Returning to Innocence


There’s a natural endearing innocence to children. Their curiosity is breathtakingly admirable. We forget the wonders of an innocent young mind. There is a mesmerizing quality to their thoughts and imagination. If we could just hold on to that simplicity for the rest of our adult life! How extraordinary the journey would be if we just remained child-like.

Throughout the years, I have watched and witnessed my own children play, laugh, and create wonders from their imaginations. I have always allowed creativity to be a huge part of their lives. I encourage them to see the world in more dimensions than the visible one we are accustomed to live in. In the past few years I have tried to dismiss the rigid structure and ideas I had about my own life. It is always easier to preach and tell others to live a certain way, but hypocritical not to follow through in our own lives.

Today, after several busy weeks, I choose to sit for a little while and marvel at life. I will be a little girl staring out the window, witnessing the magic of the world. I will kick back and stare out as birds fly in and out of the yard, the trees sway to the wind, and the cars pass by in a distance. I choose to laugh, and possibly cry, as I do in days that I reflect and return to innocence. I will put my IPOD on dance shuffle and pretend I am a kid again with my round brush as a microphone, standing in front of an invisible audience and belt out to Donna Summer’s Last Dance. After all, being a kid is the best part of growing old. My body is ready for some fun.

I will not allow the negative chit chat of ego to dictate this day. I will not follow rules. I will not be an adult. That’s exhausting. It’s time to just let go for a little while. It’s time to stop the rigidity of it all.

Give yourself the privilege of returning to your innocence. Play like you mean it. Dance like if no one was watching. And, sing to your favorite tune! Life can’t get any sweeter than this…because your inner child is in charged.


Return to Love


She could not be tamed,

although they all tried

until he came along

and opened up her world.

He sat with assurance,

a certainty beyond this realm,

that in letting her go

she would always return

because love is never caged,

possessed or owned by


Love is meant to roam,

ascending uninhibited and exploring

the endless ventures of these veils

we have restricted in ourselves.

For the first time she was able to dream,

see herself through childlike eyes,

be all she yearned to be,

and stumble into truth

of what others never saw

nor cared to understand.

He made no judgment,

or criticized, allowing passion

to dictate her desire for life.

He never waited with anticipation,

 anxiety, or fear of loss

because in the end

it was always their love

that left crumbs for her descent

returning to his arms

time and time again.