No Requisitions

It is very difficult

to remove

the layers of manly skin

from under the covers

in order to conquer

outside our fantasy world.

Your fingers walk

my body

filling in gaps,

smoothing lines with kisses,

bridging one space with another

until we become one

beating in two hearts.

I’ve loved you

in a way that roots me

to all I’ve been

without asking for anything

deeper that I may never provide.

The world outside of this shelter,

is too much these days

full of challenges,

but inside here

you warm my sentiments

in ways no one else can:

with surprising joy,



erotic silliness,

and contagious laughter.

You are the core to all I am not

as you bring and take,

loose and make,

the sum of whom I’ve become

when we aren’t together.

Don’t ask;

don’t tell.

It is all I can give

as your hands cup me

and you drink from

the endless depth of my soul

while letting me

come in and out

of your moments

without any demands.

The Excavation

Let me be the dent that
sits in the valley
so you can scoop all around me
the sheltering grounds
to protect me
in this world.

Allow me to be the appetizer
that you scoop up
to your soul
each day,
each night,
for the rest of this life.
Permit me to be a voyager
who travels in your journey
until we can be completely
aligned with the universe…
until you can find the way
to scoop me up
and make me one.

The Secret

 hands of time

Come close.

I want to share a secret.

I love you!

I don’t know you well, but that doesn’t matter.

I love you for being here, listening,

reading, and being a part of my existence.

We are from different backgrounds, worlds apart,

have nothing in common, but I still love you.

Everything that breathes shares in my life.

Look at that tree.  See the leaves moving?

I love it too. 

Look at the ground: muddy, chaotic, smelly…

that’s one of my favorite loves.

Check out the dog chasing the cat.  Yes…smile. 

There’s a real Tom and Jerry.  I love them too.

The man over there lying with a cup by him on the station floor?  Him too.

The woman talking to herself?  Yes, she’s my love as well.

Oh, the nasty personality at the convenient store?  Yeah…he resides in me.

And, that teenager over there plotting and scheming with a knife…

he is definitely my love.

It doesn’t matter what and who you believe, I still love you.

We may never see eye to eye but that won’t stop me from sending you prayers,

wishing you well, and loving you for the soul you are here on earth.

We are all here on a cosmic journey.  We’ve traveled far and wide together.

Our geography is different.  Our lives share no comparisons.

Our paths have alternate endings.  Our stories might never intertwine.

But, why complicate things with boundaries, lines of prejudice and bigotry?

The only reason we are here is to learn, experience and love. 

So, I refuse to fail this test.

Want to know the secret of my journey?

It’s you,



and them.  We are all in this together.

Thank you.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life

even if it’s with a glance, a word, or in joining our biographies.

My life is not the same without you.