To the Yesers and Dreamers


I believe in fairy tales and happy endings. I believe in magic and the power to create all my dreams with enough zest and focus to light the path ahead. So when the world tells me that I “can’t believe in what doesn’t exist” I laugh. I giggle, disconnect from what is being said, and truly feel sorry for the person saying this to me. I can believe in whatever I want. That’s my right! There’s enough nay-sayers in the world. We need more yesers. We need the dreamers and misfits to stand up and show another side of creation. We need the writers, artists, creators, musicians, and sculptors to stand up and say, “See…there IS enchantment and magic and it comes from divine source.” We don’t need anymore negativity. There’s an over-abundance of that. We need the yesses, the of-course-we-cans, the I-done-it-before-and-will-do-it-agains, the nothing-stops-me-dreamers, the watch-me-take-notice-and-learn-not-to-give-up-on-fairytales folks….. We need a bunch of those to override the darkness that has been instilled in our world and paint it bright. Because…because…I do believe that we have the power to change everything in our lives.

This takes work and most people don’t want to stay on path of dreams. It doesn’t happen over night and it requires positive energy. You need faith and trust and a willingness to go into the unknown. But, you can do anything that you want. Your mind is connected to Source and everything you desire. I strongly believe that we can shift consciousness and awareness to show the world the magic wand that God gave us: LOVE….The love in thy self; the love towards a stranger; the love for life; the love for dreams; the love to heal; and the love to manifest your deepest desires. Use it wisely and with the biggest open-heart available. This is the secret of creation. Use it to mold and shape the life you want. You got this. Stop believing what others tell you that you can’t accomplish. Show them through allowing, creating and receiving! You really have nothing to prove to another but yourself. Don’t stop your dreams to make another happy in their disbelief. Misery loves company but you don’t have to entertain it.  You can choose to live in your own happy-ending-story!

Once Awaken….


Last night, sometime after midnight, I had a strange dream. I was standing on our dock overlooking the pond on a sunny mountain day. A man, looking very much like Morpheus from The Matrix, appeared next to me. He and I stood side by side and he said, “This is all an illusion. Remember!”

I looked at him and said, “I like this illusion then. It suits me well.”

He motioned his hand in front of me over the gorgeous scenery and within seconds, like removing a fog, the scene disappeared and there was darkness and stars. We were in the galaxy.  We were the stars.

I said to him, “I want it back the way it was.”

He answered, “But this is the truth. You belong to the stars. Once you are awake you can’t undo what you already know.”

I woke with a sense of clarity and disorientation. I didn’t know what day it was, where I had been, what time of the night or who I was at that very moment. It took several moments of stressing consciousness to react to this reality and the darkness of my room. I tried to remember the rest of the journey in that dream state but I couldn’t.

Guidance appears in many forms. I seem to be getting these visitations more frequently. Life is an illusion and it requires a shift in perception and consciousness to truly see all that the veil hides from us. Open your eyes…all of them… and truly witness the everything of what we are together. We are made up of infinite stars and galaxies. We are in the matrix of control and what we have been made to believe through a default program. Question everything that doesn’t feel right. Remember!!!  Try to recall who you were before the world told you how you should be and made you into this person.  Find your truth, your authentic power and live free.  This is all an illusion of choice.  Remember!!!

I love you. I love you. I love you. You are definitely not alone in this wilderness of the unknown. Touch your heart.  God is there.  Feel your heartbeat.  The Divine is pumping through your veins.  Be courageous!

Shift in Perception


I have struggled with finishing a memoir. It has sucked me dry at times, made me sick, and brought up many things that needed closure. That’s what happens when we take into account our stories without detaching. We all need closure. Writing this particular book has been about seeing the way I have tenaciously made it through trials and tribulations. I have been able to hold myself accountable for mistakes and successes. Heck, it’s called Life. We all have these stories with completely different subjects. It’s wonderful! Today I was reminded why I write, why I must finish this book (for myself) and why it has been important to go through it. The book has been my teacher and my therapist with each blood curling paragraph of past reality.

