Be still

“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.” – Rumi
The universe conspires in your favor. Everything that happens is for your betterment whether for a life lesson or a conscious choice you made to enhance your spirit. If you listen closely to your soul you will notice when you are making a mistake. Is it your ego wanting this? Is it your soul’s yearning to do that? If you live your life, as Rumi expresses, what you accomplish is through love and joy. It’s part of your journey. It becomes a certainty in faith. I know in my past that when I kept hitting walls, seeing signs or crashing against barricades that I should have stopped pushing myself to get those things my ego “needed.” Looking back I know exactly what those things were but I didn’t care. My tenacious character didn’t accept failure (even when it wasn’t failure but the Divine expressing the truth that it was not a situation for my betterment). We tend to complicate our lives. When we get out of the way and allow the Divine to lead things are easier, smoother, lovelier and definitely in your favor. Life is not made to be a constant struggle. We create the struggles with what we think we need, desire, and manipulate. Sit long enough to feel God and allow the guidance. Your path, your life, your destiny…is all rigged for YOU!

Morning Prayer

That first hour of light
Introduces day
To the foggy mountains
Desperately trying to
Mark the sunrise.
I sit in darkness
Guided by a candle
And incense burning
With a cup of tea
Warming chilled hands.
Silence visits me,
And no thoughts tug
Anywhere in my
Cerebral cortex.
I stare out wards
Then inwards.
I am the light,
The mountain,
The room,
And the vastness
Of infinity.
Another day allows me
To partake of its
Divine gifts.
How very blessed I am….



It has taken me

a lifetime

to understand

the nothingness…

the silence that comes

from the depth

of earth,

of you,

of me

because the vastness

in its emptiness

somehow stood frightened

of the awareness.

In this hollowness

created of infinite

divine wisdom

I comprehend

who I am,

what I am,


the finality

that I am not….


The Sum of my Being

Things I know for sure

are mapped out

in a geographical atlas

of love. The past has planted itself

in harsh terrains

over places that my heart

has chosen to forget…

but only for moments.

The geography of love

is measured by the distances

between what I gave

and what was left behind

through vast rivers of tears,

down valleys of disappointments,

into landscapes of forgiveness.

The lifeline of me is an illustration

that’s neither here or there

calculating winnings and losses

which have molded me into

some mystical monument at this time.

I have provided virgin territory

for another explorer

to conquer in me,

settle into my continent,

while allowing the outer

ocean waters of life

to gently touch the shores

of my heart

so I can give back what I know for sure:

the sum of my being.

Silent Voice Within

I listen to the silence
shortly overpowered by
thoughts. It stops. It moves.

It comes and goes without obstruction.
The quietude of nothingness
gets distorted. I stop.
I swallow in the memories
that prickle and pain me

without recognizing their origin.
The chaos of it stops me
from continuing
the serene path of joy

while packing, clearing,

moving on to the next stage of life.
I pause, not erasing it all
or stopping the forces
but allowing the tears
to trickle gently down…and out.
Each one takes a little suffering
and then it all disappears.
I can breathe again. It hurts
no more,
no less,
not anything. I am back to me
with a wet smile on my face
and the honoring and gratitude
from my spirit
that this too shall pass

once and forever

when I stop holding

betrayal even while forgiving;

self-criticism even while accepting;

and grant the gift of unconditional love

for me

for once…

for all.

Serenity of One

Hush.  shhh!

Listen. ahhh!

Honor this moment in time.

Silence is my companion

echoing through the space

of this house.

It sits drinking light

watching the incense burn

dancing through its smoke

fluttering to the candle’s aura.

The prayer wheel turns,

round and round,

circling the world,

sending out

to the masses

wishes of hope and peace.

The fireplace crackles,

bringing warmth


and I feel the sacredness

loving me gently.

In this stillness

there is absolute


of blessings,



This presence is all there is

and I close my eyes

to go deeper,



into the abyss

of my spirit.

