The Life in You

lovers in a cafe

When the waiter comes
to our table
does he witness a woman
immersed in love
or a couple enthralled
in the hallucinations
of lust and desire?
Under the sunlight,
sunglasses hiding my truth,
I wish you could see what
I see in you
as I smile and laugh at
all the goofiness
that brings me joy.
The life in you transports
sonnets, music, and art
right to my inner core.
I wish I could reflect your spirit,
gathering the kindness,
gentleness, and humility
but I think you wouldn’t
believe what you see.
I sit under open sky,
on a quaint terrace,
eating my salad
giggling like a school girl
waiting to finish
so I can steal one more kiss
to last me many moments
until I see you again.

The Sounds


There’s a sound,

underneath the a/c humming,

deeper than your snores,

wider than the house,

that calls for me.

It is silence… and something else.

It’s faith wrapped in hope.

It’s truth expressing itself

through the core of conscious expansion.

I can’t force you to hear it.

I can’t even point it out.

The sounds must come from your own awareness.



it is there waiting for you to acknowledge it.


It’s there, ever so greatly, vibrating

at some higher frequency.



all I wish is that somewhere,


you can wake

in the middle of the night

to find it moving through your own soul.


I am here.


I can hold your hand through it….