My friend, Aubrey, and I visited this afternoon. He came by and we sat on the dock on the first day of spring. It’s magical today. It’s been a perfect day. We shared our writing projects. Aubrey is a phenomenal author, consequently last night we went to watch a play he wrote over 30 years ago. To witness the birthing of his work with actors reciting his words…well I was giddy, joyous, and awe-stricken. As we sat, sharing the process of a novel he needs to finish and my memoir, things came to light. This is the reason we need writing groups and support. Writers get inside their heads twisting and turning out in the deepest waters. Every so often we need someone to throw a life jacket to bring us back to shore. We get deep into our emotions and forget the world exists. Writing a book is very different from writing a post or blog because it requires a tenacious dedication to finish a lengthy process of a subject. I love writing my blogs. I am in and out in a short time…until the next subject. But, writing this memoir requires consistency and discipline for the long haul. It feels like the never-ending story. Just when I think it’s done… it’s not!

My friend has read this book. He says it’s powerful. Whether or not it is is not important. It’s been a catalyst to me and for me. I have found myself perceiving things in my life that I had not addressed. It’s been therapeutic. I wish I had been braver a few years back to write it then. But I know that it’s being created exactly at the perfect timing because that’s how things work out. Aubrey asked, “What have you learned through this process? What is stopping you? It’s okay to let things go and then return. That’s the process of a writer….” Then out of nowhere he said a statement that has lit a fire again in my desire to finish, “The gift of being erased is that you get to draw yourself as you see yourself.” My memoir is about my memory being erased and returning to a life I didn’t recall. How I lived through the moments of not recognizing any of my children, my mate, and everything else that was not the life I had fourteen years before that moment. It’s about acknowledging the way others discarded my feelings and how I lived. It’s the truth of depth in feelings and how I have learned to love me through all the parts that have been erased and then remembered. His statement speaks volumes to anyone who has forgotten to place the self before any thing or anyone.

How do we perceive ourselves? Does perception change throughout the years? How can we learn through events and then detach without judgment? Do the stories we tell and retell change the truth or just add to the perception of who we are? Oh, the amount of questions that have come up! It’s funny because recently I asked my guidance why I should finish with this story. Then Spirit aligns someone else to enter my space and remind me why I need to write it for me. That’s how the Divine works when we need to heal. Others are used as cheerleaders and teachers so that we can move through the moments. A writer understands the madness and process. Ernest Hemingway wrote, “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” And with this I plan on writing many true sentences that will allow me to release and learn from the experiences. Perception has shifted yet again. It’s required the constant acknowledgment of consciousness and acceptance.  How AWEsome is that!!!

The Gift of Love


“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.”~ Stuart Chase

My father came to visit me two nights ago.  He’s  dead for over 15 years.  The only other times my dad has visited have been significant in guiding me or preparing me for some extraordinary change in my life.  The uneasiness and restlessness that’s been mounting in me was confirmed with his visitation.  I don’t normally write about my spiritual gifts.  It is still a subject that brings up judgment, intolerance and disbelief in many. I do believe that in order to express how I see things it is important to share my stories. Many people feel alone in these “crazy evil visions.” They feel scrutinized, judged, labeled and loathed. It was just a few years ago that I began to share with others because I, too, felt the criticisms which then brought on a magnitude of self-loathing.  I don’t find the need to apologize any longer for what was bestowed on me through beautiful gifts since I came into this world.  I cringe at the labels society places on humanity for things they fear and refuse to understand.  My life is sweeter now that I can share.  I have less anxiety and fears. I don’t feel alone in this journey.  And, if you are reading this and have similar experiences please KNOW that you are not alone!  The world is shifting.  Consciousness is finally awakening to mysticism and love is the key that’s unlocking all the prejudices.  Once again with my dad’s visitation I felt the sweet endearment as I heard his clear whisper in my left ear, “Es tiempo, Nena” (it’s time child). I was tucked into bed and slept like I haven’t in long time. 

