Beyond the Light

Morning Majesty taken on Blue Ridge ParkwaySunrise –

the world is full of promise,
possibilities still lie discarded
by any illusion of the mind.
I watch light enter day,
erasing the darkness,
breathing hope
through the sounds
of Earth stretching
and clearing the fog
from uncertainties.

The dance between

what was and what is to become

is mystical.

In awed,
I witness the Divine

through the breeze,

ripples of diamonds on the water,

hummingbirds tapping at my window,

a deer feeding in the back field.

Oh yes,

this is sunrise with all its beauty

and secrets

enticing the awareness

that looking for my soul with my mind

will never be found.

Just like the fog, it is separate from the light.

I must look through the heart

to see the morning rise

and allow the mysteries

to paint the way.


Morning at my Window
Morning at my Window

The wind graciously dances

with the chimes

as the water swirls,


and indents the pond.

Blue and mauve streaks

echo in the distance sky.

The sun magnifies the



gray, and


hues on the mountain.

What kind of day will this be?

The coldness chills

every part of my body

and I can’t seem to move

but only watch,

witness, and enlightened

through the voyeurism

from my bedroom.

What I would give

to be a bird right now

and soar over all this land

so that my wings

could touch the entrance

of Heaven

and I would be….