Something woke again

after a long sleep of doubts,

anger, hurt and questions

that buried me in an open tomb.

I had forgotten my power,

the thoughts that co-create

with the Universal aid of intentions;

those same delicious frequencies

that magically take me here and there.

I had forgotten,

waking up with such joy,

that I skipped out of my room

while bones cracked and stretched

reminding me to slow down.

I don’t care.  This is the meaning of living.

This is the ebb of sorrow and joy

taking it all and pasting it back together

without giving up. 

It’s easier to give in,

give out, and forget.  No more!

I have been sleeping in such darkness

for too long and allowing no one

to turn on the light.

Clarity arrives with rest and prayer. 

I hear the ringing of truth in one ear.

I see the element of surprise ahead.

I taste the juices of excitement.

I smell the sweetness of success

for all that I have put out into the openness.

I’ve returned.

I am home in me again.

It’s been a long time…too long.

The heart echoes softly, “Welcome back!”

I love you…Millie

Once Awaken….


Last night, sometime after midnight, I had a strange dream. I was standing on our dock overlooking the pond on a sunny mountain day. A man, looking very much like Morpheus from The Matrix, appeared next to me. He and I stood side by side and he said, “This is all an illusion. Remember!”

I looked at him and said, “I like this illusion then. It suits me well.”

He motioned his hand in front of me over the gorgeous scenery and within seconds, like removing a fog, the scene disappeared and there was darkness and stars. We were in the galaxy.  We were the stars.

I said to him, “I want it back the way it was.”

He answered, “But this is the truth. You belong to the stars. Once you are awake you can’t undo what you already know.”

I woke with a sense of clarity and disorientation. I didn’t know what day it was, where I had been, what time of the night or who I was at that very moment. It took several moments of stressing consciousness to react to this reality and the darkness of my room. I tried to remember the rest of the journey in that dream state but I couldn’t.

Guidance appears in many forms. I seem to be getting these visitations more frequently. Life is an illusion and it requires a shift in perception and consciousness to truly see all that the veil hides from us. Open your eyes…all of them… and truly witness the everything of what we are together. We are made up of infinite stars and galaxies. We are in the matrix of control and what we have been made to believe through a default program. Question everything that doesn’t feel right. Remember!!!  Try to recall who you were before the world told you how you should be and made you into this person.  Find your truth, your authentic power and live free.  This is all an illusion of choice.  Remember!!!

I love you. I love you. I love you. You are definitely not alone in this wilderness of the unknown. Touch your heart.  God is there.  Feel your heartbeat.  The Divine is pumping through your veins.  Be courageous!