Sometimes we need reminders of what is of importance in our lives. “Sometimes” can turn into every day notices. Every morning when I hear Kali Rose moving in her crib I go into her room, open up the curtains and begin, “Where’s that Kali Bug? I don’t see her.” She hides under all her bedding, pillows, and such. She starts to giggle…moving quickly to hide even deeper.  I continue, “That girl disappears, where is my little bug?” Finally she jumps up and immediately says (elongating every syllable), “Hiiiiii! Maaaa-ma, maaaaa-ma…hiiiiiiii!” I am once again reminded of what is precious and important. I pick her up and we hug tightly as if it was the first time we have seen each other after a forever absence.  I am truly embracing every day of her 18 months.  She is teaching me to be a kinder, softer, younger woman.
We forget throughout moments of struggle or challenges in our days. We forget how simple love is. We forget the core of our existence. We forget to breathe in light and exhale love. We forget to thank our friends, mates, parents, family and children for their moments of reflecting love. We do! But, I am a student of this emotion. I crave to find love under a rock. I instinctively look for it in signs with heart shapes.  I search for it in a homeless person’s facial lines, the touch of a cashier when she gives me change, the tap from my mate as he walks pass me, the text from my children just saying hello, the wind assuring me that a loved one is watching from the other side…a million reasons to find love. And, most importantly I find love smiling widely within me…waiting to be acknowledged by my essence.  I find love illuminating my days through the prayers I send out and are returned with kindness.
It’s not hard to find. It’s always there…look in the mirror. See that soul staring back…that’s love to its fullest divinity. You are created from love, to love, share love, and be love. Have a wonderful Sunday! I love you. I love you. I love you. I don’t say it lightly…I say it fully with the most magical of intentions. May you see the love that you are…share it. You are precious!!!!!

Seeing Through Love

The eye of the sea is one thing,

The eye of the foam another.

Leave the foam aside,

See with the eye of the sea.” – Rumi

About twelve years ago in a busy pre-Christmas mall trip with my six kids, I watched a man with his two daughters go into an electronic store. He was a tall blonde man. I overheard his beautiful Irish or English accent as he passed me. Half of my kids went into the store to see the latest gadgets while I remained outside the shop with the three youngest ones. In one particular moment the gentleman inside and I locked eyes. He walked the isles and I stood there looking through the glass, following his every move, something I had never done before. I was paralyzed. His gaze went right through me. There wasn’t anything particular about him. He wasn’t a Brad Pitt or Robert Redford extraordinary-standout of a man. It wasn’t anything ordinary in his looks, but his deep blue eyes brought (and took) me to place I had never been before.

My children came out and we continued onto the next stores. We moved through the busy mall stressed with the holiday craziness. About an hour later, as I was going down the escalator, we crossed paths as he was going up. Once again, his eyes never left mine, bashful smiles exuded both our faces, and all that was needed was the film score to go with this magical moment. All I know for certain was that looking into his eyes was like returning home from a place far away. I have never been able to explain that moment or the feeling of loss that I encountered thereafter. This is how and why I understand Rumi’s words when he writes that to look into someone’s eyes is to see the depth of the world and the depth of the ocean. Once in a while a stranger reaches into the depth of ourselves and forces us to seek beyond the everyday. It is in those moments we recognize the connection of our existence. We are all in this together!

Eyes are the windows to the soul. This is not only a cliché, it is a reality. Sometimes we see just the body. Sometimes we see the soul, the spirit, and divinity reflecting back to us. In one second the world can become a completely different habitat just by a glance. I take the presence of a stare, a look, and a gaze very clearly. The eyes are the unique place where our spirits transfer energy to one another without touch. There have been times, just like the one years ago, that have opened some secret compartment in me. It is difficult to hide our truths and our essence when we truly look into the soul of another.

I notice in our society people avoid eye contact. I hope that we can get over the fear of allowing another to look inside. I am learning to allow another to enter into my world. I pray we can escape the trauma of vulnerability and stare into one another and witness the movement of the sea. It’s beautiful there. No matter who you are. Those eyes…let them see and be the sea to another. Let yourself dive into the depth of a stranger and feel the rocky waters, explore the shallow tides, and bear witness of spirit wanting to be free. Watch the omnipotence smile through the reflection of you. It takes one moment to change how and what we see. Experience the vastness and endless place of the universe through the miracle of our little passages…of our beautiful eyes and finally be free. Only through the eyes of love can we find the Infinite!