Fairyologist on Duty


I just recently became a Certified Fairyologist. Yes, there is such a thing and for my birthday my hubby enrolled me on Doreen Virtues’ online class. Now you may ask, “What does a Fairyologist do?” This is a valid question. I don’t really know what they do except what was taught on the class: history of fairies and how to live among them.  I can only tell you what I do and who I am in regards to nature. I am a play-in-the-mud-jump-in-the-creeks-sing-silly-songs-wear-tutus-and-love-everyone eccentric type of gal. I don’t take myself seriously.  I have a quick wit and find entertainment just about everywhere I go. I respect Mother Earth. I feel grounded being outdoors. I love to get lost in hikes, travel to new places, talk to people, hear their stories, and enjoy the silliness that’s out in the world. I am not here to tell you how you should live, but I can surely provide some entertainment on what works for me. I am not much for adulting these days. I have little respect for the stressful life, and anything that helps me release burdens…I am on that path.

I have raised six children and now raising a 2 year old (number 7). Now in midlife, she’s teaching me to revert into childhood and take no crap from social programming. She keeps reminding me what it is to view the world from the simplicity of innocence. She is reminding me how we all come in with such incredible awareness and gifts. It’s in those moments that she has become my hero. Children have a magical way of focusing on this. They react to the world around them with curiosity. “Forget that over there!” They don’t worry about tomorrow. They are consumed with the over stimulation of play and what’s right in front of them. They change their minds one minute at a time. They celebrate life through the smallest of things, like picking up a rock. They can observe a worm moving for an hour. They don’t see fear. They accept what is right in their vision. They are the greatest source of spiritual connection available to us.

As I finished the course and got my “certification” things have shown up. The ideas have run overboard and I am trying to find a way to organize the things I can do with my Fairy Whispers and Play. I want to do workshops on how to live life guided by the joy from your inner child. Let’s face it, this “adulting” business is pretty intense! We have forgotten what it is that we wanted to become as children. We forget how to play because there is always a to-do list, a set of rules, work, schedules, children, parents, spouses and the constant derailing of responsibilities. We forget that art, writing, music, and all sorts of creating weren’t gifts for childhood. They are gifts for our entire lives. We didn’t come into this life to spend the first 13 years, or so, being one way and then disregard our desires, passion, and dreams. That’s an instruction via society that is false and corrupted. We are here to follow our bliss, and when we do, mysticism follows.  We create our stories.  We are shaped by them.

I am embarking in a new life. I cannot describe the pathway. I can see it clearly but don’t quite know where it will take me. Meantime, I am putting together a program to see if I can actually help the contagious spirit of laughter, play, and creation. How did we ever forget that our happiness comes from our inner child? And, yes, many of you have had some disastrous upbringings. We have all been wired and programmed to believe that “growing up” means “not participating in child play.” That’s okay! The beauty of programming and beliefs can be altered with conscious awareness. You have the power to dream, visualize and create the life you always wanted.

How do you get there?

By being truthful with how you are right now. If you aren’t happy then it’s time to see what’s stumping your dreams. Things don’t change over night, but your perception and acceptance of decisions can begin to create a plan. This plan is what can help gather your wits, joy, freedom and a new beginning. Sometimes fear of success is what stops us from performing. We are all waiting for failure. That’s a given…but how many of us can actually move through the voices of our pasts and be willing to lose ourselves in our childhood dreams again?

Change starts and ends with your inner child. Holding that little girl/boy, and assuring him/her that you have a handle on this is the first step to creating a space of joy. Taking a new hobby, making time for yourself (even if only 30 minutes a week), or joining a group of like-minded folks is recharging for your spirit.  There are ways to open up the memories of who you are and what you have forgotten for so long.  There are tools to release the hurt and move through the joy. You are not alone.  You can finally set those dreams in motion.  It’s never too late to be what you were suppose to be before the world told you otherwise.  It’s never too late to be that child again.

I am working on a some things that can bring you joy. I hope you have allowed your little person to laugh today. I hope you have done something magical and empowering while looking at life just a little different. Go get yourself some multi-colored-silly glasses and let’s begin the adventure!  Let’s meet up in a playground soon!

Love Heals

I woke this morning disoriented trying to find my place into this world.  Re-entering the existence of life from the dream realm is often a bit tricky for me.  I had just dreamed that I had a beautiful tattoo that read “Love Heals” right on top of a beautiful turquoise-colored dragonfly with a bit of lavender around its wings.  I was so lost in the dream state that I found myself up and looking at my back on the mirror in darkness to see if I, indeed, had a tattoo.  Once, gathering my bearings, I sat back on my bed.  It has been a tough twenty hours.  My face and body show the signs of exhaustion.

When you have children the first order of business is making sure they are safe.  We love them with all we have and in that love we try to make sure they function and live in safety.  I say a prayer every morning for each one of my six children.  At night, as I move into the dream world, I close the day with another prayer for each one.  But yesterday I learned a valuable lesson:  I have no control of what happens to them.  I have little control of what happens to me as well.  And, I often wonder if my prayers get heard! Ultimately we are all here in this world to learn.  Control is all a façade that we have created to understand the order of things.  It is an illusion.  We have NO control, but we have choices in determining the path of how we will achieve the lessons.  We can go the easier route or just slam against a wall in a difficult manner.

Detaching from the chaos of fear and control is not easy.  I have an extra gene in my body: an anxiety gene.  It takes all of me, especially now that I live out here, to surrender to God and allow things to just happen.  I am getting better. I can honestly say that I have evolved in this “knowing” that things will be whatever they are supposed to be. But, when one of my children does something that rattles everyone else in the household I have to stand back and truly realize there is little control of anything.  It’s a reminder.  It’s a constant reminder!

Children are not ours to own for the time they are with us.  They are here to teach us so much about life and ourselves.  Each one of mine has brought invaluable lessons to the table.  They have molded me in ways that I don’t think anyone else could have impacted in my life.  Through their disorders, disabilities, and strengths I have learned to love unconditionally.  I am learning to just love others profoundly without judgments and criticisms.

Remembering this dream, now an hour after awakening, I understand that love is the only thing I am responsible for with anyone.  I can be here to love, physically protect (up to a point) and pass down the lessons of experience.  But, kids are funny that way…they don’t learn from our experiences.  I know I have never acquired someone else’s experience as my very own.  I don’t walk into a wall.  I dive into it with the force of being thrown off the Empire State Building.  I don’t know how to do anything in a minimal way but I am learning.

My children are gifts.  I am learning with each one of them that when they do something “out of the ordinary” I need to step back, instead of getting angry, and acquire the lesson in that experience.  It’s tough.  It’s not a job for the lighthearted.  Being a parent is the toughest job out there.  I pray that love is enough to heal the wounds of this young man who spent the first four years of his life in an orphanage.  I pray that love is all he needs to see that self-destructive behavior is not accepted here in this house but in another year he will be considered an adult and will pay the consequences.  I pray that my heart opens wider and my love travels into his heart on that dragonfly and he feels it….forever.