With each moment

of breath,

the heart gently vibrates

and I exhale

as awareness takes me

until I am cradled

in the arms of divinity






The Sound of Silence


Silence is the language God speaks, and everything else is a bad translation.” – Father Thomas Keating

As I write this I sit on my sofa listening to the birds chirping outside. The silence of my house echoes through and through me. The gift of time for myself. Spring and summer are hectic times here. Family and friends gather, and guests are everywhere. I love this time. But, I also love solitude and quietness. Our Great Dane is on his bed near me, every so often picking up his head and letting me know that at some point we must venture outside. His deep sighs remind me to take my own deep breaths. It rained last night and the smell of the earth’s nectar has been intoxicated. There is life pumping outside and inside of me. I can hear the sound of life everywhere.

I spent a large portion of my life being awaken each morning to chaos. If it wasn’t the yelling of fear in my own head then it was the external noises of someone who had no peace and had to wake the house up whenever he was up. It was a time of complete mayhem with kids running around and schedules that needed to be met. Time didn’t seem to be relevant to anyone. I have spent the last few years of my life waking up to peace in these mountains. I open my eyes, say my prayers, light candles and sit in silence for a little bit. I go with the rhythm of the morning. I need this space, solitude, and grounding. I need to hear God in those initial moments of returning to this world from the dream state. Anything else, just like the above quote, is a horrible translation for me. And, I know this is ironic: I am a chatterbox during the day. I will make conversation with anyone or anything. I have been known to talk to the trees, the fish, and the rocks. But, my mornings are sacred. I need to go to the windows and look outside and see how the day will receive me. I need to breathe in the entrance of daylight. I require serenity in those first moments of entering a new day with gratitude for still being able to walk the journey. I need to breathe in deeply and let my spirit know that I am grateful for everything.

As I continue to write this I can hear the rattling of leaves with the wind. The frogs are active around the pond, the fist are circling waiting to be fed, and the sun is ready to burst light in this entire valley.  It is a beautiful mountain morning. I am blessed for so many things, but especially the silence of my spirit as I hear God loud and clear. I can’t understand how so many folks avoid this with music and television and the constant distraction of chit-chat inside of their heads. I cannot comprehend how anyone moves into a new day without listening to the voice of quietude before the rest of the loved ones wake. How can you recharge? How can you allow for the Divine to speak? I can’t imagine day in and day out avoiding this peace for the mind, body and spirit. Once you’ve tasted peace it is very difficult to avoid it.

May you allow inner guidance to bring you to a place of silence each day so you can touch the Divine. May you take notice that you are here on borrowed time and make that time count. Open your heart and let love guide you through this spiritual journey into the unknown. It is there that you will find truth, grace and faith. Make it a practice to allow your soul and physical body some sacred moments of peace. You will marvel at the changes in your life. Have a great one!


morningI am dragging butt this morning. I had one of those beautiful uneasy filled nights were everything comes to visit and not even meditation can help. It’s part of being human and releasing. It’s part of being in touched with the dark as well as the light. In the light of day it’s all forgotten but while the night wrestles … it’s excruciating to experience the loneliness of trusting your knowing without seeing the signs.

Speaking of signs as I was making my way into town for groceries there is a yoga studio on our road. The sign read RESILENCE. I passed it and thought, “Is this a new method of connecting to silence through yoga? Hmmm, that’s a new one.” I went through the supermarket with that thought, again so distracted that I forgot a few items (third time this week). How does one enter into re-silence? Is there a way to quiet the quietness? What exactly does that entail? I had all these thoughts in my head and as I was driving back up the road I re-read the sign and it says, “RESILIENCE.” I forgot the “I” in it. HaHa! I forget the “I” in a lot of things. But, it made me realize that when we do forget the “I” of ego we re-enter silence. We don’t get the chit-chat of doubt, anxiety and fear. Isn’t that something? I struggled through a night full of many I’s.

So the word today…the sign I have needed ismorning2 “resilience.” It’s in that adjustment and flexibility of allowing things to come and go that I keep moving into with faith. Resilience is part of that silence. It’s in part resistance, tolerance and the mystical walk of staying within my powers of truth. And here are some pics of the ride back up the mountain as you enter into “resilence” through “resilience.” Have a blessed day, sweet souls!