The last time I heard those words I was on the other side of the realm, between here and now, in a hospital bed on January 15, 2014.  I didn’t see a tunnel or lights or loved ones.  I didn’t see Jesus, Buddha, or any great masters.  I didn’t see anything but a bright light of Oneness that embraced my soul.  I didn’t have a body.  I didn’t fear or cried or asked questions.  I stood in whiteness of universal presence.  I was in the midst of love through a magnifying lens that erased every conceived notion of what I thought death was.  I don’t know how to describe what I saw because words here in our human existence do no justice to the purity and love that I felt.  I wanted to stay.  I didn’t think about my loved ones.  I didn’t analyze life or death.  I was just there until I heard my father come into this space and whisper those words.  Then I saw him briefly.  My consciousness argued with him about returning to my human space.  I didn’t want to leave this magnificent place of love and light.  Had anyone else showed up I think I would have pushed them out of the way, bullying my way into the rest of my dying journey.  But, my Papito came and told me it was time to return.  I had things to do.  I had a reason to continue living. In a quick moment I returned to my body.  Just like that I was no longer in that love.  Just like that I was thrown back into a place of humanness.  But…that calls for another story and another day.

Lately, my meditations have been on love.  I begin expanding my heart, breathing in and out light, while traveling through places of love: past, present and future.  I send love and healing thoughts to those close to me. I continue expanding outward to those who are no longer in my immediate circle.  I further expand into the world to strangers in every nation. I finally end the travels when I am in space looking down at our blue and green magical planet. This meditation can last hours at times.  I lose track of time in the middle of the night.  In the midst of my heart expanding I begin to feel that light that I was in when I died.  I feel the essence of something that connects each one of us.  I begin to feel peace, forgiveness, compassion, sorrow, joy, empathy, and every emotion tied together.  Sometimes I release with a deep cry and other times I smile with my heart.  Hard to tell what happens when I am in the depth of Oneness traveling through universal consciousness.  I can’t explain it!

My dear father’s visit brought up something mystical again in me.  He was an absent person in my life. Do to his humanistic qualities of narcissism and egotism he did what he needed to do in order to survive his journey.  We all do! He was a gentle soul but a gypsy at heart.  He was here and there and everywhere the wind blew.  I have a lot of gifts from my father.  The most important one is forgiveness.  I don’t think he ever carried resentment or anger towards another.  He was just in his own world living life to the fullest.  His heart was opened so widely that he had several massive heart attacks and countless surgeries.  So when I go into meditation with my heart opening and expanding I make sure to say a little prayer about not needing a heart attack to open it even wider.  I’m conscious of the powerful mind, body and spirit experience.

It is rewarding to get a visitation from a loved one.  I am not the Long Island Medium, or John Edwards, or any of the folks out there that we witness on television.  I am just a Hispanic woman living on top of the mountains in North Carolina minding her own business.  Sometimes I am bombarded by loved ones before I even meet the person that the message is for.  It happens a lot in our busy season.  I am not a medium.  I am not psychic. I don’t read the Tarot, a crystal ball, or anything other than the light of love and the messages it provides. I am here to give a message if need be and move on.  I am a facilitator between the veils of what we all see and what we choose not to.  The spirit world is right next to ours.  The rarity is that I get messages for me from my loved ones.  It just works out that way.  To have a visit from my dad was beautiful.  I was able to snap a picture of my room in that moment when the orbs were all around me on the bed.  I was touched again by love through his words, the smell of his cologne, and the warmth of fatherhood.  It is in those moments that I feel the energy of our connections.  We are all one.  We are all here and there.  There is no death or finality.  There is only infinite love.  Embrace it!  I love you.  I love you.  I love you all!



I had several dreams last night. Each time I was finishing one I would say to whoever was in the dream the same sentence, “The distance between worrying and reality is called perception.” I have no recollection of the dreams. I do have the quote imprinted in me because it was used many times. The line between fear, anxiety, stress and worrying is definitely a matter of perception. Reality is an illusion. When we finally let go of the belief that we have control the Divine steps in and aligns us with the best possible solution. Our higher selves begin to guide us and we allow for it. We release the doubts, discontentment, and disillusions that we can conquer everything by manipulating it. The veil of “what if” turns into a welcoming “what really is.”  A shift in consciousness is all that it takes…sometimes a lot easier than done.  It takes practice and every once in a while knocking the ego out of the way.

These dreams allowed me to wake with the knowing that the stress I’ve had has been a production of my perception. No doubt that the challenges have been real. No doubt that the heartache has been felt. No doubt that I have entertained the drama while knowing better. But, once I am aware of my perception I can relax and enjoy what’s ahead.

Have a great weekend, my friends. Release, recharge, and retreat! Love and light….Millie

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”~ Wayne W. Dyer

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” ~ Aldous Huxley