extremely tired of my stories). He wanted me to stop abusing and allowing another to abuse me the way he had been abused in the race track. He had sensed my sadness, desolation, and frustration…I am sure for many months.
Keanu and I were friends for a few years until 9/11 when we lost all our money and I had to give him up. He had become mellower, loving, and did allow some people to ride him. He needed to trust and be trusted. That day, with my story, brought our abuse and self-worth into perspective. He had my back. I was able to have his.
If you want to see the essence of another in pain, take a deep look into their eyes, but don’t be shocked when you see your reflection staring back. Our energies are endless. Animals can feel us. Plants pick up on it. Other folks can feel the presence of something not being right. In a way we are all like Keanu, fractured and not able to trust so easily when we have been beaten down. We require gentleness, patience, and the deep understanding that no matter what we will be okay. We all just need compassion and love to bring us back to life. 
I love you,